Friday, December 11, 2015

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So Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout tagged me for The Secret Life of a Book Blogger and A Writer's Life for Me. . . Those are some wordy titles.

Thank you Alyssa for allow me to go on and on about this beautiful blookunity. (Pst, you should totally check out her blog. She has some awesome content including Chinese culture posts!)

the Secret Life of a Book Blogger

(not so secret now, huh?)

1. How long have you been a blogger?

[insert title here] went up in 2013. It's actually going to have a birthday in February. I'm planning a sensational birthday party. Because three years is a milestone. 

Guys, we'll almost out of the terrible twos.

It's still way early in the planning stage. I have a knack for changing my mind at the last minute to scrape something together. I like to test my level of resourcefulness from time to time. Eh. . . not really.

 But if you have any suggestions for birthday theme ideas up here, let me know!

2. At which point do you think you'll stop blogging?

Obviously, when the apocalypse happens and internet is only accessible to the rich and powerful.

Otherwise, never.

3. What is the best thing about this [inserts blookunity]?

Pretty much everything.

I'm really introverted but I love to talk books. the internet distances me just enough from whom I'm talking to so that it's not scary. So I can actually communicate intelligently (er, interpret that with your own discretion).

Plus, face-to-face people look at you strange when you get passionate about things. I don't know what their problem is. They get hyped when gossiping about people? What is with that?

Nobody looks at you weird in the blookunity when you fangirl.  

Watson! The emotion thing is happening! Did I do it wrong?!
4. What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it better?

The only bad thing that happens in the blookunity is probably when the fandoms get a little too passionate and bash people who do not agree with them.

This is not cool, people.

We do not mock others because they prefer their books served a different way. We do not talk bad about people who ship different ships.

um, no

The whole point of reading books is, in part, to see things from another person's perspective. So let's try to be a little understanding and see what it's like from another person's point of view. I'm not saying we have to agree. What makes us different is what makes the world go around.

Your elementary teacher told you that was actually called gravity. Ha! What your teacher didn't tell you is that gravity is the force of everybody's differences pushing and pulling each other. When we push and pull just enough to understand each other but keep from massacring each other, that is what keeps our little earth in orbit and from smashing against other planets!

So. . .

Save the earth. Save the humans. And let's all get along. Hm?

5. How long does it take for you to create/find pictures to use?

This is a life long process. There is no answer.

If I have zero idea where I'm going picture-wise, I just raid my already existing pinterest boards.

6. Who is your book crush?

What? Nobody said we were getting personal here?! I don't tell people these kinds of things.

*mini heart attack*

Uuuuh. . . my mind is blanking. And I feel like I sound super unintelligent at the moment.

Is it weird that the answer probably lies within my own unwritten book ideas? #awkward

I could almost say Jack from "Blood Red Road" by Moira Young, but he makes me edgy. I don't trust him.

Oh, oh! I know. 

Jaron. From the Ascendance trilogy. Yep, it's Jaron. I mean, I could say Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles, and Kai is adorable from the same. Also, who doesn't like Mr. Darcy?

But for some reason, I have to go and like the intelligent jerk, Jaron.

7. Which author would you like to have on your blog?

Read as: "Which author would you like to interview on your blog?"

That is a little scary. Me interviewing an author on the blog. Because I think I will have to answer Suzanne Collins. I would ask her if she's a panster or a plotter. If she's ever competed in NaNo. If characters like Coin, just wander up on the page and take command, or if Collins' already planned and outlined and knows she needs another "Snow" duplicate and just created the perfect female "Snow" evil twin. If she's a pantser, I'd ask her if she was routing for Peeta or Gale at first. I'd ask her what the first spark of inspiration was for The Hunger Games. What does she think about all this "the Hunger Games promotes the death of children as entertainment" garbage. Where did Katniss come from? Who is her favorite character and why? What books did she read as a child? DOES SHE BELIEVE SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS BEFORE BREAKFAST!? 

And I'd ask what her next writing project is going to look like. Because I am vastly ignorant about the going-ons of big authors even though it's probably already contracted and advertised.

8. What do you wear when your write your blogposts?

Clothes. Duh.

There's usually a blanket over my shoulders, as is now. You know, because of shock. It happens when you read books (or watch Mockingjay 2, forewarning people, you will probably cry).

