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my inner grammar geek is an awkward metaphor for the English language // The Text Tag

Thank you Rose @ It's Looking a Bit Mitty and Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind for tagging me for The Text Tag. I really like this one. It's not your ordinary tag. Not to mention, it wins at alliteration. If your interested in the rules *yawns* follow the links to Rose's or Liz' blog.

1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

A. Not because my name begins with a. I have a story.

I was home-educate and I actually remember when my mom first taught me how to read. She held up the 'a' flash card and told me to repeat 'a' and all of the 82,390 sounds that 'a' makes.

And after 'a' we have 'b'. A simple consonant owning only one sound. Why does our alphabet have to start with one of the hardest letters we have? Why don't we work our way up to the harder ones?

The English language. Who made up this stuff? Were they thinking or did they just slap our alphabet together? I read Beowulf when I was 19. I remember thinking, "This was modern English's predecessor? No wonder we're so messed up." In truth, I adore that book. Beowulf is the best. But the history of the English language, man, it's a gloriously beautiful mess. It's amazing people can articulate with it.

So 'a' is my favorite because it reminds me that despite what a grammar geek I can be our language is rather absurd. Also, life doesn't always have to make sense. (I do need to be reminded of that occasionally.)

2. Three [inserts Four] words that you like?





3. Three words you dislike?



has swooned

Oh, was that last one a verb phrase. Pardon me. 

4. If you were to create a word, what would it be and what would it describe?

Um, I'm a fantasy writer, soooo. . . I make up words all the time. More often I make up names. Who wants another name story that is slightly relevant to topic?

So there's this group of elite villains in Oddball the Sequel. One of them is this silent, intimidating guy who's the muscle of the group. Of course, he MUST have a preposterous name. Everyone's terrified of this guy. Even his team members get edgy around him because he never says anything and he could snap your neck in two seconds.

So I named him Pickle.

awkward smile

Which, in retrospect, sounds like a cat name? (My best friend does have a cat named Pickles now that I think of. . .)

So it's perfect!

Ahem. So I didn't actually make up the word "pickle." But I turned it into a name so that counts?

5. Three [inserts Four] favorite punctuation marks?

Quotation marks. I love dialogue. What is a book without conversations?

The ampersand is suave & classy.

Parenthesis. I love witty parenthetical elements. 

The semicolon. I was once told that semicolons are going extinct. We should just start a new sentence instead. But I will always stand by semicolons. A well placed semicolon is thing to be cherished. The author of such a semicolon is to be revered for her/his tactful and meticulous use of punctuation.

6. Three favorite fonts?

I don't think I have three? Whenever I experiment with other fonts, I always fall back to Times New Roman.

7. Do you love writing?

I can't stand writing. Gosh. Why am I even here blogging? Writing bores me to sleep!


Why is this a question?

8. What/ who inspired you to start blogging?

Uh, I don't know? I used to be a part of this blog called the Teen Writers Group. (We called ourselves TWiG and Twigians.We were so cute.) We would post our writing and critique each other.

After exiting my teen years, I decided it might be good if I had my own blog? I had no idea what I was doing. But let's face it, I still don't.

 andrew-garfield-spiderman-cute-funny.gif (450×253)

9. If you could change the way one word sounded it, what word would it be and how would it sound?

I'm just going with Liz' answer because it needs to be a thing. 

"Woman" ought to be pronounced as "majestic warrior queen."

10. Do you know of a word that looks better than it sounds? 

plaid   amnesia   left   aesthetic

It's amazing I even know how to spell these. Oh, and


I always want to swap the 'i' and 'o', because when saying it the 'or' comes at the end. I'm telling you, the English language; it's a funny one. Or I'm just poor at spelling. 

Yeah, that's probably it.

11. What are three [inserts Seven *obvious rebel*] words you mispronounced when you first said them aloud because you only ever read them?

At age twelve, I read this aloud to my mom and pronounced like I would "introduce." My mom couldn't believe I had pronounced the "duc" like "duce." But it was because I was thinking of the root word!

A fellow book dragon gave me this weird look while we were talking about Divergent.

How even?

Maybe it's my tendency to shorten words. . .

I don't try anymore.

My eyes see 'Achilles' and my brain sneezes.

I can never remember if the 'c' makes a 'k' sound, an 's' sound, or a 'ch' sound. I once used reverse psychology: "No, Ashley. It's said the way you don't think it's supposed to be said." But I've reversed my thinking so often, I don't know anymore.

I brought flowers

12. What are three words you used incorrectly in your youth (whether that is last week or eighty years ago, up to you)?

Half the time I talk, I mispronounce words, use the wrong verb tense, or mix my sentence structure to such failure there is no structure. Verbal communication is my weakest point. 

