Sunday, August 7, 2016

Writing / Life Update // snippets if you can stand in line and behave

First, if you have not yet, I INISIST that you take this survey that I made for you about the blog. It's fun. . . or I hope it is. 

So, guess it?!

I finished writing the first draft of Oddball the Sequel!

Great huh?

*throws confetti*

So the plan now is to:

1) Edit Oddball the First.

2) I'm really glad that I wrote the First and the Sequel rough drafts before editing. Looking at the scenes and plot structure of each, some scenes are going to, eh, swap manuscripts.

"How does that even happen, Ashley?"

I. . . don't know.

It's a long story, literally.
3) I kind of wrote sporadically during the summer. Then one weekend I realized, "I am on the homestretch in the Sequel. What am I doing? THERE'S WORK TO BE DONE!" So I took a  three day weekend to just write.

[aka: me writing like a fiend]

4) While in the midst of writing the most poignant part, one of my family came to ask me a question. A question which I had been expecting. So I answered with the basic yes or no and politely asked them to leave.

But they thought it was a good idea to hang around and be irksome. Which in reality was a monstrously stupid idea.

 Word of Advice:
Never disturb a creative who is on The Brink.

 Sometimes I'm a Story: Thursentary: "How to Write Diversity"

So I asked them again to leave, as kindly as writerly possible to someone who has been warned.

They didn't get it.

So I had to be mean and say, "THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! Now please, you need to leave. No. Not now. PLEASE GO AWAY!"

They finally left, a bit miffed at the way they'd been treated.

But I did ask nicely the first couple of times. If they refuse to listen when I'm nice, what's a person to do?

5) I'm mildly reconsidering my genre choice. 

Genres are the epitome of confusing. I thought I was writing a fantasy. Because DRAGONS!

 How to train your dragon 2 gif | New tv spot/Clip | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games

But there is no magic in the Oddball trilogy. I have read fantasies without magic. Yet those fantasies did not have a suspicious amount of made-up science thrown in.

There's a suspicious amount of science [that I, well, made up] in the Oddball trilogy. I didn't plan it, it just, it. . .

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter getting married on Valentine's Day

But maybe that makes sense. Since there's not magic, you see? The science replaces the magic. Like in Ever After. Ah, epiphany! Oddball is like Ever After. Not really. [Love that movie!]

6) Sooooo, the question is should the Oddball the trilogy be typed as fantasy, sci-fi, or both?

6) Actually, the real question is when do we make the Oxford comma law, hm?

7) I am currently ignoring my genre crisis in hopes that it will either go away, fix itself, or isn't all that big of a deal anyhow.

7) On the other hand, I am obviously enforcing the Oxford comma, despite forming nonparallel sentences.

8) In life-ish news, I was waiting in line for a concert. We were outside for about an hour anticipating the doors to open. This grown man behind us says, "I'm surprised they don't have someone out here directing us."

Really? You want to know what surprises me?

That society has come to the point wherein adults expect someone to tell them how to stand in a line and behave themselves. What is this?! KINDERGARTEN?

Eye roll.....please

9) Also, HUZZAH! I finally downloaded Microsoft Word. Back in April, my computer had a virus and ate Word. I told myself that I would purchase it after I finished the first draft of the Sequel, as a reward.

"But, Ashley, wouldn't it help to have Word when writing the Sequel?"

Quiet, Logic. I didn't ask you.

So lookie here! I have finished and now I have my precious Word again.

 And I am never making such a stupid deal with myself again. I remember why I type. The hand cramps, guys!

"I told you so, thick-head!"

 Stuff it, Logic!

10) Oh, and I have a super secret writing project happening.*evil laughter*

11) Okay, so it wasn't supposed to be super secret. It started out as a short story but it exploded into more. And then I forgot to tell anyone about it.

 Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter getting married on Valentine's Day
[This is now my excuse for. . . everything, essentially.]

 But I've noticed that I've been writing it more diligently and I wonder if that's because I haven't told anyone the details yet? So yeah, it will be finished soon and I will tell all.

Thankfully, it's not quite as complicated as Oddball's plot. With the smallish exception of a blackhole-sized plot hole. . .

my plot and me. . .

12) More life-ish news, I am going to transfer to uni in Florida. I'll be living with family. I leave the second week of August. *bites nails* I'm nervous about making friends (maybe this is kindergarten. . .). I'm not very good at making friends. I don't really, uh, talk. Or anything. So I am kind of afraid of not making friends. It's stupid, but true.

You never know, maybe Friendship Cinnamon Rolls is a thing in Florida.

14) My dad recently showed me how to change a tire. So you know, not to brag but--

I can do everything now.

Sometimes I'm a Story: Thursentary: "How to Write Diversity"
[Believe what you will.]

14) So now that you've suffered through this long post and behaved yourself [good little dragons]:

 [I inserted helpful tips when necessary.]