“I’m in shock. Look-I’ve got a blanket.”-Sherlock | The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

Other times I wear a hat. Hat wearing is a habit of mine. If Smaug asked who I was, I would answer "Hat Wearer." 

9. How long does it take for you to prepare?

You can *usually* tell how long I've been cooking a post by how many typos it has.

I usually get an idea and let it simmer in my mind before it reaches the actually screen. Honestly though, I have no consistent routine. 

I don't know

10. How do you feel about the [inserts blookunity]?

Long live the blookunity.

11. What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

1. Make your blog easy for any user to follow.

2. Post regularly (*cough* more than myself). Once a week in the very least.

3. Don't worry about stats and follows. Just be you. Do what you like. Write about what you want to write about. Those who like you will stay with you through it all. Those who don't, well. . .

Don't let the idiots get you down. (And that goes for all of life.)

4. Follow other blookunity people. There isn't a blookunity if we're not all a part!

A Writer's Life for Me

(yo ho!)


1. What kind of writer are you?

The I-write-what-I-want kind.

Um, to be still vague yet less smart mouth? I write weird stuff.

Speculative fiction, my love!

2. When did you start writing? What made you want to try it?

I got bored.

Bored, gif

(Anyone having deja vu?)

I made up stories in my head because I was bored. I've always made up stories in my head. I guess some people might saucily say that means I'm crazy, but I prefer to say that means I'm a writer. Eh, or both. . .

These stories got too elaborate to keep in my head. They're the kind of stories I would want to read, and hey! Maybe other people might want to read them too? Maybe? No?

Well. Okay. But Ima gonna write em anyway.

3. What inspires your stories?


I subconsciously write things I see and interact with into my stories. Then I look back and realize, "Oh! The Yulan speak only with hand gestures because I took a sign language class at that time."

4. What do you like to explore in your writing?

I let the story take the lead in this. In the rewrite is where I like to focus it.

So far in Oddball the trilogy there's racism, prejudice, loss, bitterness, friendships, forgiveness.

There's also a lot of scientists and insanity. 

When your bored:

5. Are you pantser or a plotter?

Why is this an either/or thing?

I am Divergent.

Alyssa's tag that question pant/plot:

6. Where are you in your journey? Querying, agented, publishing?

Ha! You are funny.

Try first drafting.

7. Have you ever entered any writing contests? Failed? Won?

I haven't entered many, because well, I am not brave. Also, I don't regularly write pieces short enough for a contest.

And to the few I have entered: failure.

8. Who are your writer heroes?


Suzanne Collins

Veronica Roth

Stephen James

Jennifer A. Neilson

Rachel Hartman


I'll shut up now.

9. Have you ever been to a writer's conference? Share your best and worst experience.

Yes, I've been to a couple.

Best? I could say the first one where I learned about POV (more on that later). But I'll say the third one where I had deep conversations about magic in books. It got me way out of my comfort zone. I didn't enjoy  the conversation at the time. But looking back on it, I grew up that day.

The worst? *sighs* It was the meals. . .  Have a 5 minute video.


10. Top 3 tips you'd give to newbie writers?

1. Know your English rules.

2. Now, forget that because there are no rules. We write by instinct. 

If you're new, you don't have instincts yet. Just write like you have them, because they'll come eventually if you:

3. Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing. 

Seriously, writing is like swimming. You don't know how but you really, really want to do it. So they throw you in over your head. It's sink or write. So my friends, just write.

4. (Told you there's no rules.) Know what you're bad at and write it so often that you become good at it. Then mingle it with what you are good at.

5. If you throw in dragons, people will love it. 


So lovely blookunity, what is your blogging story? And (because I had to spill my guts for you) who is your book crush?


  1. Your use of gifs is always great. I am divergent, love it. I also like your tips, it's true add dragons and everyone will love you.

    1. I also loved the video and the potato story was awesome. I hate eating in public, I always do something embarrassing.

    2. *bows* Thank you.

      I'm glad you liked it! It was fun to make, actually more fun to edit. Eating in public is just. . . bleh. I always drop something. A napkin, a fork, my salad. . .

