Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cinderella's Ball

1. What would you wear to a fairytale ball?

  This is gorgeous.
As well as this.

I'd love to wear something all gowny and flowy, but let's be realistic. I'd feel like an awkward egg. Especially in that blue one.
I'd probably wear something more akin to this.

if Peril ever wore a dress, just add all her weaponry Dress / High Low Dress / Low High Dress / by MIRIMIRIFASHION, $99.00:

2. What shoes? (I don't mean to be tedious, but this is Cinderella's Ball.)

I would go barefoot.

Or chuck on some converse.
(Converse came after Perrault and before Grimm.)

3. What is the most necessary accessory? 

A. Shoes!
B. Your royal signet ring.
C. Wildflowers for your hair.
D. This beauty doesn't need accessories.
E. A red cape.
F. Your crown.


E. Make the cape black and I'd wear it everywhere.

4. What is your favorite fairytale?

Beauty and the Beast. I also like Andersen's The Little Match Girl.

The little Match girl:

5. At the ball, you would

A. Eat cake.
B. Dance.
D. Find a nice quiet corner from which to Sherlock people.
E. Spy out your rival's resources.
F. A combination of. . .

Whenever I attend social gatherings, I D. I haunt the outskirts of most people groups.

But we're talking about a ball. So. . .

gif, dancing

Honestly, if someone asked me to dance and I didn't dislike like this person, I would dance. I would dance all night. I can't actually dance, dance, like people do today.

But I would love to learn how to contra dance or period dance.

Every time I watch Pride and Prejudice, I always wish I could be one of the extras in the ball scenes. They wouldn't even have to pay me. Just let me dance.

6. You see a dwarf with his beard wedged under a boulder. He's mistreated your help before, so you

A. Leave him. He deserves it.
B. Point and laugh.
C. Steal his gold.
D. Help the little folk out.
E. Trim his beard. It's obviously a nuisance.

E. The beard seems to be the problem here. Trim the beard and the dwarf shall be free.

7. Do you know anyone who reminds you of a particular fairytale?

My mom. It's kind of a joke in our family that mom is as sensitive as the Princess and the Pea.

8. If someone asked to marry you when they first met you, your reaction would be

A. Um, yes. Nobody's cuter than them.
B. Depends. Do they have a lot of money? Are they a serial killer with a lot of money?
C. RUN! They're clearly a lunatic.
D. Love at first sight means wed at first sight.
E. You can't say 'yes' to everyone who asks to marry you. They should get in line.
F. You fly solo.

Mostly F.

But firstly C.

9. Your true love will

A. Give you a library.
B. Fetch your shoes for you.
C. Be a shallow walnut head. They're easier to manipulate.
D. Find you immortalized in a glass casket. They're too late.
E. What is this strange concept called true love?
F. Oh, right. You fly solo.

F. because of D. I don't have time to wait around, people. I have a life to live.

I will go out and get my own library. Thank you.

i want adventure in the great wide somewhere - beauty and the beast:

10. Name three big events in your life, or something that took you three tries to get.

Stringing my guitar. The D string snapped twice before I finally claimed success.

That was a very ill-mannered day.

So now, I keep least two or three full packs of strings on hand. Just in case.

11. Name something that you have seven of.

I have seven beanies.

12. Who is your nemesis?

A. A step-mother
B. A giant
C. A wicked witch
D. A dwarf who's name is either unknown or impossible to enunciate without a glossary
E.  The Big Bad Wolf (Not just any wolf, The BBW)
F. That insufferable youngest step-daughter of yours

Um. . . D. And C. Perhaps E. too.

Friends? Who are they? Enemies? *unrolls list* Which one, you say?
13. When you meet your nemesis, you dress

A. As formidable they.
B. Innocent and sweet.
C. Like a warrior. Let's weapon up!
D. Rags; it's all you've got.
E. Like a huntsman.
F. With the intimidating superiority of an evil queen.

E. But that's sort of like C.

14. Who are your allies?

A. Seven dwarves
B. Your fairy godmother
C. Jack the Giant-Killer
D. ALL the forest animals
E. Not to be obvious, but dragons are the way to go
F. Your prince charming. . . or knight in shining armor, your preference

Should I even bother answering this one?


15. Do you have an retelling recs for us to either watch or read?

The Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer

Once Upon a Time
a TV series

a Cinderella movie

by Robin McKinley

not exactly a retelling but a hilarious movie still

16. What is your favorite song from a Disney princess movie?

Er, I don't know. 

Um, I do like Be Our Guest from B&B, but I also like Be a Man from Mulan. Both unromantic songs. 

