Monday, July 11, 2016

One Lovely Blog Award // all the Sherlock things

 Liz @ Out of Mind, Out of Coffee tagged me with the The One Lovely Blog Award.

Why is there a "One" in the title? There seems to be many "One Lovely Blog"s. Yes. I am questioning blogging social norms. (Because that's what books have taught me.)

Back to topic, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself. You know the rules so they go without saying. Also, I've realized that the last few posts have a dramatic lack of Sherlock gifs.

gif, sorry

I know. You're all rightfully irked by this aberration. So today I shall make it up to you.

1. I've decided that I want to know all things Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps it's a strange ambition? 

 Sherlock and Mycroft

But I have decided and I will not waver! This year I hope to read all the original stories. Perhaps some retellings (Any recs?) And I'll have to put myself through some non-fic about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which will hopefully not be too dull. Although, I did watch a documentary about how Doyle's stories inspired the creation of modern day forensics and it talked about Doyle too. Apparently, (but obviously) he was a bit of a Holmes himself. People write him letters about their problems and he often used deduction and/or forensics to solve them.

The books I have read are:

A Study in Scarlet
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Sign of Four
The Valley of Fear
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

My favorites so far are The Valley of Fear and the short story A Scandal in Bohemia. There's also one about a carbuncle that's rather amusing too. And of course, The Final Problem which features Professor Moriarty.

I just started The Hound of the Baskervilles.

I'm still looking for a Sherlock story with dragons though. Because everybody knows dragons make everything better. (We're good luck, you know.)

2. From these books, I've noticed that any time America or Americans are mentioned they're associated  with secret societies and Wild West murderers. During Doyle's time, America was still in its Wild West stage. So yeah, there was quite a lot of lawlessness going around (and a crying absence of dragons). But in Doyle's books, the American is almost always the bad guy.

 A Study In Pink

Or was a villain in his past. Or is deceitful, or uncivil in some manner. 

I do wonder if Doyle believed that all Americans were cultists who loved murder and guns blazing? Or was that the American stereotype as seen in Britain during Doyle's time? (Yes, I call him Doyle; his full name makes me feel like gargling pebbles. Apologies, Sir Doyle.)

Of course, I've not read all of his works. Maybe there are some more diverse Americans in his other works. If not. . . I find his views very hilarious. Honestly.

I am reading the Hound of the Baskervilles at present and Henry Baskerville is an Englishman who has spent most of his life in America. So far, his only fault is having a hot temper. But then, he's not really American so. . . does he count?

3. To ease your mind, I am not a part of a cult. Nor have I murdered anyone.

Nor have I ever been cast in one of Doyle's books.


4. I find it ironic that Gatiss and Moffat basically gave the fandom murder for Christmas.

 Christmas, gif

But of course they would.

5. I'm going to pretend like I'm mature enough to acknowledge that other things beside Sherlock exist. (Is it really true!?)

the look of surprise!

 Because cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls exists too.You know, the kind that come in a pressured tube. You pop it open, stick it in the oven, and they come out ginormous and soft. You can unroll them and enjoy their gooey goodness.

Those are the kind I like (unhealthy preservatives and all), and I'm don't need that much frosting. Some people want more frosting than cinnamon roll. But I'll take the cinnamon roll, thank you.

I've considered baking homemade ones. Then the whole lair would smell of cinnamon roll! But I'm too lazy. . .

So basically, if you gave me a warm cinnamon roll, you would be my new best friend for life. Perhaps that sounds impulsive? But it isn't like just anybody hands me cinnamon rolls. People don't give cinnamon rolls as random gifts (why not?!); otherwise I'd have more friends.


6. I'm more of a movie crier than a book crier. (Dragons have hearts and tear ducts too, alright?)

Books that've made me cry:

all The Hunger Games
(this trilogy is like eating three pain burritos; don't tell me that's not a thing)
The Book Thief

The Giver

almost Allegiant
(I was in shock, okay?)

