Wednesday, May 18, 2016

dragon answers // Cruella de Vil and toast

So hi everyone.

I thought I ought to tell you the answers to The Game of Truth and Lies. Originally, I was going to do a video.


Let's face it. I got lazy as dragons are apt to do. I feel a thousand year nap coming on. So I might as get this over with before I take a snooze on my TBR, er, treasure hoard.

1. I love the movie 101 Dalmations.

I love everything about this movie. When I was a kid one of my favorite parts was the opening credits (you know, back when the credits rolled before the movie). I loved to watch the spots and dogs run around the screen and my favorite part was the music. I still love the music in that movie. MUSIC! Do you hear me? Go watch it and give it a listen.

Music, people, music

Also, I had aspiration to be a dog. My brother wanted to be Godzilla. I wanted to be a dog. No worries though. I've come to my scaly senses and have accepted dragonhood wholeheartedly.

May I just mention the villain? If there ever was a fiendish human who would've made a good dragon, it was Cruella de Vil! She's got her own theme song. You know a villain has really "made it" when they have their own song.

Plus, her henchmen. Jasper and Horace, bumbling idiots though they be, are classic henchmen material.

The insults. Imbecile. Ninny. Idiot. Also classic.

She drives like a madwoman, people! I must admit I'm rather glad she's not in the skies.

 . . .

And who betrays their friend, by stealing said friend's puppies to make a fur coat?! If that's not wicked than I don't know what is. Who steals their friend's puppy? That's low even for a dragon.

2. I like toast. It's my favorite breakfast.

When I was a young'un who knew nothing, toast indeed was my favorite breakfast. But now, I know more.
 I can't get over the concept of toast. I don't get it.

It's crunchy bread.

. ..

Who wants crunchy bread? When bread is hard and crunchy, we say it's stale. We toss it in the furnace and kill it off. NOBODY WANTS CRUNCHY BREAD.

Why would you purposely. . . Just--  I can't --Crunchy bread?!

I. . . don't like toast. It doesn't make sense.

3. I have never been out of the country. That is, the US.

Once upon a time, I was seventeen (speaking in your human years). I went on a missions trip to Canada. It was a blast! I helped out with VBS and really I can't talk much to adults, or even peers, but I know how to more or less interact with kids. (What can I say? Kids like dragons. They at least believe dragons exist *snorts*) 

But one day, I'd love to fly back to Canada. It's very beautiful and I think a few fellow dragons live there.

4. I've been thinking about changing up the blog.

The lair needs a new look. I'm rather bored with it. It'll still be blue in some shade or other.

 Bored, gif

I had thought about changing the title too. But some people actually seem to like the name. They've made me double think. And now I have to start the whole contemplating process over again.

5. I can't stand The Princess Bride.

This is a lie from the deepest depths of Mordor. I nearly feared to tell it. Although, I do rather think that the lack of dragons is astounding. The Princess Bride could use a dragon or two. It's the perfect book for a dragon and there are a grand total of zero. But that's my onlyest complaint. I love this book to pieces. It's one of my favorites.  I've even written a post on why you ought to read The Princess Bride.

6. When I was a kid, I didn't know The Great Mouse Detective was a Sherlock Holmes retelling.

An unfortunate truth. I was a very unread sooty little reptilian. I didn't even know Sherlock Holmes existed! I'm not sure when I finally obtained this knowledge, but I feel a little cheated.

If I had known, I would've read all the Holmes stories as kid. I would have been a long time, hardcore, seasoned Sherlockian. I would be a Sherlock expert by now. And I could've owed it all to The Great Mouse Detective. 

But instead I'm starting later, which is fine, just not as fantastic. The only upside is that I owe it all to BBC Smaug BBC Sherlock, and my guitar instructor.

7. Gansey is my favorite Raven Boy.

I like Gansey. And I think I will always like him. But he is not my favorite. And I think he will always not be my favorite. 

*collective fandom gasp*

the look of surprise!

I know. Everyone loves Gansey the mostest. But dragons tend to be contrary creatures. So shoot me. 

