Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fictional Bucket List // I take a stab at book photography

My blogger feed is swamped with everyone's new years resolutions. I considered posting some  (that's more than I normally give resolutions). 

But everybody else is doing it. 

So why should I? 

Have a fictional bucket list instead. 

1. Sail the high seas with Smith Delaney

 The Trophy Chase Trilogy is what really got me into fantasy. There's pirates, swords, ships, double crossings, EVERYTHING!

2. Join Saba's journey to save Lugh

Saba would hate me. Another person who won't let her go it alone. I kind of relate to that. So we could go it alone together. 

Because that makes complete sense.

 Right now I'm reading the sequel to Blood Red Road. I'm 160 pages in and have only read two chapters. What is it with big books?

3. Play a duet with Elizabeth Bennet

Sh, that's actually guitar music. I don't play piano. . .

4. Learn swordfighting from Inigo Montoya

I couldn't come up with any nifty photo ideas for The Princess Bride. Sorry. But you've gotta admit, learning to fence from Inigo would be rather fantastic. 

5. Steal books (ssh) with Liesel and Rudy


 As disatisfied as I am with these two photos, I love The Book Thief's cover. Without the jacket. 

Ignore the dust bunnies, they're as common as plot bunnies in my room.

6. Throw knives and jump trains with the Dauntless


So I like bare hardbounds, okay? The real question though is why are none of the Divergent books black? Because Dauntless!


 So most of the photos are spur-of-the-moment and suck. . . But I had to add this one because 


7. Climb castle walls and infiltrate pirate camps with Jaron

Now here's a nice trilogy with decent-sized books. It's even fantasy, you know, that genre that's known for THE big books. 

Most of the story takes place inland and we never go out to sea. But the author still snuck in pirates.  

*nods* Impressive, yes?

Pirates always make a good read. 

8. Follow Holmes and Watson around during a case

It would be a fascinating adventure, don't you think? 

Who would you rather solve mysteries with? Book Sherlock, BBC Sherlock, RDJ Sherlock, or Elementary Sherlock? 

I've never seen Elementary. So it'd be a toss up between Book Sherlock and BBC Sherlock.

9. Disintegrate monsters with Percy Jackson


Wouldn't that be beyond epic? 

I started reading Riordan *last* year, and I'm enjoying it immensely. Unfortunately, I don't own any PJ and the O books. So the book necklace had to suffice. I got it for Christmas; you can find it at Paper Fury Ink. Cait has a whole library of different titles to choose from. I've the Divergent trilogy necklaces too, and Sherlock. 

10. Ride in Thorne's Rampion

The cover of Winter is beautiful, but I love the black and red under the jacket. This is the most photogenic book I've ever seen if that's even a thing for books. . .

I haven't read it yet. Shame, shame, Ashley. But it's the last one. I don't want it all to end! 

Which has nothing to do with the fact that it's the scary size of 800+ pages! I didn't think I'd ever make it through The Book Thief and it's a petty 500+ in comparison. 

Besides, at the rate I'm reading Rebel Heart, it might be a time until I tackle this beauty. Or any others.

What's on your fictional bucket list? Have you read any of these?


  1. Beautiful, I love all your pictures. You're really good at photography. And BOOKS, they are all so artfully arranged, and begging to be read. I love this idea, do you mind if I steal it sometime.
    I have read Sherlock Holmes and Percy Jackson, but that's it.
    I can't decided who I would rather solve crime with probably the book Sherlock, but I love both BBC's and RDJ's Sherlock. They all would be a pain. :D

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, yes! Please steal it. I'd love to read your post. I think I stole the idea from someone else actually. . .

      True, BBC and RDJ Sherlocks would be quite a pain. But never boring. ;)

  2. Does Firefish have terrifying electrical sharky things? Bc I maayyy have read that one. Also, YES to P&P, and OMG YAAAASSSS to Sherlock!! XD I want to go sleuthing with book Sherlock!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes it does! Well. . . I'm not sure if they're electrical. I can't remember now. I guess I'll have to give it a reread. :D

      Sherlock always. It would be so much fun! I have it on my unofficial bucket list to one day find 221 B Baker Street.