 "Sky's talking to the driver," he said.
 Rocky blinked. "By herself?"
"Uh, yes?"
"Skyler is. . . talking. To strangers, by herself."
"Didn't we just go through this?" Oddball raised an eyebrow.
"Wow. I can't believe it." Rocky grinned. "I'm so proud. You know how long I've been trying to get her to--"
"Yeah." Oddball was unfazed. "She's really angry with you still."
Oh, right. He'd forgotten about that. 


"Sometimes it's advantageous to play the monster they think you are."
"I have never found that to be true."


"Don't make any trouble until I get there."


"When is it ever safe?"
Safe didn't exist.


"I'm your friend, Lucky Peril, and there's nothing you can do to keep me from following you to death if I must." Skyler snuffled and wiped her eyes on her shoulder.
"You need friends, Peril."
 Skyler swatted her arm. "Don't okay me! I mean it."
They laughed the laughter of people who had no reason to laugh but no better alternative.


Instead he wrapped his arms around her and she pressed her face against him. This was what it was like to have a sister. He'd always wanted a sister. To boss him around and argue with. To comfort when the rain poured and the thunder was scary and when mom and dad didn't return. 


[Skyler said,] "Look, Peril is the more. . . lucid of the two and she needs you, okay?"
Oddball huffed. "Me? She talks to you, not me. She won't even look at me."
Peril thrashed in her sleep and rolled over. Their conversation returned in hushed whispers.
"She thinks you're angry."
"I am!"
Skyler glared at him.
"But just a little."


[Peril's POV]
 His back had been to her and now he seemed startled to see her standing.
Please don't come over here. Please don't notice her. Don't look at her.
Please smile.
"Um." He closed his sketchbook and stood. He looked around as if he'd find his thoughts. "Um."
She should probably say something to make him feel less awkward. But he was always awkward. It was nearly natural. It made her smile. Was it awful to smile because he was standing there stammering?


"So we all got out alive."
"Well, you were half dead."


Rocky really wished he knew what was going on. He also really wanted a nap.


[wherein the characters' names are Nobody and Esin Trik]
"Look!" Nobody held out a paper. "Mr. Trik is teaching me how to make maps."
"Oh, Mr. Trik is it?" Oddball looked at Esin.
"Yeah, I'm also teaching the kid respect. That's where I went wrong with you."


Her lips were moving but he felt like he was in a fog. Not that a fog affected one's hearing, but if it could, that's what he felt like.
[Sometimes I poke fun at my metaphors.]


How many times had his head been hit today?
[Aka: Oddball's internal monologue grumbling at me because he'd been knocked unconscious three times that day. Sorry!]

So what's new with you?


  1. I loved this post! It was one of the funniest life updates I've read. Also, your snippets rock. And have fun in Florida! I'm sure you'll make lots of friends and whatnot :)

    1. Thank you so much! I mean, not that I think my sole purpose in life is to make people laugh through blogging. *cough* Thank you! ;)

  2. CONGRATS ON FINISHING THAT DRAFT AHHHH. And good luck with the editing!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  3. Congrats on finishing writing your draft! I never get that far :P Maybe you're writing epic fantasy, like Game of Thrones? I don't know much about that specific niche of fantasy, but from what I've heard it sounds like your work fits in that category :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. It is hard to make it to the end of a first draft. But keep going! You can do it!

      That could be. I probably should look the different categories of fantasy. That. . . yeah, that would help, wouldn't it?

  4. I am so happy you finished!!!! *throws cake, chocolate, party hats*
    Finishing a first draft is huge, so CONGRATS!!!
    I totally understand that thing with family members being obnoxious and not leaving, it happens to me all the time.

    Those snippets!!! I laughed so much, I need to read this creation. I am already attached to these awkward beans. Skylar is me by the way, I never talk to people, so it would be a big deal.

    1. *dances*
      Thank you so much!
      Ugh, yes. :/

      Thank you! That makes me really happen to hear. They are all such awkward beans though. Gosh! *laughs* I know, you, Skyler, and me. It would be such a big deal.

  5. That quote about playing the monster is awesome, love it! I hope your move goes well and I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends. Maybe share your chocolate milk with someone, you know, like kindergarten ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you!
      Yes, perfect! Mission fellow chocolate milk friends is a go. ;)

  6. Congrats on finishing the draft!!! Although I'm sorry you were interrupted during that one scene :-/

    Your crossed out #7 is cracking me up lol.

    Ooh a super secret writing project? How exciting! And ooh Florida? Which school in Florida?

    Awesome snippets! Good luck with the editing :-)

    1. Thank you!

      I'm glad it made you laugh. That's what I'm here for after all. :)

      Thank you again!

  7. OMGG CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR DRAFT!! CAKE FOR EVERYONE!! (well, like, cake for me and I might share crumbs with you because I'm kind?) and AHFDHSAHH YOUR POSTS ARE ALWAYS SO FUN. <3 Seriously you made me smile so many times reading this. :')

    Genre crisises = a real thing. I have one at least twice a week over something. I was trying to turn a paranormal book into a contemporary and least to say it didn't work. (Like I was only working on it in my head, but shh. It didn't work. Abandon ship. Someone save me I'm DYING.) I hope you figure out yours!! The trick is to pick one instantly and then wait for your brain to say "but no" and then you know to pick the other way. PROBLEM SOLVING LIKE A PRO.

