Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November SS // Around the Circuit World // mini life update

 I should apologize for posting the Starting Sparks prompt late. My prompt has lost its promptness. But school has been insane. I'm supposed to hand in a short story for class tomorrow and the one I started isn't working [it's broken]. So I had to find something else to write about, and I didn't start writing it until midnight last night. Soooo, yeah. That's all the life update time we have for today. Because writing.

My words are at the level of

"The people walked into the room. They said a thing. Then a thing happened. It was a very, very bad thing."
So I'll keep writing.

Likewise to you brave NaNoWri people! JUST WRITE. Make the words do the word things that words do! [Even if they're pathetic word things like mine.]

Oh, and one of the band members from needtobreathe liked one of my Instagram posts. *tries to be cool despite internal dancing*

Meanwhile check some of these cool people and their posts.
[I'm telling you, man, bloggers are the coolest there are.]

Tracey @ Adventure Awaits writes about letting go of stress. [this is for you NaNoWri-ers]

Cait @ Paper Fury talks about writing a successful first draft.

Jennifer @ The Penslayer discusses the pros of older people and old souls in YA fiction.

i saw you again today from down by the willows, gosh! Beautiful, gripping, and universally true.

I adore Skye's Alice in Wonderland photo shoot @ Ink Splattered Pages.

It's a bit of an older post, but I enjoyed the discussion Emily @ Ink, Inc. posted about readership, authorship, and The Cursed Child. [which I've not read, nor have I read any HP book; but the discussion is excellent, obviously]

 This video is hilarious. It's funny how much a lack of symmetry can give away.

Emily @ Ink, Inc. and I @ [I'd think you know where, right?] have this monthly writing prompt link-up thing called Starting Sparks. [Do you know how much thinking was done over the name? Titles are always half the work, and don't be misled into thinking that's the easy half. HA! NO.]

Um, what was I saying?

Oh, right. We hope you join the link-up. Pretty please! So here's the button.

And here's the prompt.

Write like a fiend!


  1. I really like the prompt, and omigoodness Need to Breathe love them, I would freak out too!
    Thanks for mentioning my post, you awesome person you!

    1. Yes! They are great!

      Of course! It's a good post. :)

  2. I CAN'T TELL WHETHER THE BALLET THING IS INTENTIONAL (it was muted, maybe there was some sort of audio cue?), but it's hilarious either way. I think I'd find it more funny if it was totally intentional. :') Good luck with your short story! We had to write a gothic/horror one at my school recently. Fun, isn't it? As far as assignments go.

    1. Yeah, it's intentional. :)

      Thank you! That does sound interesting. Story writing is the best assignment out there.

  3. Nice share. I think your website should come up much higher in the search results than where it is showing up right now….

  4. Loved that ballet performance! :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. I do too! It's quite funny. And it's more difficult to mess up on purpose than to dance right. XD They did awesome.

  5. Your crossed-out bits always make me LOL. I feel you about word level, too, bro. Genuine quotation from SitC:

    I pick up a book, and it is in my hands when somebody knocks on the door.

    You pick it up and it's in your hands???? WOW CORRIE THAT'S GROUNDBREAKING. This is the trouble with handwriting and typing later. It gives me the chance to reread THAT kind of sentence. (80% of my comments in the first draft say things like "laaaame" or "a crap sentence among crap sentences". Then there's 15% Sherlock/Hamilton jokes, and 5% actual helpful comments.)

    Thank you so much for linking to my post! You're a babe!

    Now I am off to start my nursery rhyme story!

    (Maybe have some tea and toast and nutella first ... for fuel ... *ahem*)

    1. Why thank you! They are the heart and soul of my posts (which is why I cross them out? I don't know what I'm saying I've returned from a nine hour car ride).

      XD That. Yes, that's pretty much where I'm at too. I'm editing Oddball the First write now and keep coming across "look" and "saw," and I just want to smack younger self in the forehead. It's even worse when I read, "Oddball looked and saw. . ." No, really? He saw something because he looked at?! Why, this is genius! *cough* I hope SitC goes well! Despite the words refusing to word properly. It is quite fun to make Sherlock comments though. XD

      Of course! It's a good post!

      (Nutella! Now I want some too. You always make such healthy choices, Em. ;) )

    2. Was that a LesMisBook joke???? XD XD

      (Also, a nine hour car ride?? That is literally the worst thing I've ever heard. I'm 90% I've never been on a nine hour car ride IN MY LIFE. America, man. Pfft.)

    3. It was indeed. :D

      (Tell me about it. Twelve hours is worse though, especially when at least six of those twelve hours is spent in one state. Texas is huge. It feels like you'll never get anywhere when you drive six hours and never leave the state.)

  6. "The people walked into the room. They said a thing. Then a thing happened. It was a very, very bad thing." HA. Basically the entirety of my NaNo experience this year. I'm terrified to reread it because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even get all the grammar and punctuation right, let alone string together a sentence more than five words that makes any type of sense. (Like that last sentence I just wrote. (Excuse me, I'm going to go make a living off scraping dead animals off the side of the road now.))


    1. XD I know! Writing is tough. Especially NaNo writing. That's awesome that you got to participate! :D


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