Okay, here's How Does She Know from Enchanted. I love that everyone drops what their doing to burst into song and dance in the middle of the park. The song transcends the fact that they're all strangers. What does that matter when there's a musical number to be performed? It's not going to sing itself.
Plus, the dude's reaction to it all is priceless. I guess I need to watch it again since I can't remember the dude's name. *hides face*

 By the way, I just found this quiz about which movie princess are you. It's kind of fun. I got Danielle from Ever After.

Have you attended Cinderella's Ball? How did you get on the quiz?


  1. Ooh, ooh, once upon a time I knew how to do one of the dances from Pride and Prejudice (the one where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth dance in the BBC version). I learned it several years ago for a Regency styled birthday party, but I haven't practiced or anything, so I'm probably really rusty. But it was super fun. *nods*

    Those dresses though. I honestly can't choose which one is my favorite. *takes them all*

    Aww, The Little Match Girl is so sad and I love it. :D

    For the princess quiz, I got Princess Ella from Ella Enchanted. :P

    I really enjoyed reading your answer! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Really?! That is so cool! I love dances like that. They're so much fun, and less awkward because they're per-choreographed.

      Me too. Kind of why they're all up there. XD But really, where would someone wear that blue? To have tea with a queen? Aaaand how many people do that?

      I nearly cried. It's a good one.

      Really? I've never seen nor read Ella Enchanted. Might have to fix that.

      Thank you!

  2. Very appropriate usage of Sherlock gifs. I applaud you. XD

    I saw a stop motion of The Little Match Girl on YouTube a few years ago and I have to admit that little old robot me cried. *collective gasps*

    Umm... the last time I danced I tripped over my own feet... while I was the only one on the dance floor. On the bright side, I got other people to dance because of my humiliation. One of my friends taught me how to slow dance a few weeks ago, but I wish I knew more ballroom dances, not the infamous moves that have been going around lately.

    I got Danielle from Ever After too. Although I've never seen the movie, I guess this is a sign that I must see it!

    1. Thanks! I almost always find a good Sherlock gif for every post.

      It is very sad. Maybe that's why it's one of my favorites?

      Ballroom dancing does sound fun!

      Oh, do see it! It is the BEST Cinderella retelling ever.

  3. Omigoodness Sherlock dancing was gold! That first dress is stunning but personally, I like the last one the best. Converse and black capes, it is eerie how similar are tastes are.
    I took the quiz and I'm Princess Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries, I think that's pretty accurate.

    1. That gif is one of my favorites and I finally found a use for it. :D

      Converse are the best forever. It is a little scary at times.

      Oh, I love the Princess Diaries. It's been a long time since I've seen it though. It's so hilarious, and there's Julie Andrews.

  4. I like the sound of this - I'll have to link up! By the way, I got Princess Leia! Yay!

    1. Oh I hope you do! I'd love to read your post.
      Princess Leia! She's pretty awesome. :D

  5. I love your answers! (That GIF, haha)
    I would totally join you to dance in Pride & Prejudice, that scene looked so nice.
    I got Danielle too! Although I don't really know why because I didn't read the discription...

    1. Thanks!
      Yep, I agree. All the ball scenes look like so much fun! One day. I'm going to learn how to do it.
      Really? She's pretty awesome. Have you seen the movie? Ever After. It's super good.

  6. Converse? Grimm? WHAT IS THIS? Please explain!!

    I loved reading this. I looove that blue dress and that Sherlock dancing gif is proper perfection :')

    But The Little Match Girl is such an upsetting story!

    (If I'm thinking of the right one.)

    I LOVE ENCHANTED SO MUCH. And all the songs you picked are class.

    I'm doing the quiz in another tab because schoolwork? Essays? Who needs that?

    Thanks for hosting!

    1. So appaz I'm Mia from Princess Diaries. This I would not have predicted, buuut I strongly believe that Anne Hathaway is just about the most beautiful woman living so I'll take it!

    2. Oh, yeah. That was a poorly executed Princess Bride joke. It sucked. But I did it anyway.

      That BLUE DRESS, right?! Not that I'd have anywhere to wear it. . . But maybe when nobody's home, I could wear it and pretend I'm queen of all sass or something absolutely ludicrous like that. XD Do you know how long I've waited for the perfect time to use that dancing Sherlock gif? I wrote this post and was like "Today is the day!"

      The Little Match Girl is very sad (yeah, you're thinking of the right version). I read it recently for the first time. And I like sad stories sometimes, okay? It's very moving.

      Enchanted! I need to see it again. It's just so, so. . . I don't even know anymore. It's 2:30am. Why am I still up?

      Agreed. Anne Hathaway is def the most beautiful woman living. Aside from Emma Watson. Cause, yeah. (Which is not a legit reason, but it's too early/late for legit reasons.)


      (Queens of all sass need to rest.)


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