You don't have the right kind of arrow to do it anyhow. 

My favorite Raven Boy is--

You know, I have half a mind to not tell you. *evil grin* How would that be? 

Okay, I joke. That *might* be as cruel as stealing your puppy. 


Surprisingly, my favorite hasn't changed after finishing The Dream Thieves. Adam is my favorite. I know he's really messed up. And he's got a lot of issues. But honestly, they all do. So that's not a logical reason to pick others over him. 

I could go on a paragraph long fangirl/rant right now, but I'll spare you the trouble. Besides I really feel that nap coming on soon. I'll just say that I do fear for him. Adam, that is. For later in the series. He always makes me sad. And he's even more alone now. Not to mention he's very unpredictable. I'm kinda scared to read the rest of the series. I might just go take a thousand year sleep instead. 


Yeah, that's what I'll do. Wake me when season 4 is out.

Might just get a thousand years in.

the fourth season is coming right?


  1. I can't remember which ones I said were lies, but whatever. I love all the Raven Boys too, but for some reason abrasive as he is I like Ronan guess we both are a little strange.

    1. It is so hard to choose a favorite and really I don't dislike any of them. Ronan is good too. I actually like how abrasive he is? To a point at least. XD

  2. AHHHHH RAVEN BOYS. <3 I mean, I love them ALL. But Ronan is my favourite. <33 Adam is actually my least favourite. XD But taht doesn't mean much because I STILL LOVE HIM!?!?? But if I had to rate the boys it would be: Ronan, Gansey, Noah, Adam. *nods* Ahem. RANDOM FROM ME.
    Oh oh but changes are always exciting!! I love blog redesigns. xD Although my relative did my last one and spent AGES making the arrow shoot in the header and threatened my life if I decided i wanted a revamp too soon. AHAHAHAH. Ahem. He was probably serious. I shall keep this look for a while. Ahem. But I'll be excited to see what you come up with!

    1. Exactly! How can we dislike any of them?! They are each precious and individually great. I think I'd rate them nearly the opposite? Adam, Noah, Ronan, Gansey? BUT I've only just read The Dream Thieves. My views may change upon further reading. . . Yes, I can't wait to start experimenting with something different around here. It's been the same for three years now. XD But I don't blame your relative though. If it takes a lot of effort to figure out the changes I might stick with them for a long time too.

  3. I haven't seen 101 Dalmatians in forever! You're right - a villain has definitely made it when they have their own theme song! :). Recently I caught a few minutes of the live action version and was completely surprised to see that Cruella's henchmen were played by Dr. House and Mr. Weasley.

    By the way, excellent use of Sherlock gifs!

    1. Oh, yes. I remember the live action version too. I used like that one also, but nothing beats the original cartoon. Although, do you watch Once Upon a Time? I love their revamp of Cruella! Especially the backstory they gave her, she became very creepy even in her materialism.

      Thank you!

    2. Yes, I liked what they made of her character on OUAT! :)

  4. "Yeah, that's what I'll do. Wake me when season 4 is out.

    Might just get a thousand years in."


    On that note, wondrous gifs.

    *ahem* Anyway, the actual post, not just the last two lines.

    (Though I am a bit panicky because WHEN WILL IT BE, HMM? JUST, WHEN?!)



    My original answers, updated:

    1. Um, yeah you do??
    --> BOOM!
    2. Again. What fool wouldn't. (Though I'm less sure than about #1?)
    --> YOU ARE SO WEIRD. TOAST IS THE BEST THING EVER. I would like to live in a house made of toast, not kidding. But it shouldn't be crunchy?? You're overdoing your toast, Ashley, that's your problem.
    3. I SHOULD KNOW THIS, YET I'M UNSURE. I think it's true. I'm going with true. AND YET later on you quote "I like aeroplanes". Which could just be because it's nice words, and also I know people get planes within the US (duh), and yet ... But, no, I'm sticking with true. Hopefully I won't regret it later.
    --> Dang, and I did regret it later. I would like to go to Canada muchly.
    4. I'm going with false, because you would never call it that because your title and strapline are absolute genius, like properly perfect. I LOVE THEM. (I don't think I've said that often enough but it's true. People with ((good)) puns in their titles/straplines = people I like.) You might be thinking of revamping the appearance? But you've said elsewhere that you love blue blogs. So I'm sticking with false.
    --> Huh. Wrong again. But I'm glad I made you reconsider re the title!
    5. HA! THIS I KNOW WITHIN MY HEART TO BE FALSE! Did I tell you I bought it recently because of you?
    --> Wahey!
    6. See, I feel like this could be true, but also I can totally imagine a young wide-eyed Ashley with her father saying to her "and this, my child, is a Sherlock retelling". I just feel like it's a random fact to share unless there's more of a story behind it. Then again, one of my facts was "I like frozen yoghurt", so I really cannot talk. I'm going to say ... true. Because I only have two other trues.
    --> Nice one, me.
    7. WELL HE'S MY FAVE, buuut I'm fairly certain you said to me you liked Ronan best. I think? I could cheat by going back to old emails but I'm a good upstanding dragon citizen so I won't. What I do know is that Gansey only became my fave in TDT (I think?), but then again you are reading TDT currently so maybe it's already happened. But based on your recent disparaging "Ooh Gansey!" comments, and your habit of going with the underdogs/generally least likeable ones, I'm going to say false.
    --> And I was correct, buuut I totes thought it'd be Ronan! Not that I don't love Adam, but he really annoys me in TDT. The way he treats Blue. Stop it. Stop it. Just stop. OK but this is my fave passage in the entire series:

    The only rub was, Blue was another troubling thing. She was like Gansey in that she wanted him to explain himself. What do you /want/, Adam? What do you /need/, Adam? /Want/ and /need/ were words that got eaten smaller and smaller: freedom, autonomy, a perennial bank balance, a stainless-steel condo in a dustless city, a silky black car, to make out with Blue, eight hours of sleep, a mobile phone, a bed, to kiss Blue just once, a blister-less heel, bacon for breakfast, to hold Blue's hand, one hour of sleep, toilet paper, deodorant, a soda, a minute to close his eyes.
    What do you /want/, Adam?
    /To feel awake when my eyes are open./

    OH ADAM. I would forgive him anything after that.

    Well, this comment has got freaking long. I scored 4/7. Which is a pass! But probably a C. Maybe a B-? ANYWAY, I muchly enjoyed this post! And the ending did make me screech with deranged fangirl laughter.

  5. I'm glad it made you laugh. Making people laugh is 59% of why I exist, er, blog.

    But it is so true. Funny and yet sadly true. WHERE IS OUR SEASON 4!?

    Maybe you're right, maybe I am doing toast wrong. Although I do like bread and butter. Like soft bread and butter. Or a bagel, not toasted with nothing on it, as long as it's blueberry. (My mom finds that incredibly weird and yet she continues to supply me with blueberry bagels. Moms are the best.)

    To be honest, Ronan and Adam used to rival for my favorite, and then I read The Dream Thieves and now Adam and Noah rival. Although I do still like Ronan. He's so very observant and nearly poetic yet so. . . rough and vulgar? He's such a contradiction! I do agree though. I do not like the way Adam treated Blue either. At the same time though, I did not like the way Blue treated him. Not the getting angry part, I think she had a right to be angry with the way he was acting. But she should've told him sooner that them being together wasn't going to work out. I know she didn't want to hurt him. But I hate it when they wait, the longer they wait to tell them the more it will hurt. It wasn't fair to him. They weren't right to each other because sadly they weren't right for each other.

    But that PASSAGE! *dies* That is one of my favorites too!

    I'm not sure when the blog design will change? Soonish, I hope. I need to play around with some design ideas in my head. But I don't want to deviate to far from what you all associate with my blog already. So I might try the survey thing. We'll see!

    Thank you for the wonderfully long comment. :)


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