It's worse if I'm passionate about the topic. Kind of like Mr. Knightley ("if I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more"), I can't speak intelligently on things I like and enjoy. I can write pages and pages but when I open my mouth what comes out is, "I really super love that, that THING!" 

andrew garfield. amazing spiderman. (gif)

It's worse when I'm angry. I don't talk about things I love or things that make me angry. My delivery is so awful that nobody takes me seriously when I try.

Also, I'm always afraid of misusing 'aesthetic.' I like it. Recently it's been thrown around and most people are using the wrong form of it. But I'm not entirely sure myself. Is it an adjective? A noun? Is it both? Or is it just a thing nowadays to use it as both interchangeable? 

In book writing, I use nouns and adjectives as adverbs. You see, you're not supposed to use adverbs, especially the -ly ones. So I keep the word but drop the -ly. Then we end up with an adjective attempting to modify a verb or adverb, which, my friends, is grammatically illegal

Don't tell. 

But if we're being fair, "adjective" is a noun

 The Amazing Spiderman 2 (chimney sceene) - whaaaaaat?

Take that English language.

I'm not going to add anymore questions as the tag is getting rather long. Nor am I going to tag anyone. But if you want to obsess over grammar and letters, by all means, pick up the tag! I would love to read your post!

Also, I've been considering who I ought to do a Beautiful People post on. I have no clue. Any ideas? Do you want to hear about a particular character?

What is your favorite letter? What are your top three favorite words and what words always cause some kind of trouble for you?


  1. The amount of Andrew Garfield gifs here is just beautiful and I AM ADMIRING THIS POST A LOT. But duuuuude, wait wait wait. I do not know a SINGLE PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF EVER who pronounces "introduction" with a "douche" sound instead of a "duck". We go intro-DUCK-tion in Australia???????? (I even googled it and I'm pretty sure it's said with the duc!)
    ALSO OMG I REMEMBER THE TWIGIANS!!! *flails* That's where I met you! And you're like the only one from there that I still know!! heheh. I do wonder what happened to everyone else sometimes...I wonder if they're all writing? GOOD TIMES, THO, GOOD TIMES. *nods*
    Dragon is an excellent word, definitely one of my favourites. I also love the word "pocket". IT's SO FUN TO SAY AND MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A HOBBIT FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.
    also words that cause me trouble? Basically all of them. I can pronounce nothing right. And fun story: my older sister named her baby Juniper but I 1000% thought she meant "Jupiter". I CALL THE CHILD JUPITER. And nickname her Jupey. When, in fact, that is completely backwards. *dies* I am a terrible aunt sometimes.😂

    1. You are so right. It actually woke me up this morning. . . I was thinking of it backward when I wrote it. I had actually pronounced "introduction" like "introduce" with a "tion" at the end. So I made the "duc" into a "duce." Sorry for the confusion! I feel so dumb now. . .

      Ah, yes! I'm glad you like the Andrew Garfield gifs. :) I was trying to theme it, and realized my small arsenal of Garfield gifs would fit well.

      YES! That IS where we met. I remember. I actually don't know what happened to anyone else either. Which is sad, but I do hope they're still writing. It was the best of times! Writing is always the best!

      POCKET! (It is all caps day. . .) That is a fun word to say and I feel like a hobbit and always say it like Bilbo when I do. Huh.

      Haha! That's hilarious. But she does have a cool nickname now! Besides Jupiter sounds like an awesome name to me. You know, as long as your sister doesn't mind. :)

      It's a good name actually. If I ever have a character named Jupiter, you know why. . .

  2. You are right, the English language is so complicated and sometimes makes zero sense. If you ever have to explain rules to people learning English, it gets really complicated when you then have to mention all the exemptions to said rules. It just makes me wonder how in the world I ever learn how to speak and write in English. Interesting tag, I haven't come across this one before.

    1. It does get really complicated! Especially comma rules. There are way too many comma rules. I know! I'm glad English is my first language.

  3. A word I always mispronounce is parabola (I get it wrong every single time). I always say ParaBOla instead of paRAbola. Good on you for being a grammar geek, because I totally am one too. *high fives*

    Ooh, Pickles. I am very intimidated.

    1. Really?! That's how I pronounce it too. -_-

      Points for the grammar geeks. *high fives*

      Haha! I know, right? XD

  4. A+ gif use, Pete Parker is so relatable. Pickles I like this villain, I approve of your choices of a villain name.


      Why thank you! I'm rather fond of him offhandedly despite his villainous ways.

