Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The New Dragon Loyalty Award // A Game of Truth and Lies

 How today's post has come to exist:

1) I realize I ought to do one of those of tags that are lying around the lair.

2) Presumably, I ought to behave in an orderly fashion and do said tags in the order they were received.

3) But I am a DRAGON 



As you know, dragons are

4) hungry. I'll have to break for a hunt in the Kitchen soon.

4) neither presumable nor orderly, and own no sense of  proper behavior or fashion.

5) So bring on the CHAOS and FIRE! 


No. I am not narrating this in an over dramatic, sinister voice in my head. Don't be ridiculous. We dragons are born of sophisticated nightmares.

 The brilliant Emily @ Ink, Inc. revamped this tag to be a true and false game. (I'm also stealing her idea of barraging you with pinterest junk. You're welcome.) 

As dragons are of the unpredictable and deceptive ilk, we shall have ourselves

A Game of Truth and Lies

I know what you're thinking: "That's got to be the title of some fantasy book." I have similar suspicions. But at present, this is the game. Seven statements. It is up to you to discern the truth from the lies.

I feel like a dramatic game show host.

1. I love the movie 101 Dalmatians.
(Dragons like cute puppies too, okay?)

 "John, tea. I solved the murder." Now THIS is how you do Disney-lock! This is so awesome!


 Autumn Fox, by DeviantArt user: ChristinaMandy:


2. I like toast. It's my favorite breakfast.
(Charbroiled, by yours truly.)


love this:


Book Dragon Mug:

3. I have never been out of the country. That is, the US.
(I keep to my Lonely Mountain.)

road trip:

Calvin and Hobbes:



4. I've been thinking about changing up the blog.
(Renamed "A Preposterously Lengthy and Pretentious Title for a Minuscule Corner of the Internet")




22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny:

5. I can't stand The Princess Bride.
(Where are the DRAGONS?! It's the perfect book for dragons but instead we get R.O.U.S.s?)

*cough* Yeah.:


 John Green knows best.

6. When I was a kid, I didn't know The Great Mouse Detective was a Sherlock Holmes retelling.
(I was an unread sooty little reptilian in my smaller years.)


Great Mouse Detective / Sherlock bbc crossover:

So cute!:

THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE by atarial  (april 2014):

7. Gansey is my favorite Raven Boy.
(If you're asking, "What even is a Raven Boy?" they aren't on the Nature channel. Read "The Raven Boys" by Maggie Stiefvater. It's the authority on the doings and habits of Raven Boys.)

 Perfect hair!:

awkward smile


 London Fog by Thomas Schaller.:

So there is the chaos. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

 Smaug (gif)

As to the fire, I've decided in these last 2.3 seconds that blasting you with fiery dragon breath would be bad for the blog stats. You can thank my hunting venture to the Kitchen for the change of heart. 

I've decided to elect some fellow dragons to join in this Game of Truth and Lies. If you haven't been elected and are a dragon, well, then you are elected!

Skye @ Ink Castles

The truth shall be revealed in a video. Or not. . .

What is one of your favorite childhood movies? Oh, and who is your favorite Raven Boy?!


  1. Um, well I'm pretty sure that #5 is a lie, and I think #1 is true? Otherwise I'm not sure-- *bites nails*

    And ADAM. ADAM IS MY FAVOURITE. I mean, I've only read the first book, but still. ADAM.

    Thanks for tagging me! It looks like so much fun!!

    1. It's cool! Don't sweat it. I reveal the answers. . . as soon as I make a video to do so. Ahem.

      Adam is a good choice! (And it is sooo hard to choose. They are all so awesome!) I've only read the first book too and I kinda of hope my favorite doesn't change after the read the next book. :P

      I hope you do it! I can't wait to read your post.

  2. I'm going to guess true for one, false for two and false for three? Great post! Dragons are the best. I haven't read The Raven Boys series, but now that the last book is about to be released, maybe I should give it a try...

    1. Dragons are always awesome!

      The Raven Boys is really good! It's hilarious and heart-rending. You know, the ingredients for a good book. ;) And the CHARACTERS! The characters and writing style is superb. I do still need to finish the series though.

  3. Duuuuuude, I HAVE NO IDEA AND I FEEL SO BAD. XD I actually really hope the "dislike of the Princess Bride" is the lie because omg how can I EVEN LOOK AT YOU IF YOU HATE IT. It is like a goldmine of perfect quotes! :') Otherwise I have no idea *hides* I still loved this post!! YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND WONDERFUL.
    Also *shrieks* MY SOCIETY6 DESIGN MUG. eeeeep. <3
    (And thank you for that tag!! DRAGONS. I love dragons, ergo I must love this tag.)

    1. Haha! No, don't worry. Other bloggers' have posted this tag and I am always so CLUELESS. I feel like the idiot of idiots.

