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the Good Dream Maker // Starting Sparks // Music Monday

Another double link up! I finally decided to post my Starting Sparks today. I have this feeling that it's missing something while having too much of something else in it. But I can't figure out either. So yeah. Just have it the way it is. 

I think it was Emily of New Moon who said something similar to when writing there's always that one word, or that one feeling that you're always trying to grasp onto. You search and search for it and finally it's just at your fingertips. You can feel it. You're right on the brink of it and it vanishes in the wind. So elusive. Of course, it was said much more eloquently than that. 

That's kind of how writing's been lately. 

Starting Sparks is a sorta writing prompt link up hosted by Emily @ Ink, Inc. and someone else who wants a cup of tea. There is still time to join up! It ends with the month, and there are rules (if that's your thing) up on the tab bar? Title bar? *booming voice* The Navigational Tool. 

I have no idea what it's properly called. . .  Adult failure of the day. 

Aw, well. 

I'm also linking up with Lauren @ Always Me for her Music Monday meme. I thought I'd give you a listen to the songs I used while writing. It's a playlist titled Yesterdays. 

This piece is 34 seconds. It's from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and is the saddest music I've ever come across. Maybe it's just because I've seen the film, but on its own it's still so moving. (Really, just listen to it on repeat while reading.) The second song on the Yesterday playlist is Gone from the soundtrack of Snow White and the Huntsman.  

So this story is a continuation of sorts for The Cycle of Yesterdays. You may not have to read the first to understand this one. But it might help. The Cycle isn't long though. 

The Good Dream Maker

There was only yesterday.

He rolled over in bed. The street light fell on the floor in slants through the window blinds. He told himself yesterday didn’t exist. There was only before yesterday. Nothing beyond.

Between the light and dark slants of the shadows, he couldn’t swallow the lie. There were yesterdays, todays, and the alleged tomorrow. Before yesterday had no name. It was lost to oblivion. It didn’t exist.

Yet it did. Before yesterday was the time she asked for songs while he studied. When she sent him glitter sticky invitations to tea parties and he’d quote the Jabberwocky for teddy.  Before yesterday he was the spider slayer. He chased away nightmares. Before yesterday she came to him for good dreams.

Now he came to her for good dreams.

The street light and shadows blurred together in a smudged up world. It grew so dark the night sky stifled the stars. The moon folded into its invisible cycle. The silent song of yesterday hung in the dank, heavy air.

He stood in front of a doorway. The dust on the doorknob had been smeared with hesitant fingers. He had to open it, didn’t he? The universe was singing for it.

Huh, the singing came from behind the door.

Light poured out the open door. A garden of paper flowers and streamer clouds.

She handed him a glitter invitation with a flourished bow.

You’re invited to teddy’s tea by order of the good queen. No studying allowed.

They meandered through the hedges. They slayed imagined spiders on their quest to teddy’s tea. Then they sat at the blanket set with the princess tea. He did the Jabberwocky and she laughed like it was today and not impossibility.

She asked for a song. Would he play and sing?

He bit his lip and shook his head. He didn’t do that anymore. It wasn’t the same. It didn’t feel right.

She said why not? Why was he so sad back home, at school?

He said he missed her.

She missed him too. She missed the him that made music. The him who quoted Lewis Carrol like he was born in Wonderland. She missed the good dream maker. How could a dream maker be sad and still make good dreams?

But he didn’t make dreams. If he made dreams, then yesterday would end. This would be real.  
They picked the purple, paper flowers. And when it snowed, they danced in the storm. The pink flakes joined their rhythm.

Something screamed through the pink flurry. His hand thumped around the nightstand until the alarm clock stopped blaring.

But it didn’t stop. He rolled over to face it.

What was that? He rubbed his eyes. Something. In front of the clock.

A flower. A paper flower.

The red light of the clock numbers haloed the purple paper before the two blurred together. He sucked in a breath and buried his head in his pillow to keep from being heard.

