Monday, January 11, 2016

The Maze Runner // Not-a-Review

A few nights ago I stayed up late to finish The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

Just wow. I don't know why I didn't read it sooner. The characters, the world, the it-makes-you-think, I liked it all.

So here are some of my thoughts while reading. I'll try not to be spoiler-y.

1. What is going on?

2. I do kind of like how the author keeps the readers confused and in the dark about everything because our protagonist is confused and, well, in the dark. But still --


4. The Maze sounds cool in a scary way. Let's go out there. I want to KNOW!

5.Chill on the italics, man. Really?

6. Thomas, will you quit being angry and ask the right questions tactfully?! I want answers. We can't get answer when you get angry, okay?

7. Alby's all "You've got to be tough. We'll not all palsy walsy around here!" And then Newt gets  so torn up because Alby hasn't come back since he considers Alby his friend?

8. Conclusion: I like Newt.


9. Why do people keep blame Thomas for everything? He just got here.
10. The Grievers are really. . . gross. How do you even think up something like that? I am impressed though. For once we have a monster that is like nothing I've ever heard of before.

11. I like Thomas too. He's cool. He thinks. 

Huzzah! People who think.

The Maze Runner | Book series by James Dashner | #quotes It is embarrassing how many times I think/catch myself saying this:

12. Okay so now, let's blame everything on the girl. It seems they've never heard the concept "don't shoot the messenger."

13. See, italics for telepathy. Now THAT makes sense.

14. I really like Thomas' reaction to the girl talking in his head. It's so realistic and natural, that it's unexpected. Because characters never act like that. They freak out for a little while and then are like "Hey cool. She's talking to me telepathically. Newt, can you hear this?"

 But Thomas is a normal human being and runs away scared out of his brains. 

I appreciate that.


15. For a place that runs on sandwiches, the lack of peanut butter is most distressing. No wonder these kids are depressed! The Creators don't even send peanut butter.

16. Guys, are you crazy! Don't let Alby out there. He's going to burn. . . I told you!

Geesh, does anybody around here listen to me? Am I talking to the TV?!

17. You had to know Thomas was going to do that. He's the most curious character of ever, to the point that he looses all sense of self-preservation. It's practically written in his DNA.

18. Wait a minute now. So these are all the smartest kids, huh? Why is there only one girl?

That's just wrong.

19. Who are these people? Are they people? Are they just more robots? There were supposed to be answers here. Not more questions.

20. That was. . . Wow. I knew it was going to happen. But still. It was just so shocking. It doesn't feel real. IT CAN'T BE  REAL!

12. Okay, so now there's new freaks running around with guns. 

I don't like them.

22. How can this girl just sleep anywhere at anytime? I'd be more like Thomas and have insomnia for the remainder of my life.

(My horse thought I'd brought him apples. I felt very thoughtless.)

23. Are we safe, Minho? Are you kidding me! What even is safe?
24. Wait there's another group? What is wrong with these people?! 

So does that mean Group B is the girl group?

25. They gave Thomas and Teresa to the first group because the Gladers couldn't solve the maze without them. So what happens with Group B? Are "they" going to take Thomas and Teresa, wipe their memories again, and send them down to help group B? 

That's sick. This whole thing is sick. What is with these manipulative people? Certainly, they can't be good, right? WICKED is good, bah! That can't possibly be right.

27. I am immensely confused. What is the second book called? It is now essential to my existence.

28. "Good that" has officially infiltrated my mental vocabulary.

So now I need the sequel. Because I have to KNOW! What was the point of the telepathy? It was cool, yes. Telepathy is always awesome. But why just T and T? And why is this the most pressing question in my head? There are only a zillion other major questions to ask!

Recently, I watched the movie. It was interesting. They did really well, except for excluding Newt's backstory. *pouts* I did like the concept of the code and the Cliff and the Griever Hole in the book better. It was more interesting. So why did they change it in the movie?