  5. Am I supposed to have a favorite letter? Lol. I guess I would go with K just because that's what my name starts with. Original, I know. We can't all have interesting reasons behind things ;-)

    The ampersand is rather suave and classy, isn't it?

    I have a mispronunciation story! I don't remember how old I was exactly, but I remember it so clearly. I was reading from a joke book to my parents on a road trip, and I said the word like "egg-ee-puh-tee-an" because I sounded it out, and my parents were so confused, and it turned out the word was Egyptian lol.

    1. That's an awesome story about Egyptian. XD That does look like difficult word to pronounce. I always forget how to spell properly though. Then when I do spell correctly, it still doesn't look right.

  6. The English language is crazy - I still have some of those problems when it comes to mispronouncing words I've never actually heard said aloud before. I can't think of one right off the top of my head, but I do it regularly. :D

    By the way, have you ever tried reading this poem aloud? It nearly killed me!

    1. Yes. All. the. time. One day they'll have to find a way to cure us.

      I read it. Well, more like stumbled through it. XD But it was sooo hilarious! Such irony. :) Thanks!

  7. I LOVED THIS POST. Especially your story about the letter A? Amazing! #3 made me laugh, it reminded me of that hilarious vlog. "Swoon? I mean, swoon?! Come on!" Also #7 XD

    SEMICOLONS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I do tend to edit them out of my writing, because they should not be overused; often it is best to start a new sentence (see what I did there?) to make things punchier. But a well placed semi-colon is a joy forever; its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness ...

    How did you pronounce Tobias??

    I used to think quay was kway and Plymouth was Pli-mouth, because I'd onLY EVER SEEN THEM WRITTEN DOWN AND IT SEEMS PERFECTLY NATURAL DOESN'T IT?? The family of words with which I really do struggle is psychology and stuff. (Fun fact, I had to use spell check to get that right.) Whenever I type psychic it always comes out physic (that time actually, because I was thinking about it, it came out pyschic. WHICH ALSO ISN'T RIGHT APPARENTLY??). Those ps, s's, ys, cs and hs, man. What's a girl even to do???

    I do that with making adverbs into adjectives. So they're still acting as an adverb, but my edit-y brain isn't going "LY! LY! LY! CUT THAT LY!" Speaking of my edit-y brain, I finished TCATT on Tuesday????

    Once again fam I loved this post ... it was #aesthetic ;)

    PS Knightley reference was the best?? Does that mean you've now read Emma?!!! ~hops about in chair~

    1. I'm so glad you liked it!

      #7 just kind of took me off guard. What even?! Why?

      Huzzah! Semicolons rule on their rare frontier. ;)

      Uh. . . I don't remember. Probably like toe- buy- as. Or is that the correct way? I AM SO CONFUSED.

      Wait, quay is not like kway? Oops. . . Plymouth is definitely easy to mispronounce. I've had it read to me while reading it myself often (because my mom used to insist that we read along while she read aloud when we were kids. I thought it was a pain, but honestly it was a good for teaching.) So I've never said it wrong, but it really does make sense for the 'y' to be a long 'i.' AGH! Yes! Psychic is a nightmare to spell! As well as lyric.

      I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE?! I AM INFINITELY HAPPY! My editing brain does that too. All of the time. I'm thinking about making it a speech pattern for a fantasy culture. XD It shall be a thing now!

      *grins* Thank you. Thank you! *bows*

      PS No, I haven't. Sorry for the false alarm. I've seen the movie a lot though.

    2. The correct way is Toh-BUY-us, so I think you are there! But no, quay is not like kway XD

      Today I heard "skeletal" in conversation as ske-LEE-tal?? I always thought it was SKE-leh-tal??? MY WHOLE WORLD IS FALLING APART, ASHLEY.


      PS You had me excited there </3

    3. ske-LEE-tal? What?! I'm so confused.

    4. Just confirmed with my mother and YES APPARENTLY??? IT'S ALL VERY WEIRD.

  8. I love that throughout this entire post, you've done nothing but complain and pick on the English language (which, in all fairness, is a good idea) but then you're like DUDE I'M A WRITER. Usually writers are like "I'm in love with the beautiful mysteries of the written word" and you're just like "TAKE THAT, STUPID LANGUAGE! I LOVE YOU!" which makes me crack up.


    Your Andrew Garfield gifs made me so happy. They make me more happy than they should, in all honestly.

    1. XD You just summed up this whole post in a paragraph. That is the ironic point though, I guess. I love the English language (all writers do, yes?), but goes it just doesn't know how to logic! *cough*

      I'm so glad that you liked this post. It was so much fun to write. And Garfield gifs are always a favorite. His facial expressions are the best!

      Thanks so much!


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