Yesterday had to end today.

(the last song on the Yesterdays playlist)

Also, alongside the prompt and the Cycle of Yesterdays, there's this poem that Emily @ Ink, Inc. shared with me. The Good Dream Maker was heavily inspired by What if you slept by Samuel Taylor. 

I have yet to do Beautiful People this month, and I have no clue what character I ought to choose. So I thought I'd give it to you guys. Who do you want to learn/read about? One of the Oddball Foursome? Rocky, Skyler, Oddball, or Peril? Or someone else? I could do someone from the weird idea. Let me know in the comments!

Have you linked up with Lauren's Music Monday before? How about Starting Sparks? Oh, and have you participated in Beautiful People? I want to read ALL your posts. Leave links for me!


  1. I did not come here expecting my heart to be broken. How dare you!
    I love this story it's tragic and cute all at the same time. Beautifully written too, but sad!

    I pick Peril!

    1. Haha! I had a mischievous itch. I'm glad you liked it. :) Thank you!

      Oh, I do like Peril.

  2. *howls dramatically* WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? This was so incredibly sad and sweet. *sniffs*

  3. *is currently having a feels attack* I absolutely LOVED this story. It's so poetic and beautiful. *gushes* I doubt I'll be able to get it out of my mind.

    And hmm, maybe someone from the weird idea?

    1. I am so excited to hear that! Thank you muchly!

      I do like that suggest. I might have to take it. :)

  4. Why would you break my heart like that???? That's thoughtless and cruel. Seriously, I'm just going to crawl into a hole somewhere and cry now because that was so beautiful and sad...

    1. *hands you tissues and cookies* Thank you for reading! I'm glad you liked it, despite the breaking of hearts part. Uh, sorry, about that.

  5. that short spiderman thing OMFG I GOT CHILLS. I didn't expect to feel anything but within those like ten seconds, feels the feels. you're so right, there's just so much emotion there. And paired with your writing? This is so good and you're so talented. CHILLLLSSSS

    1. I know! That piece of music just gets me every time. For like 34 seconds, but you know. Sometimes it's got to be sad and pithy. Thank you hugely! I'm glad you liked it!

  6. THAT SONG WAS SAD. I listened to it while I read your piece and ... it just fit so nicely and it was pretty and kind of just AHHH I LIKED YOUR PIECE AND I LIKED THAT SONG. SO YEAH. :D Ahem. Highly intelligent comment from me today. *coughs*

    1. Isn't it? I love it and yet, it makes me what to cry. *sniffles* I listen to it whenever I write sad things. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  7. Great song choice - paired up with that writing I was feeling a little misty eyed! Thanks for linking up with me for Music Monday! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

      Yep. Music Mondays are always a lot of fun. :)

  8. Oh my gosh! Ashley!

    Firstly that Spiderman music is amazing and I love it and I really want to watch the film again now?! Not seen it since in the cinema, dang I miss it--

    Also, oh my gosh!

    (Did I already say that?)

    "The street light and shadows blurred together in a smudged up world. It grew so dark the night sky stifled the stars. The moon folded into its invisible cycle. The silent song of yesterday hung in the dank, heavy air." This is properly beautiful. I love the whole theme of cycles, how he's trapped in them just as the moon is, just as the shadows are. Makes me think of Keats: "the moon in lovely ether, all alone."

    I'm listening to Gone now, I really love it. I only just noticed that the woman's voice is Scottish. It's so gorgeous.

    This really hurt my heart. I love the idea of songs, the teddies, the tea, the spiders, the Jabberwocky, the studying-- I love it! Wow and double wow. I think I like this even more than the first part. And you used the prompt really well.

    I could totally see this growing. Contemporary novel, anyone?!

    If you're still taking BP requests I'm going to say Rocky, but you know I'd crawl over broken glass to read about any of them.

    (Maybe not with bare hands/knees but yeah.)

