Sunday, May 1, 2016

Starting Sparks: May Edition

Hello, hello. So Emily @ Ink, Inc. are once again here to bring you another writing prompt link up!

Please tell me you're excited? I mean, really. It's nearly summer, people! That means more time to read. More time for writing. (Writing a Starting Sparks post, yes?) For more information there's this page here.

So here's your button:

Here's your prompt:

Now go out and write! Write like a fiend!

 Anybody been reading anything awesome? Or writing? Have you been writing? What you think about this prompt here?


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    1. Yay! I can't wait to read what you write! :)

  2. I have been writing! I have been writing my SS May story! Aand it's only the 9th so I am basically a hero. (That's what happens when I'm not TCATT-ing, I actually, uh, write other stuff.) It's a contemporary. It's from one of my newest novel ideas. It is FLUFF. I really like it ... !

    How goeth Oddball?

    1. WHAT!? You've already written it? Well, gosh you're just on top of everything. (Honestly, I completely forgot what the prompt was XD) I will have to read it soon. Fluff, huh? NEWEST novel ideas? Does that mean it's not the Ruskins? I will have to rush over posthaste.

      But I have to frost cupcakes for church.

      Okay, not posthaste, but soonish.

      Oddball. . . goeth? The plot and events are so mixed up right now. I've had to change it at least five times, so everything's all a mess. And there are emotions everywhere. It's so sloppy. What am I supposed to do with the emotions everywhere? I don't even know what's going on anymore. But Oddball and Co. and I shall persevere and we will hopefully be finished soonish if the plot doesn't laugh in our faces and take us round in circles again.

    2. Aren't I?! (Irony.) But yes, one of the very newest, conceived when in Singapore, so, last month!

      I hope the cakes went down well. My church is pretty darn big (like, 500 people) so occasions to which I might bring cupcakes are few and far between. I love the size, but sometimes thinking about smaller churches with cupcakes involved makes me a bit nostalgic for the feeling of living in a village like I did in England ... But that's a whole different tangent. Shut up, Emily.

      Ughhh I hate that. When you change one thing but that means other things don't make sense so you have to change those things and it just ends up like a horrible game of Dominoes. YOU'LL GET THROUGH THOUGH. One day soon your plot will be a lean, mean machine.

      As for the emotions, ugh, I feel you. I'm editing right now, I started on Sat, so I've only got to chapter 5 and not much serious emotion has gone down, but most of my editing is me saying "Corrie, chill!" when she gets all dramatic. Aka ALL THE TIME. Ugh.

      But you guys will get there! You're a great squad. You can take on the world! And show the plot who's boss.

    3. Yeah, are church is fairly smallish. I always thought it would be strange to be in a big church. All those people. But then it's so much easier to be invisible when there's more people, so I guess it wouldn't be that bad. Except when you have to bring cupcakes. XD

      It really is like a game of dominoes. But it'll be okay! Ah, yes. The editing shall be grand, with all the emotions and how many times over I've written different scenes because of the many changes. XD But of course. . . The chaos is half the fun!

      Thank you!


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