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Snazzy Snippets: who names a character Berk?

Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout co-hosts this awesome link, Snazzy Snippets. It's always a lot of fun and it's been while since the last snippet post.

1. A snippet from page 16 

I forgot about page numbers for my WIP, the Oddball the Sequel.

It has page numbers now. . . .

           “Daron.” Berk growled. He adjusted his glasses again. “He is good at putting on a farce. He has. . . charm.” Berk rolled his eyes. “But I question his loyalty.”

           Oddball gave an I-don't-care shrug. “The master doesn't seem concerned.”

         “He does not know him as I do.” Berk’s glare darkened further. “He is. . .” Berk looked at the other scientists who paid them no attention. “Compromised.”

         And he was supposed to know what that means?

 Eh, I forgot there was even a guy named Berk in my WIP. Really though, his name has got to go. It reminds me of "This is Berk."

2. A snippet 16 words or less

"We detonate it."

So that probably means nothing to you since it's out of context. BUT basically, eventually. . .

Parker from Leverage.:

3. A snippet about something NEW

 How about I just give you some of the "newest" most recent words I wrote? That's not cheating, right?

“Oh, uh, nothing.” Rocky gave them a huge fake grin. Was it just the lighting or did Rocky look paler? 

“Nothing?” Oddball said. “You were gone quite a time to have found only nothing.”

“Look I ran into, into. . .”

“Why are you acting weird?”

“I’m not acting weird!”

Skyler nodded. “You are too. What’s going on?”

“Look I promised not to tell, okay?”

“Tell what?” Skyler frowned.

“Hello! I promised not to! But I’m telling you that I’m not going to tell, and I’m telling you that anyways. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Rocky raised an eyebrow. “Got it?”

Oddball sighed. “All I got is a headache.”


I really can't figure what is going with the various sizes of the font. So I'm sorry if this post doesn't look, uh, right?

John's face!! :D (gif)

Have you done Snazzy Snippets? Do you ever forget your characters' names?


  1. I adored all of these, I immediately thought of 'How to Train Your Dragon' when I read Berk, it's a nice way to sneak a reference in. That second quote, is so true. I have done this.
    I love reading anything to do with Oddball, him and Rocky always have memorable exchanges.

    1. I really wasn't trying to reference anything. For some reason it was the only name I could think of. BUT I might use it in actual reference one day, just with a. . . nicer character. XD
      Thank you!

  2. YES I forget my characters names all. the time. When I was reading through my WIP for the first time I realized that I had accidentally named two characters 'Ben'. Not only that, but my villain's name randomly changed about halfway though and I had no idea... It's a real struggle.
    Your WIP sounds awesome! I loved these snippets. And I think that Berk is a perfectly admirable name. :)

    1. Agh! Yes. It's usually the side characters for me. I tend to name them on a whim and it's usually something silly and aimless.


  3. I love your second snippet! Blowing things up is a wonderful way to solve all problems. And it's really smart cheating with snippet 3 and I approve, not least because Rocky is hilarious. Great snippets, Ashley!

    Thank you for linking up with us!

    1. I agree. If we blew up all the problems. Then we wouldn't have any problems left, now would we?

      Thank you! I do like Rocky. I'm not sure if he even knew what he was saying. . .

  4. I love your snippets. :) Berk is an interesting name, but I can see why you would want to get rid of it. :p Great post!

    1. Thank you!

      Exactly, it doesn't fit the character and it has too many implications attached to it already.

  5. "All I got is a headache." *snickers* So much sass.

    I love both of these!! Rocky is seriously the best ever. :D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like Rocky. He's fairly awesome. ;)

  6. I have never done Snazzy Snippets ... nor do I ever forget characters' names. ;)

    I like the last one a lot. They're such baes! I really love Rocky. But whAT DID HE FIND?!!?!

    Alsooo who are all the scientists? Does Oddball work for them? With them?

    1. That is good though! It gets really difficult in the middle of writing when you stumble over a name you can't remember.

      I like that one too. It was a ton of fun to write.

      The Oddball Foursome are Postal Travelers who work for. . . The Post. The scientists have hired them to make deliveries, so in an offhanded way they do work with/for the scientist.

    2. What I tend to do is not name people. Occasionally the perfect name comes to me; more often I trawl through my monstrously long names doc to find out; but sometimes I don't find it and then I leave it for ages. So currently I have a character called [Boy] (he's the MMC of Corrie's book) and a country called [North-east]. And of course there's also [Grandfather].
      Great job, Emily.

      Don't avoid the question!

      I see. What do they deliver? (Is that what Rocky found, something he was meant to deliver?) Are they a team or do they do solo deliveries? What are they paid in?

    3. (And if you ever get tired of my incessant Oddball questioning, please tell me to shut up.)

    4. I used to do that a lot. Actually, I should probably go back to doing it, because if I put more thought into a names, I'll remember it better. XD

      North-east. Hey, I kind of like that. You could always spell it differently and it could be the actual name of the kingdom.

      He found a person, who didn't want to be found. Most post travelers just deliver mail (so boring). But specialist (like those who make up the Foursome) can be hired out to whomever wants their services, and they'll be delivering whatever their employer wants them to, basically. So it could be different. As specialist, Jaykin (that's the guy in charge) usually sends them out at least two in a team because they usually go dangerous and/or uncharted territory (if it's uncharted, they're supposed to map it as they go, like they're also trailblazers, weird, I know). For instance, in Oddball the First, Oddball and Rocky were teamed together. For the sequel, the whole Foursome is together.

      They get paid in, uh, money?

    5. OOH THE PLOT THICKENS. Who?! (Obviously if it's a spoiler, just ignore me.)

      Maps! Cool! Oddball's good at drawing, I remember. What about the others?

      Ahhh cute so is that how O and R become pals?

    6. I am ignoring you. ;)

      Oddball likes the map part, as he draws. Rocky is okay-ish. He get what's necessary down, and Peril's maps tend to be surprisingly detailed and well thought out.

      Haha! Yep, strangely they didn't get along right off though.


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