Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dragon Loyalty Award // my inner dragon

Gemma @ Chasing Daisies tagged me for the Dragon's Loyalty Award. Because I am a loyal dragon. Loyal to my rebel dragon self.

Did Somebody Say "Dragons?"

Thank you Gemma! This is one of the best tags. Dragons make everything better.

The rules? I'm a dragon so I kind do what I want. (I think Loki is secretly a dragon. The Norse Loki did have a dragon son. Okay sea serpent, but that's a sea dragon so it counts. . . . 

Then again, Loki had a lot of strange children.)

Wait what?

But I'll list seven facts about myself if I must:

1. I've actually not read that many dragon books. But since I am a dragon, I really don't need to know anymore about myself. *yawns* I know everything basically.

2. Dragon books I have read include: 

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
The Hobbit by I hope you know who
How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell (What? I have to be prepared for those menacing Vikings, you know). 

Counting sea dragons I've also read The Trophy Chase Trilogy by George Bryan Polivka. If we talk about movies without repeating the book titles, Pete's Dragon is rather cute. Even my reptilian brain will concede to that. Oh, and Dragon Heart. (No, my soul will not turn into a starry constellation when I die.) 

There's also this kids TV series called Jane and the Dragon. It's quite funny.

3. I *might* be writing a short story, on the longish side of shortness, about the beasts of my kind.  And. . . it's becoming increasingly weird. I am uncertain as to whether I ought to proud and pleased or just incinerate it on the spot.


4. Stitch counts as a dragon. Yes, yes, he's an alien. But that means he's a SPACE DRAGON! Even better, a space dragon experiment.


I will make this work.

Next dragon assembly, I will nominate Stitch as the Next One to join the Dragons.

Lilo and Stitch

5. I know the How to Train Your Dragon books are vastly different from the movie. Less regal, less majestic, less. . . thematic. But I do think you ought to read them. Throughout the series, there is an interesting development in this concept they call forgiveness.

It is also rather amusing. Just don't burn the house down while laughing. 

It's also fun to read at random pages, to the younger dragon kind and exaggerate and yell all of Gobber the Belch's parts. They will love it.

And you might be a little hoarse later.

6. The first fantasy novel I ever wrote actually didn't have dragons in it.

Clearly, it needs heavy revising. I hope to remedy this with the creation of a whole catalog of different dragon species.

Uh, later.

7. I don't conquer villages and burn cities. I'm bit of a reclusive dragon. While other dragons are off dominating the world, I prefer to write stories in my dark lair, up on the Mountain. To sit on my hoard of book, and drink tea. (Yes, dragons drink tea.)

The other dragons may have the world, but the Lonely Mountain is mine.

My kind of tea party!:

Now I am to tag various other dragons and they shall list seven facts about themselves for your enjoyment. Here they are:

Cait @ Paper Fury

Emily @ Ink, Inc. 

If you've been tagged before, apologies.


  1. Oooh, thanks for tagging me! :D Also, this post was super funny and I really enjoyed it. I, myself, am a dragon, and my current work in progress is about a dragon, so clearly this means I have a things for dragons.

    Also, I love Dragon Heart and you are the first person I have ever come across, in real life or on the internet, who has ever even watched it before (aside from the members of my immediate family). It's been so long since I watched it though. *sad face*

    1. Yay! Dragon books are the BEST! I hope the writing goes well.

      Dragon Heart is awesome! It's one of my favorite dragon movies. Although I've only seen it once or twice. My family thinks like this: "The dragon. . . talks? That's stupid," while I'm, "IT'S A TALKING DRAGON! THAT'S THE COOLEST THING EVER!" Soooo yeah, I'm glad I'm not a complete loner. ;)

  2. You mentioned Loki's strange offspring. *Dying*
    This is why we are friends, thanks for tagging me!

    1. Haha! I know, right?! I realized the mention of Loki's children was slightly irrelevant, but I had to fit Loki in SOMEHOW!

  3. I AM SO GLAD YOU TAGGED ME. :') Dragon tags clearly call to me *nods dragonisly* and tbh, my first fantasy book didn't have dragons either. THE SHAME. THE HORROR. I'll attempt to put dragons in all of my books from now on. Because #priorities

    1. Isn't it strange? We set out to write a fantasy book and we forget the most important element of fantasy!? Perhaps it is the overwhelm fact that when we first start writing, we think you have to do EVERYTHING right, so in process, we forget, like, 84% of what we're supposed to be doing. XD

      Because dragons are always the right thing to do. (That statement DOES make sense.)

  4. OMG, this is the coolest tag ever. Thank you for thinking of me! I think dragon stories are inevitably a bit weird, because DRAGONS, so maybe let that story unfold a bit more before burning it into a crisp? I haven't written a book with dragons, either -- I feel like I should remedy this by writing a zombie-survival-guide style for the DRAGON APOCALYPSE.

    1. Hm. This is true. Most dragon stories tend to be weird. I give it a second chance then.

      That is the best remedy ever! The world needs it. *nods* Do it.

  5. Hello fellow dragon!
    HTTYD = <3 Pretty much my favourite thing ever. The books are great, I agree - very hysterical, even if they hardly resemble the movies!

    1. Yes! How to Train Your Dragon is hilarious! They're really fun. :)

  6. I LOVE HTTYD BOOKS SO MUCH! I read them when I was like, ten, and they're so funny and the illustrations! I love them! (I love a good British fantasy.)

    I'm so excited for when my nephew, Arthur, is nine or ten and I can give him the books. (I've got it all mapped out in my head. Narnia at eight, HTTYD at nine, HP at ten, maybe Septimus Heap at eleven, Icemark at twelve, perhaps Skulduggery and LotR at thirteen, Gone at fourteen, Game of Thrones at fifteen, TRC at sixteen (which are "girls' books" but WHO CARES) and boom he will have all the fantasy series I love!)

    Your gifs are A+ as usual.

    What was the first fantasy book you wrote?

    Thanks for tagging me! :D

    1. Yes! The illustrations are awesome too. It's just so. . . comforting somehow. The whole series.

      That's awesome though! TRC features a foursome of boys though. Boys with expensive cars. So he should like it anyway, right?

      Gah, now I want to read the sequel. Isn't it Blue, Lily, Blue? Or is that the third book?


      Um, the first one I wrote was the Sandy one. But I've only written the first draft. It has a bazillion and one defects. And cliches. Also the story sorta evolved as I was writing it, so if you were to read it from beginning to end there would be no coherence. At all.

      And no dragons. O_O

    2. The Dream Thieves is the sequel. Blue Lily, Lily Blue is the third one. (TDT is my fave. I really want to reread them! Cait is rereading them and posting on Goodreads about it and making me jealous!)

      Which is the Sandy one again?

      Ha, that's the same with TCATT draft 1! In the first seven chapters Corrie's in love with this boy who then just disappears (I realised he was a terrible idea ...) So if anyone were to read it through (which no one ever will, NO HUMAN EYES WILL EVER SEE THAT DRAFT) they'd have no clue what was going on!

      (Which was how I felt writing the thing.)

      I've never written a book with dragons, but, uh, I've only written one book. One day!

    3. I know. I keep seeing her post and then I want to read it even more. I want to know what happens to Adam. And Ronan, what in the world? I think I need to make a library rUN LIKE NOW. BRB!

      The Sandy one is the one about the Sierran slave who becomes a spy. It's up in the Lunacies tab, I think. It's kind of my baby. But I've nearly given it up for hopeless. Sssh.

      Gosh, yes! Same feelings here.

    4. DO IT DO IT!

      Oooh yes. I remember.


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