“I’m in shock. Look-I’ve got a blanket.”-Sherlock | The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

Movies that've made me cry:

all The Hunger Games
(watching THG is like being slayed by a malicious knight)


Lilo and Stitch 2/ Stitch has a Glitch
(*sniffles* my Stitch!)

The Iron Giant
(every time; that movie is so underrated)

Jurassic World
(the iconic T-Rex almost died, okay?! He's a near cousin and part of my childhood.)

almost Tangled 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Big Hero 6 
(cartoons these days are traumatic)

How to Train Your Dragon 2
(I'm too young for this stuff)

When I was a dragonling, cartoons didn't have plot (pfft, what even) and nobody ever DIED. They engaged in epic chases, threw anvils at each other, and blew things up for kicks (it's a wonder nobody died).

7. I talk to the other drivers on the road. Er, I mean, dragons in the sky.

No. I don't have road rage. And you're probably thinking,


 I simply recognize bad flying driving when I see it, as I am sure you do. I don't get angry about it. Bad driving is not worth puffing smoke fumes over. I just verbally react to idiots with mild-mannered sarcasm. 


I shall nominate:

Skye @ Ink Castles
Carly @ Books and Etc.
Victoria @ The Endless Oceans of My Mind
Emily @ Ink, Inc.

Are you a movie or book crier? OH! And Sherlock. Have you read any of the books? Any retelling recs? Or what is your favorite Sherlock film/episode?


  1. Sherlock? Sherlock gifs? Stuff about Sherlock? Sign me up. I didn't know it was possible for me to love you and your blog even more.

    I rarely EVER cry during movies or books, the only time i have ever cried was during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two, book + movie. That was depressing man.

    These posts are always so fun to read because I get to know more about the amazing personalities of my fellow bloggers :D


    1. Sherlock is always the best! :D

      I have heard that HP has some sad parts. *nods*

      Thank you!

  2. I actually think I cry more with movies than books as well. I don't know what it is, but the watery eyes just happen, especially with sad kids movies. The beginning of Big Hero 6? Are you kidding me?! I didn't even watch the whole movie because I was so upset. But yes, The Book Thief, I definitely cried while reading that one. Enjoyed your tag!

    1. Agh! Yes, why are kids' movies always the saddest? Oh, you didn't watch all of Big Hero? Eh, because I cried at the end. . .

      THE BOOK THIEF! *sobs uncontrollably*

      Thank you!

  3. THIS POST WAS MARVELLOUS. ALL THE GIFS. Especially the last one, which I'd never seen before. Oh John :') :')

    Did you know Benedict was at the Wimbledon final? And afterwards he came and spoke to Andy Murray and we the viewers couldn't hear their convo even though cameras were on them, we just saw them chatting and Benedict laughing ...

    and then my sister told me later ...

    that APPARENTLY ...

    Andy was asking Ben when New Sherlock would be!



    I nearly cried at Tangled too. You were my new dream ... I've only seen it once, but I'd like to see it again. Also, I've never had a cinnamon roll?

    I want to say something soothing ab Doyle's perception of Americans ... but also ... Americans .... KIDDING! I'M KIDDING! (Just think Kit and Abel, you know? ;) )

    Thanks for tagging me my dear! <3

    1. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for the perfect moment to use that Martin Freeman gif. It's one of my favorites! XD That man has so much sass!

      *dies laughing* OH MY GOODNESS! THAT IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER! The evil is prevalent in this one, indeed. You'd think they'd feel bad or something about making us wait. BUT BY GOLLY THEY'RE ENJOYING EVERY SECOND!

      Oh, yes Tangled. I did rewatch it recently and the horse (I always forget his name) is still one of my favorite characters. And gosh! The humor in that movie! It makes me laugh so much.

      YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A-- A-- OH WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?! Are there no cinnamon rolls in Glasgow? This is a serious emergency, Emily. You would love cinnamon rolls. They would be perfect company for your tea. Just superb.