  3. I love this post! It's really refreshing to see something other than New Year's Resolutions. I'm partially guilty as I posted one of my own, but I've been doing that for the past three years now, so it's become a habit. XD
    I couldn't tell the difference between guitar music and piano. And I play the piano! Although I would say that I'm not very good at it. XP
    You've listed so many good ones, but I'm leaning towards exploring with the Rampion Crew a bit more since I'm reading Winter right now! That book is so big... it feels like I've been reading it for months, which I think could be the truth.

    1. New Year's Resolutions are your thing then do your thing! ;) No shame there. For some reason they've never appealed to me personally, so I wanted to do something different. Because I'm weird like that. :P

      Honestly, I think the only difference is piano usually has a grand staff, while guitar only has the treble. Because we don't go that low. D: Piano is awesome though!

      Oo, is it good? I can't wait to start it, but I'm still a bit edgy about it. It IS SO HUGE though!

  4. Blood Red Road definitely outshines its sequel, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. After you read The Book Thief, you should tell me what you think of it. I actually found myself disappointed it in despite the fact that it's one kf the most popular YA's around. :(
    Yesss for being non-traditional and writing a post infinitely more fun to read! Your Allegiant hardcover is pretty amazing, by the way. Hardcovers always look and feel more 'bookish', you know what I mean? But also more expensive. :')

    1. Blood Red does seem to have more action in it so far. But I do like how they address Saba's past actions in the sequel. So often in books, characters take other characters' lives and there are no repercussions. It's unrealistic and absurd. So I'm glad Rebel Heart is at least addressing that issue.

      I actually liked The Book Thief. I love the characterization of Death. I liked the characters, the definitions and so on. And I'm not normally a historical fiction reader. What was it that really disappointed you?

      Haha! I know. I couldn't bring myself to go mainstream all the way. Thank you! I like it too. I like a good paperback. But you're right about hardcovers being more bookish.

  5. Jaron, Percy, Sherlock, Rudy....SO MANY OF THE FELLAS I LOVE!!!

  6. I love this I idea! I would have to say I would prefer book Sherlock to the TV and movie Sherlocks; as much as it pains my Cumberperson heart to say it. I've read a few of these books and the ones I've not read sound like they would be right up my alley.

    1. Book Sherlock is actually a lot nicer and friendlier, so yeah. I don't blame you much. ;)

  7. This is a post of pure genius. *nods* I haven't read all the books you listed, but I really want to read the Dust Lands trilogy especially. And you're totally right, they should have done one of the Divergent books in black--I vote Allegiant. I don't like the Allegiant color very much, and I think it's color clashes with the other colors, but black would totally go better, so yeah. Also, I think I would rather solve crimes with the BBC Sherlock, mainly because he seems a little more energetic and kooky, but in a good way, and I think he would amuse me more than the others.

    I loved your book photos, especially the one where Winter is open and there are three apples in front of it--that one was my favorite. :)

    1. Oh yes! You should read Dustlands! I think you'd really like it.

      I'm not much of a fan for Allegiant's color either. It really does not go with the others. And black would've been perfect, for more reasons than just the Dauntless.

      Very true. BBC Sherlock would be way more amusing. And overall eccentric. :D

      Thank you! I rather like that one too.

  8. Love it! I'd obviously pick BBC Sherlock because, uh, I haven't read the books or watched Elementary, and obviously he is far superior in every way to RDJ. I would seduce him and we would get married and have lots of chil--


    Nice photographs. Bookish photography is sooo enjoyable.

    Trophy Chase sounds interesting! And, as I've been saying for the past 676896 years, I need to read Ascendance.

    Also I will come with you on the Percy quests, yes?


    PS Your copy of TBT is pretty. I really want to reread that book <3

    1. Haha! I'm sorry what were you saying? The books are really good though. I find RDJ's amusing, at least for eccentricity's sake, but BBC is better. Although I do love the music on the second one, and it has gypsies.

      Thank you!

      It is. You should read it. And definitely read Ascendance. It's probably one of the shortest fantasy trilogies out there. And *wiggles eyebrows* you ought to read the Lunar Chronicles also.

      Yes, you may. We could even join up with Artemis if you want.

      Thanks! I've been wanting to also. But gosh! It's so huge!


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