Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Happiness Tag

Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind The Happiness Tag. She also tagged me for something else, but as we may have difficulty getting past the first question, I've decided to do the tags separately.

The Happiness Tag


(Hint: The Mentalist makes me happy.)

1. Songs that make you happy

Any Switchfoot song will do the trick.

It's a disgrace that I haven't given you a Switchfoot post. Yet. (If you get that, you are my new best friend.) Whether you are lucky or deprived, you may choose.

There's also this song:

 I'm fairly sure it is impossible to be sad while listening to the Friend Song. (That's what we call it my circles, okay so my 'circle' consists of my two brothers and meself. "Ashley, isn't that a triangle?" Let me have my delusions, alright?).

Every time we go to a hotel and my little sister turns on the Disney channel. When we leave, my brain takes this song with me for the rest of the week.

To me, these Disney shows are like TVs version of fluff books. They're no brainers to watch, they have fairly safe topics, and they are outlandishly hilarious even if it's an old, overused joke that you saw coming from a mile away. Some of them really irk me, and I'm not even sure why. Austin and Ally though could represent that very rare contemporary book that I could read all the time over and over. It's funny. It's mostly about friendships and music. And the theme song really is. . . It gets stuck in my head and refuses to go away. And you just cannot be sad while listening to it.

So one last song before I start giving you sad songs.  But this one won't keep you long.

2. Books that make you happy

The Lunar Chronicles. 
(It makes me smile. Every. Time.) 

Sherlock Holmes
(Tell me you saw this coming.)

The Maze Runner // The Scorch Trials
(Good that.)

 The Ascendance Trilogy
(Pirates, and swords, and pirates, and snarky comments, and you know, pirates)

The Dustlands
(okay, the sequel kind of disturbed me; but I still loved it, okay?)

Calvin and Hobbes
(The philosophy of a boy and his stuffed, living tiger; who doesn't love that?)

The Princess Bride
(We know the secrets of the fire swamp.)

3. Movies that make you happy

Treasure Planet 
(Touching and talking. The two big No-Nos!)

You've Got Mail
(Hanging twinkles lights and ignoring our problems is how we deal with life.)

Pride and Prejudice
(How many times have I watched this? *shrugs* The music rocks by of way.)

(So this is a series, but whatever.)

The Mentalist
(Because I didn't mention this before.)

Once Upon a Time
(ALDKFJASLDJ! I need season 5 now.)

The Flash
("I didn't know people your age read books anymore." "Oh, I'm the only one.")

 The Amazing Spider-Man
(Okay, so one the recent one is sad, but. . .stop frowning at me.)

the Jurassic Park movies
(Yeah, my happiness appears to be some kind of messed up.)

4. Foods that make you happy


Any form of chocolate
(not counting the counterfeit white chocolate)

Apples and peanut butter

Just peanut butter

Did you know that if you blend chocolate ice cream and coffee together (kind of like a milkshake, but a coffeeshake), you get a close idea to what heaven must be like?

Obviously, I am an incredibly healthy person.

5. Words that make you happy








6. Scents that make you happy




Christmas trees

Old books

I'm just going to assume you already know peanut butter and chocolate are a given.

7. Random things that make you  happy

Spell check

Typing in the dark

Late nights reading


Phantom of the Opera

people who reference Sherlock in "real life"

Norse myth

pencil sketches

walks in woods

my car


The only question is, what makes you happy?


  1. Ohh I love this tag! :) And I love all of the scents you listed. And Sherlock. And OMG, "coffeeshake." Yes. I need to try this.

    1. Then I shall tag you. ;)

      Sherlock is always the best. And do try a coffeshake. They are sooo good.

    2. I have to pass on the tag this time (though I might take you up on it if I hit a patch of writer's block anytime soon!), but thank you anyway. :) And yes, Sherlock is fantastic. What doesn't make me happy though is the long wait between each BBC Sherlock season lol.

    3. AGH! Yes, the waiting! Why do they do this to us?

  2. This is a great idea for a tag! Sherlock Holmes, Once Upon a Time, The Lunar Chronicles, Calvin and Hobbes, cheesecake, and The Ascendance Trilogy make me happy, too. :) And lots of other things, too!

  3. *Hand Waving* I reference Sherlock in real life. May or may not be making a mental note of all these things, because I want to be your best friend. That sounds really creepy, and I wasn't trying to be creepy. I just think that if I knew you personally, or if we lived closer we would be besties or at the very least friends.
    We could watch Sherlock and the Mentalist, and talk about ordinary people.
    Aren't ordinary people adorable!

    1. Me too! The feeling is mutual, uh, in a non-creepy way. If we grew up in the same town or something I think we'd be best friends. We'd probably have week long Mentalist marathons and quote Sherlock all the time, and talk about our crazy characters. XD
      Oh, and the ordinary people. They are so adorable! When they look at you like, "What??!" (My parents give me this look when I talk about ordinary people, except they look a little more amused.)

  4. YAY FOR HAPPINESS. {ahem} Yes Calvin and Hobbes and chocolate and Treasure Planet and campfires and guitar and basically everything else on this list make me happy too. :) Also chicken noodle soup makes me very happy, and warm blankets from the dryer. *happy sigh*

    1. Blankets fresh from the dryer! Yes! They're so warm and cuddly. Plus, they smell nice. And if you turn off the lights you can play with the static.

  5. "no-you-don't-have-to-participate-you-may-quietly-observe-from-your-corner"

    Yep, that's one of my favorite words as well. *nods*

    THESE THINGS MAKE ME HAPPY TOO. I love cheesecake more than life itself. And it's funny, because I'm eating peanut butter right now. :P

    Thanks for doing the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers. :D

  6. It really is. It perplexes me why people don't say it more often.

    Peanut butter! Yes. I'm convinced that peanut butter is the American staple. It's my staple anyways. . .

  7. People who reference Sherlock irl! HERE I AM! ("Not my division" forms 30% of my vocabulary.)

    Calvin and Hobbes makes me SO happy. As does Reindeers are Better than People.

    I'm listening to the Switchfoot song, I really really like it, and I loved the one you posted that said "makes me cry every time" (I can't remember its name). I'll have to put a proper Switchfoot album on.

    1. YES! (You should put that on a T-shirt.)

      Calvin and Hobbes makes my day. I should probably take to reading a little of C&H a day, just so that I'm sure to have a good one. ;)

      I loooove Restless. Just the imagery and the longing in it. That other one is called Always. I have this book from the album Always is on (Hello Hurricane) and there's a little note by the lyrics that says something like, "Written from the upstairs point of view." And I just had this oooooh epiphany moment.


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