  2. THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE POST OF EVER. I'M DYING OVER YOUR VLOG. You are so fuuunny. And so relatable. Omg. Awkwardness with eating-in-public = my life forever. I actually do NOT eat in public. I just...gah, it just doesn't work so I skip it and then return to my hobbit hole and devour the walls. Your fork makes me laugh though. Your poor fork troubles.

    Also the gifs of this post are A+. Just, omg, you are amazing.

    And yes. YES. Dragons belong in everything. Every genre. Every book. EVERRRY THING.

    Please do find Suzanne Collins and ask all those questions because they are the best questions and I need answers too. *nods*

    1. Thank you so much! I did have some misgivings on whether it was actually funny so I'm glad it is! Eating public just doesn't go well. Ever. I don't know what happened to the fork. I'm thinking one of the caterers sabotaged it and was secretly snickering at me from some distant hiding spot.

      I figured Sherlock gifs are always a win, right? ;)


      Seriously, I might have to. Do some kind of Hunger Games week and find Collins and beg her to answer a few of my questions. I MUST KNOW!

  3. I loved this post! It made me laugh a lot of times. OK but I'm missing something here because what is the blookunity? Book blogger community? I have never heard the term before O.o

    I've not watched the vlog bc not loading (thanks a bunch internet) but after Cait's intriguing comment I will return and watch it, I promise.

    I really enjoyed the number of Benedict gifs. Specifically the blanket one.

    Also your advice is good.

    And I love you Suzanne Collins questions! GET HER ON HERE! "But, Emily, how?" says the voice of reason. SHUT UP, VOICE OF REASON!

    Hahahaha that "where are you on your journey" question, I've seen this tag elsewhere and just been like: question, why? Leave us alone!

    I finished typing that first draft of TCATT! (That's right, the first draft, which I finished in August but kept failing to type. I'm on ch31 of the redraft so I had to type the final ten chapters quickly or else I would have caught up with myself! XD ) If you're interested (which you know you are), the final word count is 99 916.

    Dang but I'm excited to finish second and then third drafts and GIVE IT TO YOU BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE, ACTUALLY!

    Also yes can we stop bashing other book fans? Like I am strongly averse to film covers, yes, but there is no point geTTING ANGRY WITH SOMEBODY BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT THE FILM COVER.

    Also I got my Oxford letter today, didn't manage to get in </3


    You should read Game of Thrones and Skulduggery I'm juST SAYING.


      I think my favourite moment was when you described a sloppy joe (I didn't know what it was) and: "you're probably thinking BLECH" <-- your miming of what I was probably thinking (which I was thinking) was 100% on point!

      Also blue eyeliner game VERY VERY STRONG. (I don't know how to compliment you without sounding creepy but you looked beautiful! Not creepy I swear)

      (I should just go to bed)

      Anyway, tell me, what do you do at a writer's conference?

    2. YAY! I cannot wait to read your TCATT! And don't worry about the size. Oddball is also of an unspeakable length. CONGRATS!

      Yes, blookunity stands for book blogger community. Alyssa, who tagged me, made it up and I just carried it on.

      I rather like that gif too. ;)

      One day I think I will have to try find a way beyond logic and interview Collins here.

      I've kind of wanted to read Skulduggery Pleasant. It sounds really cool.

      I'm glad you liked the vlog! Yes, that part about the sloppy joe. At the last moment, I realized some of my non- US followers might not know what a sloppy joe was. And really that was the only thing I could come up with for a comparison. But they really are good. I promise.

      Thank you! I love that blue eyeliner, but I never know what to where it with, because it's so blue. I've actually only worn with, that shirt. But now, you make me want to wear it again. It's just a fun color. (Thanks. ;) )

      At some writing conferences there are agents and editors to whom you can pitch your book to. But there wasn't at the one I attended. There were workshops which is just a writer or editor comes up and speaks about writing like dialogue, or creating characters, how to write a pitch, how to do social media, anything under the sun really. I learned about deep POV at a writers conference actually. You could also sign up for a 15 minute time slot with an editor who would view a certain amount of pages you've written and give you feedback. And of course, people network at writers conference. (But I don't usually, because I find a table or corner where I can be close to alone, because I'm a wannabe hermit. Not really. But really. *nods* That makes complete sense.)


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