      XD I'm laughing again! It really is like Kit and Abel though. With the exception that Kit thinks Abel has the perfect family life and perfect childhood and money, etc. Doyle thinks all Americans are hoodlums who've grown up among city scums or a pack of coyotes in the Rockies. Which is highly amazing. True, some HAVE. But I don't think those sorts often have the means to transverse across the ocean and walk along the foggy streets of London. . . Unless of course, they were gold miners and hit it big. ;)

      Thank you!

  4. I share your ambition by the way I too want to know everything about Sherlock. Let's do it together, Because I am researching for my Sherlock retelling so I happen to know a lot of random facts. I have read all of the stories and I am now resorting to retellings. I just bought the one of the young Sherlock Holmes novels. I have the book Moriarty but I haven`t read it.
    If you want you can beta read Mine, I need someone who loves Sherlock as much as I do to make sure I don`t miss anything.

    It`s also a pity we don`t live near each other, because I make splendid cinnamon rolls, and I would gladly make you some.

    Thanks for the tag!

    1. ALL OF THE SHERLOCK THINGS! YES! We should totally do this. I'm almost done with all the stories but not quite.

      I'd love to beta read your Sherlock retelling! I always love beta reading your stories. :) And your Sherlock one sounds really awesome!

      Oh, really? That sounds scrumptious! I think about that too sometimes. If we lived closer, we could watch Sherlock together and go on adventures and listen to audio books and such. And talk WRITING of course. One day we ought to meet or something.

      Thank you!

  5. I'm definitely more likely to get misty eyed at a movie than I am at a book - not sure why, though. Yes, The Iron Giant is so underrated!

    Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite characters - so of course, I'm beyond excited for the upcoming fourth series. Have you ever watched the Jeremy Brett as Holmes tv series? It's one of my favorite adaptations, actually. :)

    I stumbled upon The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series recently - The Albino's Treasure by Stuart Douglas is wonderful.

    1. The Iron Giant is one of the best! :)

      Yes! I am sooo excited about the 4th season. *grins* Jeremy Brett is really good at playing Holmes. I hear a lot of people like him. His interpretation is very true to canon as well as the episode plots.

      Oo, sounds good! I must check it out!!

  6. I adore your Sherlock gifs. BECAUSE SHERLOCK IS LIFE, OK? I read a volume of Sherlock Holmes not too long ago, and yeah, all the Americans were bad. Which was weird, and I didn't even notice it at the time. I think it had to do with the superiority that came with being British at the time because Being British Is The Most Civilized Thing You Can Be. Thus anyone who wasn't British probably had a shady past or something.

    Oh, and can you please send me some cinnamon rolls? I could do with one right now. PLEASE. Also, thanks for the tag!

    1. Sherlock is definitely life! Yeah, it is kind of weird. But I think the sentiment toward Americans were different then perhaps? You're probably right. XD

      *sends cinnamon rolls* They are the best! Thank you!

  7. SHERLOCK!!! I've been on such a Sherlock kick for the past few weeks. I'm working on reading through the original stories too! (Although I'm very much a procrastinator, so it may take awhile. XD) And as for my favorite episode... I always seem to rewatch Season 1 biweekly, you can't go wrong with A Study in Pink and The Blind Banker.

    It's official I'm a robot. I almost never cry with movies or books or in general really. XD Unless you count my eyes getting misty?

    Thanks for the tag!

    1. Yes! Sherlock is the best! I do rewatch A Study in Pink and The Blind Baker the most. But that's always because I intend to have a Sherlock marathon and it usually doesn't last past the first season. (I am so pathetic. . .) So next time I'll probably start with season two because as much as I love the first season, I like the latter ones even more! Which is really saying something.

      XD Some people just doesn't cry that often.

      Thank you!

  8. Yes! All the sherlock gifs! I have a collection of all the sherlock stories but have yet to read it. I cry a lot in movies, but never in books. I know, i'm a heartless monster.


    1. Oh, the original Sherlock stories are really good! You will probably like them. :)

  9. This was great! A++ for Sherlock gif usage. *nods* I too am a dragon, so I understand what that's like, although I don't cry at books or movies. I have read a lot of the old Sherlock stories (though there might have been a few I missed along the way), and I want to reread them all eventually.

