Saturday, July 23, 2016

from my brain to your computer screen // How I Write a Blogpost

Well, if that isn't an awkward title. . .

Awkward though it may be, it's also fairly self-explanatory. So who cares about introductions? Let's dive right in!

1. Lightbulb!

I have to have an idea. Obviously. 

Light. Bulb.

I get inspiration from different realms. Sometimes books. Sometimes writing. Sometimes pinterest, movies, mealtimes (don't underestimate mealtime inspiration)

Most of the time though, I get inspired by you all. What are you discussing on your blogs? What are you discussing with me on mine? One thing leads to another and the gears crank out a bunch of scattered thoughts.

2. Let's Sleep on It

"Sleep on it" really means, "Let me think about this for another long dragon sleep before ever typing a word."

I *might* type out a few points so I don't forget them. Normally though I'll let my thoughts simmer together before I touch the keyboard. It's not exactly the best habit.

3. Write the Thing

I write the post.

 Apparently, to be a dragon writer, you have to a) write and b) be a dragon. Who would've thunk!
 When I write it though, often times it's a muddled mess of thoughts that make no coherent sense whatsoever.


I express things inadequately. Or I write five different ways to say the same thing so I can choose the best later. The points I make loop back together. And so forth.


The editing phase usually consists of me incinerating the word count in half. I always first draft huge and burn down later. Also, since my first drafts frolic from topic to topic, there are no transitions to speak of.

 My brain jumps from thought to thought, so my writing does the same. I have to take a hard look to find where the ideas connect. I KNOW they connect - I can feel it - but where, exactly?

 I can copy and paste the same paragraph several times in different places before I finally find where it fits. I often have to add transitional words. But in my efforts to not be lengthy and/or fluffy, I end up cutting some of the transitions I've added.


Editing is always a frustrating exchange of building up and burning down. What is too much? What is too little? The world may never know.

5. Take Another Nap

I always have to step back from my work, sometimes before editing, sometimes after, other times I alternate them. Consistency is not my strongest point, okay?

Depending on when I need to publish it, I can leave a post buried for months. For instance, I have a post on backfile titled "Muffins That You Care About," and it's probably been there since April. I have at least five posts titled, "the tag that [insert fellow blogger's name here] tagged you for" and some are from December. (Sorry guys!)

If I don't distance myself enough, I won't be able to edit properly. I won't see the typos. I won't see what is unnecessary drivel. I won't see how this thought doesn't correlate with another thought.

The part when I'm not working on a post is usually the most important part of writing the post. Oh, the paradoxes.

6. The Hunt

I will take an equally long amount of time finding the perfect gif or snapping photos of books. I have a really hard time settling for second best. If I don't find what I want I usually don't compromise by using something I consider less than what I had in mind. Instead I don't use anything at all.

The same goes for blogposts. If I don't think a post is ready to go up, unless I'm on some kind of schedule, I just won't post anything.

7. Click the Orange Button
(If you're on Blogger, you know what I mean )


It's hard to believe, but after the long wait, I do actually publish a post. I usually take a look at the published form. This is when I spot those elusive typos, or it finally strikes me why that sentence seemed off. But sometimes weird things happen to the formatting of my posts if I try to edit them after they've been set in stone. So I edit only if I see a lot of typos or big mistakes. Or if it keeps me up at night. . .

So yeah, that's my long process.

How do you go about writing your blog posts?


  1. Sounds pretty accurate! Also, excellent gif selection. :)

  2. Ahh, I like your process!! I tend to write as soon as I can but then I do definitely try to distance myself before I edit. xD Although, omg I must write at least like 5 posts and then like about ONE OF THEM. It's a problem.😂
    *whispers* I have tags from like 2015 I haven't done. 0_0
    AND OMG FINDING GIFS IS LIKE AN ART. XD Sometimes I spend longer finding the perfect gif than actually writing the post hahaah.