Asideways, it was a good movie. And I must have the second book before watching The Scorch Trials, because dodging spoilers on pinterest is tiring.

Have you read the book? Seen the movie? Any thoughts?


  1. All I can say is NEWT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know! He's the best character of all the book!

  2. I love Newt, and I basically had a lot of the same thoughts while reading this.

    1. Newt is pretty awesome. I mean, I like Thomas too, but I'm pretty sure Newt tops him. Have you read the second book?

  3. YOU READ THE MAZE RUNNER!!! I'm so glad you liked it because it is seriously so good and just asdlfjaslkfaskjldf. Personally, I'm not so much a fan of Dasher's writing style, and Thomas did get on my nerves with all his feelings and everything, but the mystery was so good. And I watched the movie first, so I'm always quicker to forgive differences between books and movies when I watch the movie first. *shrugs* I really love them both. I haven't read The Scorch Trials yet, and the movie's out but I haven't seen that one either. I want to. I'm just not sure when I get the chance. But I want to know what happens. (Also, Newt is my favorite character, just saying. He's the most adorable person ever.)

    I love your book photography! And your horse is really beautiful (but also sad because you didn't bring apples, meanie :P).

    1. Yeah, his style didn't really stand out to me very much. But I loved the mystery of it. I do like how everything gets kept in the dark. He certainly knows how to make you keep reading at least! The movie was good, but I just prefer the book. The mystery was more complex and. . . interesting in the book. That, and I liked how in the book, Thomas was more like the idea master instead of the leader. I haven't read nor seen The Scorch Trials either! But I got the book from the library so *hopefully* I'll read it soon. (Newt! Yes, Newt.)

      Thank you!

      He was a bit miffed. But I made another trip to the house and bought an apple back for him.


    ... is my first reaction!

    I guess you do live in Texas.

    Everyone has horses in the South, right? ;)

    I read TMR like five years ago, so I'm afraid I have forgotten almost everything! I picked up Scorch Trials, but realised that I couldn't remember much so didn't pursue, which I guess is an indicator that I didn't love TMR thaaat much.

    In my head it was like a not-as-good version of Gone by Michael Grant (which is ASDKLGJASDLGJ AMAZING).

    But I'm glad you enjoyed it!


    1. I do! He's adorable. And he likes food. :P But you know, he's a horse.

      Er, not exactly. No. XD

      Hm, I've never read Gone. But I think I might have to now. If you say it's better than TMR, I compelled to give it a try.

      PS *dances* CONGRATS!

    2. What's he called?

      What?!?! Everything I believed is crumbling! XD

      YOU REALLY SHOULD. It is high-level good.

      PS ~dances also~ THANKS!

    3. Dakota.

      Most people do drink sweet tea in the South. (My family does not, as my parents aren't from the South. I'm a weird hybrid, I guess. . .) Also, they like to put ranch dressing on nearly everything, including their pizza. I am neither of those people, though. I just have a horse. XD

    4. Of course.

      SWEET TEA? S W E E T T E A ? ! ? ! ? !


      (I mean, that's not quite true, but NEAR ENOUGH.)

      People who drink sweet tea are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

      What is ranch dressing?!

    5. I agree though! Sweet tea is pretty bleh. But sometimes you go to events, like church things or something, and they don't even have water. Just sweet tea. WHY?! Every time I drink it, I feel like it stains my teeth.

      Really? There isn't ranch dressing in the UK? It's supposed to be like a salad dressing. I can't exactly explain what it tastes like. But people in the South put it on more than just salad. They put it on their burger, hot dogs, pizza. . . whatever they can think of. Honestly, I'm not a big fan. I'll dip my carrots in ranch sometimes, but I could care less.

    6. Ha! Normal tea stains your teeth too though. I always get mine thingie-d (technical terminology, that) at the dentist. He tells me off for drinking so much tea!

      Nope. (We don't have ranches, remember ...) It doesn't sooound like it would enrich my life greatly to have it ... ;)

    7. Honestly, neither would enrich anyone's life. XD


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