    It is interesting how much Doyle portrayed America as full of outlaws and occultists and whatnot. I wonder if this was due to misinformation, or if Doyle just really liked the idea of a country full of outlaws and occultists. :P

    Thank you for doing the tag! It was really fun reading your answers. :D

    1. The original stories are quite good. I did just finish The Hound of the Baskervilles and loved every bit of it. The short stories are my favorites though, I think.

      I have no idea! It might could be the image of Americans from a British perspective at that time period? *shrugs* But what do I know? It could be misinformation.

      Of course! I loved this tag, thank you for tagging me. :)

  10. Bahahha, " I just verbally react to idiots with mild-mannered sarcasm. " <--- That would be me too. Except sometimes I get a little more heated than mild-mannered sarcasm. BUT SERIOUSLY WHy CAN'T PEOPLE DRIVE??? Omg. It's so frustrating. *gives us both virtual cinnamon rolls for our suffering* Also I appreciate all the dragon mentions in this post. You are a human bean of true priorities and I admire taht. :') And I want a Sherlock retelling wtih dragons. I'm not sure why that doesn't exist???? please someone make it exist???

    Also if you're looking for retellings, I 100000% recommend the Every Breath series by Ellie Marney. AUSTRALIAN SHERLOCK. And it's like perfection. It's the only Sherlock retelling I've liked so far. hahah. I've only read A Study in Scarlet so far of the originals, but I plan to read them all!! EVENTUALLY.

    And..*whispers* I prefer Elementary and the RDJ and Jude Law movies to the BBC Sherlock. XD Don't hurt me now. I still do like the BBC version. BUT MUUUUURDER, JOHN. <3

    1. EXACTLY! I don't get it. There's this thing called a TURN SIGNAL! I know, I know. It's a thing of the past. But they're trying to bring it back. I'll be amazed if it catches on.

      AH! We really, really need a Sherlock retelling with dragons. It needs to exist. *nods* Like a sort of fantasy Sherlock retelling. I'm on board with this.

      Yes! I hear you talk about it a lot. I just have a hard time finding it. Sooo, when I get some money (like in a million years. . .) I'll probably just try to order online. The originals are really good! The novel length stories usually have a huge flashback to explain the villain's side of the story (because 150% that's what Sherlock is interested in). The short stories are my favorite though! They're like the book version of mini cheesecakes.

      I prefer BBC Sherlock, but the RDJ and Jude Law movies are SO HILARIOUS! I pretty much just laugh through the whole movie. Plus, the soundtrack is perfect! I have not seen Elementary yet though and I'm really curious to watch it. Maybe one day soon!

  11. I don't know anything about Sherlock, but I do like cinnamon rolls! Lol. I'm like a little bit obsessed with cinnamon in general, so I also like the cinnamon roll itself more than the frosting. But I sometimes buy these Cinnabon brand bite sized things that you heat in the oven (or maybe the microwave, but I prefer the oven method), and they're so good.

    How funny, I am also more of a movie-crier than a book-crier, which is weird because I'm actually not a big movie person and tend to get far more emotionally invested in books? But I think it's just the whole seeing-people-acting that gets to me. Like, when I see someone on the screen crying or something, it seems more realistic. Maybe I'm just bad at imagining people cry in my head? It also depends on how the book is written. Like, if a book just mentions someone dying, I might be sad but it doesn't affect me much whereas if I'm in the POV of a character who loved the character who just died, and he gets all emotional, then I experience it through him, and that might make me cry. Sorry, I think I rambled a bit lol.

    1. Mmmm, those cinnabon ones sound really good. Now I'm hungry. . .

      I think you're right, because the same is true for me too. I'm more emotionally invested in books, but with a movie you actually see the "bad things" happen so it's more real. It makes sense. Oh, yes and when we see a book character's emotional reaction to another character's death it becomes more real to us that HE'S REALLY GONE!

      No, it's cool. :) Ramble away! I'm pretty sure that's all I do on this blog anyhow. XD


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