    Also your gifs = A+++ perfection

    And pfft, making friends. WHO NEEDS IRL FRIENDS WHEN YOU HAVE THE INTERNET. (My life logic.😂 Now we know why I don't have...any...friends.) Also talking is overrated. Why talk when one can stand silently plotting books and murder and world domination and dragon takeovers? #winning

    1. Thank you! (Nah, it's cool. You take the cake. I'll take the ice cream. ;) ) Thank you muchly! You have no idea how reassuring it is to know that people do actually laugh at my jokes. . .

      Gah, genres are always confusing. Paranormal into contemporary, huh? Are we talking ghosts? Because WHY CHANGE THAT?! I mean, Thomas is a ghost. Noah Czerny is a ghost. So good company, yes? That is an excellent tip though. ;)

      Thank you. *polishes nails* It's an art.

      THIS IS ALL TOO TRUE! Cait, you are turning me to the dark side. Or was I already there? *consults map* Yeah, I think I've arrived.

  8. Looks good! Plus all of these gifs! :)

    I agree - the Oxford comma needs to be enforced.

  9. Hello! So first things first WAHEY NEW DESIGN! I really like it, it's less dark and less cramped than before. It feels cleaner, airier, opener. "Opener is a clumsy word, Emily, call yourself a writer?" "Shut up, no one invited you!" "I'm your subconscious--"


    CONGRATS ABOUT THE SEQUEL! Not that I didn't know that already. I did know that already. But you know, Ashley, for you my congratulations are free ~tips hat~ I'm glad you're getting all that structure sorted. When you feel like you've nailed the structure is when you feel like things are finally going your way. So, are you editing the First now? (When do I get to read it?!) Also, we should definitely ban genres, right?! They just upset everyone.

    Anyway, this post made me lol (as usual). The Ben gifs were on point, esp the one of him rolling his eyes XD And I very much enjoyed the Oxford comma debates. Because when do you use it?! I defs support the OC but sometimes I prefer to let my writing roam wild and free unfettered by commas (eg some would have put a comma between "free" and "unfettered" there, but I believe in LIBERTY) ... so it's all tres confusing. ~shrugs hard enough to dislocate a shoulder~

    You need to tell me about Florida! But maybe in an email. I'm going to email you. Soon. (I've not read your TDT one yet, and I don't think that the night is young enough for it right now, but soon, this week. And I shall also cover a) Cinder and b) Florida.) Anyway, I hope you're doing OK, praying for you! <3

    THE SNIPPETS! HOW MUCH LOVE HAVE I FOR THE SNIPPETS! (Lots, that's how much.) Firstly, the Rocky/Sky shipping is strooong in that first one, he's proud of her, what a cutie! :3 :3 :3 And then can we just talk about Lucky Chance?! The "Um ... um" one made me smile. Oh our lovely introverted ships. How we make them suffer in awkwardness and humiliation! XD

    "Don't make any trouble until I get there." -- love it. Quoth who to whom?

    "They laughed the laughter of people who had no reason to laugh but no better alternative." Arrrghhh this one hurt my heart! I am such a fan of Peril/Skyler's friendship.

    The sister one -- is that Oddball and Skyler? I can't really imagine Peril pressing her face against Rocky, to be honest ...

    My other fave is "Rocky really wished he knew what was going on. He also really wanted a nap." To me this sums up his entire character XD

    Anyway, this comment is getting rather lengthy, but this post was delightful and I really do hope Florida is OK and you're OK! <33 I also hope the joyous process of editing is going well. It's always lovely to check in with the Foursome :D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. Yes. I'm definitely enjoying the opener feeling. ;) (XD Em, don't kick your subconscious out. That could be problematic.)

      No, I haven't started editing. :/ School is eating my life alive. But I hope to rope it all in soon? I don't know. I might have to quit a certain job. THANK YOU! And, yes, please. Let's just drop genres in the middle of the ocean and sail away without another thought. The little nuisances.

      I love that eye roll gif! I quite like the Oxford comma too. But I do agree! I love letting my words run around FREE of comma hindrance. It's all stylistic choice, right? We can do what we want. ;)

      I do! I keep meaning to email. Soon. And I can't wait to hear what you thought about Cinder! *bites nails* I am doing well, just trying to adjust to an over-stuffed schedule. I hope you're doing well too! Thank you! :)

      AH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Haha, I'm glad you like that one. Yes, the "um" one is one of my favorite. It's just so him and her. Mwhaha! Yes, those introverted ships must suffer through all the awkwardness!

      That was Peril to, everyone else essentially.

      I know! I love those two together. They're such good friends, and Peril is just difficult sometimes.

      Yeah, that's O and S. Uh, no. Not really. Peril is not physically affectionate with just anybody. But Rocky does hug her at some point in the Sequel because. . . Rocky is a hugger.

      I did take it out of context (obviously, Ashley). But even without the context, you're right. It is Rocky through and through. :)

      Thank you! I enjoyed this long comment, as I always do. :)


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