      I do really like that mug! And it went with the dragon theme, so yep. :D


  4. THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE! *swoons* I watched that a couple times when I was younger, and looooved it. I can't remember if I already knew about Sherlock Holmes at that point or not. I THINK I did? I actually rewatched that movie semi-recently, soooo yeah. I'm a crazy little Holmes fanatic. XD

    I know this game! I've played this game irl! "Two Truths and A Lie". Your name for it is cooler, tho. XD I'll guess that 2, 3, 5, and 7 are false. I've really, honestly, absolutely no idea. X)

    Thanks for tagging me! I shall get to it forthwith. Or, at least....sooner than 3 months. I hope. o.0 X)

    (Also, if you pop back over to my blog before monday the 25th, you'll see that the most recent post you commented on is gone. That's bc I didn't realize it went up when it did, and so took it down. It was too early, you see. XD)

    1. ALSO the "Great Mouse Detective"s name was Basil in the movie, which is the name of the actor who played Holmes in 14 movies in the 40's (my fave Sherlock movies, btw). Fun fact for ya. XD

    2. I love The Great Mouse Detective! I should probably rewatch it sometime soon. Sherlock is the bestest! I didn't know that Basil is Basil! I mean I did know that there were two Basils as Sherlock, but I never put two and two together. :P That is so cool!

      I've actually never played that game. . . I mean, I guess until now? It's okay though! I wouldn't know either if I wasn't me. (That sounded strange.)

      (It's cool! I understand. It's always annoying when the post goes up and you weren't finished/ready for it yet.)

  5. I'm going to make a guess and say 2, 3, 6, and 7 are true and the rest are false. How could Gansey not be your favorite Raven boy, although who am I kidding, they are all great! And, I just wouldn't know what to think any more if you don't like The Princess Bride - it's so much fun and has so many great lines!

    1. All the Raven boys are great! It's so hard to choice a favorite.

      I'm beginning to see that many have Princess Bride loyalties. :D

  6. 4 and 5 are a lie, I think, possibly, most likely.

    1. Awesome guesses. Hopefully, I'll get some answer up here soonish. :)

  7. Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, The Prince of Egypt.


    1. Um, yeah you do??
    2. Again. What fool wouldn't. (Though I'm less sure than about #1?)
    3. I SHOULD KNOW THIS, YET I'M UNSURE. I think it's true. I'm going with true. AND YET later on you quote "I like aeroplanes". Which could just be because it's nice words, and also I know people get planes within the US (duh), and yet ... But, no, I'm sticking with true. Hopefully I won't regret it later.
    4. I'm going with false, because you would never call it that because your title and strapline are absolute genius, like properly perfect. I LOVE THEM. (I don't think I've said that often enough but it's true. People with ((good)) puns in their titles/straplines = people I like.) You might be thinking of revamping the appearance? But you've said elsewhere that you love blue blogs. So I'm sticking with false.
    5. HA! THIS I KNOW WITHIN MY HEART TO BE FALSE! Did I tell you I bought it recently because of you?
    6. See, I feel like this could be true, but also I can totally imagine a young wide-eyed Ashley with her father saying to her "and this, my child, is a Sherlock retelling". I just feel like it's a random fact to share unless there's more of a story behind it. Then again, one of my facts was "I like frozen yoghurt", so I really cannot talk. I'm going to say ... true. Because I only have two other trues.
    7. WELL HE'S MY FAVE, buuut I'm fairly certain you said to me you liked Ronan best. I think? I could cheat by going back to old emails but I'm a good upstanding dragon citizen so I won't. What I do know is that Gansey only became my fave in TDT (I think?), but then again you are reading TDT currently so maybe it's already happened. But based on your recent disparaging "Ooh Gansey!" comments, and your habit of going with the underdogs/generally least likeable ones, I'm going to say false.

    This newly created award makes me feel like a terrible friend because it highlights what I don't know about my comrades. It also sows seeds of mistrust and suspicious within the community. I love it!

    Also that Sherlock gif and that Calvin and Hobbes are both perfection.

    PS BUT MY PINTEREST IS NOT JUNK. ~looks mightily offended~

    1. Wow, you seriously put some thought into this.

      Yeah, people get airplanes in the US. There is a lot of US to fly over. . .

      I'm so glad you like the title of my blog! I kind of wonder if people ever notice the pun? THIS MAKES ME HAPPY AND EXCITED!

      YOU BOUGHT IT! REALLY?! HUZZAH! I hope you enjoy it enormously!

      Huh, I do have this habit of going for underdogs and unlikeable characters. I wonder if there's anything wrong with me? Aw well, I've got a Sherlock episode to watch (it's research this time).

      I do love this newly created award! Thank you! It's so much fun.

      PS No, no way. Your pinterest is NOT junk. Junk was just a. . . term? When I said junk, I meant a conglomeration of random stuff.

    2. I don't know whether that first sentence is admiring or a bit incredulous ;)

      I KNOW! Gee. ;) But yes oh my gosh "Journey to the Finished Line" is my favourite thing ever, I properly think it's genius, NEVER CHANGE IT. And YES I DID BUY IT, who knows when I'll read it, though! So many books. Sooo many books.

      I don't think there's anything wrong with you XD I watched The Great Game last night, esp since my own post of this award I've been desperate to watch it. Which one did you watch? And what was the research?

      It is fun, I look forward to finding out how well I did!

      PS I know, I'm just being annoying ;) because #dragon

    3. I watched the first one. It was for the cabbie story. Although I titled it The First Pawn, in my head it's still the cabbie story. XD Anyhow, I just watched The Great Game too! I've been wanting to it lately, perhaps it's this tag. :)


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