    1. Yes! That song. My brother got it and was like "here listen to this" with his mischief grin. So I did and was like "Matt, you evil! THE FEELS! Why did you do this to me?" *ahem* I love the movie though. Spider-Man and Sherlock are probably my two film fandoms. And perhaps Loki. . .

      I am so glad you liked that part! I was trying to keep the theme of cycles. Plus, I wanted to somehow convey that he was slowing drifting off to sleep without having to point blank, "Hey readers, he finally fell asleep!" Showing is so much work. :P

      Gone. Gah! Yes. It's such a moving song. It's another of my writing-sad-things go-to song.

      I love it too so I'm so happy that other people like it! Especially the Jabberwocky. :) But no. *hides* Not another novel. I have too many ideas. I'm thinking though it needs a last part though. Like a short story trilogy kind of thing. Because WE NEED SOME RESOLUTION, YES? But I'm not sure how to end it but still keep the theme of cycles, uh, cycling?

      I already composed it. BUT please don't crawl over any broken glass! I'll probably do Rocky for April perhaps. It has been awhile since there was a solely Rocky post.

    2. Sherlock is my number one screen fandom, definitely, but I do love Garfield's Spiderman <333

      Well, you show very well! ;)

      I love it so muchhhh. Thank you for putting me onto it <3

      YES CAN WE PLEASE HAVE RESOLUTION? I've seen really cool infographics on Pinterest of the stages of grief, which could be a help.

      I now have the amusing image of a cycle on a bike going down a hill ...

      But rejecting novel ideas is FOR THE WEAK! Pffft come on you have like two. Eelistle and the weird idea. Or are there things you aren't telling me?!

      I look forward to reading all and any BP posts!

    3. Um, I was thinking more like a three part series of short stories. Kind of like a trilogy but in short stories instead of novels? Is that even a thing? (It should be a thing.) I kind of want to put the resolution in present tense though. He's been stuck in "yesterday" and that's why it's set in present tense, so if I break him out of yesterday it ought to be in present tense. Yes? But is that too confusing? Or, I don't mean radical, but that's the only thing I can think of.

      I have a lot of novel ideas humming around besides Eelistle and the weird idea. I'm a bit drowning in them. I can't even say what I'm planning to write after the Oddball trilogy. I change my mind every week. :P

    4. That's totally a thing. (If it isn't a thing you can make it a thing.) Changing tense is totally acceptable, I've read books where there are sections in both because one is the present and one is, like, the MC telling the narrative of the past? If that makes sense? I don't think it would be too confusing. I guess what I'm trying to say is: if you did the first parts in past (as you have done) and the last part in the present, I as the reader might imagine that the last part is now, and therefore the first two parts are the boy's reflections on what's past. As in, everything has been written now, and he's just thinking about the past. Does that make sense?

      I'm not sure any of that paragraph was very clear but you can puzzle it out as you will ;)

      (I am kinda considering a similar thing for ARA, as in, partly told in the present tense and partly told in the past for flashbacks. I'm almost certain I said that in another comment sometimes but I can't find it so maybe I just thought it in my head? ...?)

      Ooh, suspicious! As do I in fact. Two new ones have popped in in the past few days. I'm going to make some notes about them later. ~manic laughter~

      I imagined you were going to write the weird idea next, but I guess you do have a fair bit of prep done for Eelistle too.

    5. I don't really want it to have a flashback feel. But kind of like he's been living in the past (stuck in yesterday) tha t in the resolution he finally breaks through it and so it changes to present tense? I'm not sure that makes sense either. We'll see how it works. . .

      (Oh, that sounds like a really good idea though! You did mention it somewhere. Somewhere. BUT it would make sense.)

      Two in a few days. They're breeding! I do feel like novel ideas multiply like crazy.

      I've been leaning toward the weird idea recently, but it will take a lot of time. And as I said, I'm liable to have changed my mind by next week. XD


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