    1. That is a good idea though! Writing them sooner so you don't forget.

      Finding gifs is such an art! Yes! I do that too. . .

  3. Sounds like a good way of going about it, I have a very bad approach. I basically wing everything and publish it before reading O.O
    I am going to work on that this year.

    1. Haha! That's okay though! You do fairly well for winging it. :D

  4. I usually try to write my posts ASAP after inspiration strikes, or the inspiration goes away and then I don't write it at all. Except of course I'm never at a computer when inspiration strikes, so I start writing out this beautiful thing in my head, and by the time I sit down, I forget exactly how I had it worded and all that before, and it just comes out as a clunky mess, haha. But like you, after I write it, I have to let it sit for a while. I usually end up editing a few times, but sometimes I'll just wait until the week it's going up because I know I'll end up doing more editing that week anyway. But yeah, I can't figure out how to fix it if I try to edit right away. I don't use gifs though, so I get to skip that step :-P Though I do sometimes spend way too long searching for the perfect picture for the graphic that no one cares about lol.

    1. That's probable way better than what I do. XD I do end up forgetting things sometimes. Gifs do take up a lot of time though. Meh. Be glad you don't use them. :P You always have excellent graphics though! I love them. :D

  5. Hitting that orange button is the hardest thing in the entire world to do. *screams internally* And I know that I *should* distance myself from my work before editing, but I usually just do it all in one go. Which I shouldn't do, but I do it anyways. Any typos can be fixed up later, right? (Although I try my hardest to catch everything.) I like how much sleeping you do. I might have to change my schedule a bit :)

    1. It is so hard! Doing it in one go is nice though. I take forrreevvverrr to publish the posts I'm working on. *nods* It's hard to catch everything too.
      Yep, sleeping is nice. ;)

  6. Ah hitting that orange button always gives a huge sense of pride, knowing that there is now a piece written by yours truly roaming on that little page of yours in the huge wide internet. Thank you so much for sharing your thought process! It's interesting because it's so absolutely different from mine. I kind of just stop at step 3.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I guess it does. I'm usually more nervous though. XD Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I always just write a title very quickly whenever I get an idea, then end up discovering it much later which is probably not a good idea, haha! I should also be a little more responsible with editing, but usually I do a quick read-through before I publish and then end up re-editing it about a week later which is also a bit of a weird habit. I think your method is much better!

    1. I do that sometimes too! Especially for tags. Whenever someone tags me, I'll open a new post immediately and title it, but then. . . Yeah. I always forget. XD

  8. Very interesting look at how you go about putting together blog posts. I think we all have our little quirks when it comes to writing post and finally publishing them. I tend to edit and edit and edit, and really I think I spend more time editing a post than actually writing it. Being a perfectionist can be a pain sometimes.

    1. I edit a lot too, normally. And you're right, we do all have our quirks! That's what makes people fascinating. We're all different and have such different perspectives on things.

  9. Bloath just got my unfinished comment! Gosh! Well, it was only a sentence and a half ...

    This post is accurate. Idea ferments for a while (months!) before I type it, though other times I write, edit and publish in the same night. I do have to take breaks in between, but maybe only like a pinterest break or something ... Booksta photos are definitely the most time-consuming thing for me!

    Love the lego movie gif. I still haven't seen it though O.o

    1. Apparently, the Bloath has increase in speed and hunger? XD

      Wha-- Wait. Booksta photos? Do you mean like bookstagram? DO YOU HAVE AN INSTAGRAM NOW?! Sorry. . . getting side-tracked.

      Ahem, yes! Blogposts are creations of long processes. But sometimes there are those rare ones you can just throw together overnight and still grin at the next morning. XD

      You haven't seen the Lego Movie yet? It's so hilarious! I really think you'd like it.

    2. No no no. I just meant book photography. Which I tend to think of as booksta. *ahem* Sorry.

      I think I would like the Lego Movie! I've heard it's v good.


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