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Popcorn Reviews // The Stardrift Trilogy

So this author contacted me about reviewing her book on my blog. [To think! Me?! An author contacting! This blog doesn't get traffic to warrant that.]

And I was like *shrugs* Sure, man. [Guys, an author contacted me, what was I to say?]

This was about a year and half ago. *hides face* Because life / I'm forgetful / other reasonings that shall be revealed.

The Stardrift Trilogy is a space adventure book with planets that have crazy climates and weird creatures. The cast of characters are on a quest to save various planets from destruction at the hands of some mad villain.

So I didn't like this book. Which is the big reason why it took me forever to finish the whole trilogy before reviewing it. Plus, I have never reviewed a book that I don't like. But I made a promise.

Let's talk about the good stuff first. Because other people might like this trilogy. I haven't actually read many space books [a thing I intend to remedy]. So maybe it's just me? Maybe the genre comes with a certain atmosphere or feel that I'm unused to?

The good stuff.

1) The science is very specific and accurate. The MC, Dahskay, is an astronomer, so there's a lot of astronomical terms. Astronomy is usually one of the few sciences that I have little interest in, but the book made me a little curious.

2) The world-building is very intricate and in-depth. I could tell the author put a lot of work into the world-building. Every planet is different. The creatures on each planet are interesting.

3) Spaceships! So one of the things that I always love about space books and movies is the spaceships. They're just cool, ok. 

 The LEGO movie - Benny - Space Ship! This was the best part of the entire movie.

The Stardrift Trilogy has Lei's ship. Which is pretty awesome because she designed it herself, and other people have tried to mimic what she did but can't.

4) There's a glossary, thank God! I cannot pronounce any names.

5) The prologue is awesome.

The other stuff

1) The plot? It got lost somewhere? I still have trouble pinpointing what it was actually about. Sometimes it seemed really vague even though I do know that the main characters are trying to stop the villain from destroying a whole solar system. I think. The plot doesn't really kick into gear until the third book.

In the first book, Dahskay sees some discrepancies in a star's alignment. So she decides to check it out. Her dad freaks out then let's her go [her parents are bipolar like that], but only if she takes Trotha [he's awful in case you want to know] along so that he can lookout for her.

Then there's this mysterious, dangerous girl [Lei] with a dark past. If Leirrenist were in a George Lucas film, she'd have her own epic theme music. Anyhow, she decides to guide them. And they find trouble. Also, people are hunting them because everyone suspects that Dahskay and Co. are spies [which is absurd].

Second book? Dahskay and Trotha find a transmitted message that they can't translate. Everyone thinks it's nothing, but these two have a weird feeling. So they take the message to a planet that can decipher it. They run into Lei again and team up with her. The message is detrimental to the war in Lei's solar system.

In the third book, the two help Lei with the rebellion and with destroying stuff. And yeah, I probably shouldn't tell you the end.

2) The characters are flat and bipolar. Lei's bad-tempered, violent, and unpredictable. Trotha's pessimistic, annoying, and useless. Dahskay never knows what's going. And her dad rejects the idea of his baby daughter going out into a war zone and in the same breath changes his mind because HOW DANGEROUS CAN SPACE BE, right?

3) Until the third book, Dahskay's "in charge" of the mission. Even though the only thing she does is keep Trotha and Lei from killing each other [literally]. She never knows what's happening; she just goes along for the ride, but everyone insists that she's the leader.

Guardians of the Galaxy (GIF set)

4) I still have no idea why Trotha's part of the team. He causes most of the problems they got into.

5) I could never understand the power status between the characters. One minute the villain is intimidating his advisor. Then within the same scene, he's whining like a little kid to his advisor and accepting the advise given him.

The villain also places all his trust in this kid general who's supposed to be an awesome warrior but now is sick and hallucinates. Everyone thinks the general's going to die while the villain believes the general can single-handedly execute three prisoners.

The general dude, Zarrveck, is sometimes super weak, and other times he's stronger and faster than Dahskay [who is unfit, yeah, but at least she's not on the verge of dying].

6) Zarrveck is always described as "beautiful" and "corpse-like." Corpses are beautiful, guys!


I'm so confused.

7) BUT Zarrveck was the only character who's inconsistencies actually seemed like character development instead of just. . . I don't even know. Except for his fits of physical strength and weakness.

8) The writing takes the long way to explain everything.

9) The world-building is well developed but it's given in these long chunks of info-dumping. And despite the fact that everything was described in complete detail, I still had trouble visualizing it.

10) The dialogue is awful. [That alone can be a deal breaker for me.]

11) Typos and misspellings are everywhere. It's not so bad in the third book though.

And that's all I have to say.

 Raiders of the Lost Tumblr

 Have you ever read a book with bipolar characters? Do you have an good space, sci-fi recs? What was your biggest book disappointment?


  1. That is cool that an author contacted you, and you gave an honest review. I have the hardest time giving my honest thoughts on books. I don't think corpses are beautiful, what the heck.

  2. I'm sorry that this trilogy was a disappointment! It sounds like it has a cool idea and a lot of cool world building.
    Have you ever read Ender's Game? Or the Lunar Chronicles? Those are two great sci-fi books (though the Lunar Chronicles is very romantic). The Martian is a great book, too.

  3. It's so cool to be contacted by an author, but that's unfortunate that it didn't work out for you. Glad you gave you shared your honest review though.

    Here are some recommendations for you: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Pulse: The Trial by R.A. Crawford (the author contacted me on that on and it turned out to be great!), the Starbound series by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, The Marian by Andy Weir, and Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.

    Happy reading!

  4. I'm impressed that you never reviewed a book you didn't like. Honestly, negative reviews are sometimes the most enjoyable for me to write. Haha. Sorry this one series wasn't a winner for you.

  5. Eeek this does sound awful. And the plot doesn't arrive until the 3rd book!??! THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT OKAY. >_< Yikes. I get really frustrated with awkward dialogue and YES Sarah J Maas has characters who have personality pendulum swings and it's off-putting and awful. Ugh. I need consistency!

  6. I definitely appreciate you gave a genuine review! I definitely get your confusion with a character being 'corpse-like'. That description would receive a raised eyebrow from me, unless it was to describe a character who actually is a corpse/technically dead/some paranormal creature.

    I can't say I've read a book with an exclusively-stated bipolar character, but I have felt characters acted off/'bipolar' during some scenes.

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Yeah, it was a little. . . odd? XD

      I do kind of wonder though what it would be like to read a character who's specifically written to be bipolar.

      Thank you!

  7. Dude that's so cool that an author contacted you for a review! That is mighty awesome, despite what you ended up thinking of the books. Now I have this issue here because I adore space books but at the same time I trust your judgement. So here we are. Unsure of what to do. Excuse me while I panic.


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