Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#WritersLife Tag: the scary inner workings of my brain

Thank you, Cait @ Paper Fury for tagging me! If you haven't read Cait's post #WritersLife Tag you should go do so! If you've not read her blog, then what are you doing with your life? Go acquaint thyself. Thou shall love her.

I don't know where that archaic came from.

Shall we begin?

 Write Fuel: What do you eat/drink while writing?

Anything I find worthy of consumption at the moment. Although, it might go untouched once I get in "the zone."

Write Sounds: What do you listen to while writing?

Excellent question. I do hear music. I don't listen unless I come out of "the zone" to breathe. So I have an Oddball playlist with songs that make me think of the characters and/or story.

I insist that you have a listen to this one, Anthem Lights' version of Wake Me Up/Brother. It's pretty the theme of the whole trilogy and sums up the foursome well. I don't know how it can be done to such perfection.

Write Vices: What is your most debilitating distraction?


This is why the earbuds go in and the lights go off. All that's left is me and the staring blank light of the laptop.

We have keyboards. We have darkness. Writers

1) It's the best way to immerse myself in the world of my book. Being wrapped in darkness.

2) Sometimes my family plays the electronics loud. Again I'm easily distracted.

3) When my light is off, my parents either don't realize I'm inhabiting my room, or they know I'm writing and beware.

4) In the dark, there is nothing I can "Oo, shiny" at.


Writer Horror: What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you while writing?

Um, one of my family members once panicked and thought I had written him into a story (I was like twelve). Another reason why I do not share my writing often with my family. I do not write people into my stories. They seem to dislike that. Yet they still pretend to see themselves in there and get upset with me?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Also, there's the usual occurrence when I search for a scene and I end up loosing said scene. Because I didn't actually write it.

I mental wrote it. My imagination is apparently so vivid, that I thought I had written it and read it over a couple of times, since I could see it so clearly in my head.


Write Joy: What's the best thing that's ever happened to you while writing, or how do you celebrate small victories?

The Best Thing:

1) Uh, finishing?

2) That moment when everything comes together.

3) Even better, when you realize you subconsciously wrote symbolism into a scene or some aspect of the book and you didn't even know it and now you're plotting how to make it come out more in the rewrite! (That run-on sentence is killing me.)

Celebratory Celebrations:

Small victories only get an inner happy dance. (I'm not much into doing happy dances on the outside. The only thing you'll catch on the outside is maybe a really stupid grin that won't go away.)

a bell

Now big victories are another story. Finishing a draft, or halfway through a draft, I might:

1) Get a snow cone (do not underestimate the yummy celebratory power in a snow cone).

2) Or even better, buy some books.

3) Other times I wear a hat.

Although, heh, I wear a hat at least once a week. . . What? Hats make me happy. I've been thinking I need to invest in a Hatter hat. A Hatter hat is the best kind of hat. OH! Then I could wear my Hatter hat while I'm writing! This just gets better and better. Must haves Hatter hat.

All in favor of the buying of the book and the having of the snow cones and the wearing of the Hatter hats, raise your hand.

Excellent! Now go finish a draft then we'll make it happen.

Write Crew: Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing?

While I'm writing, I'm writing. Not much talking goes on. Except I do talk to the characters, unless they are giving me a hard time. In which case, I write them letters asking them to behave. I know how to avoid conflict like that.

The only people I talk about my writing to, is you all. This is the onlyest place I really talk about writing, with the small exception of instagram.

If you have an insta, let me know! I will stalk follow you.

Write Secret: What is your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?

The Secrets

1) Just write. Don't edit until you're finished.

2) Acquire the blessing of the blue fairy.

3) Make no deals with Rumpelstiltskin. He wants your words like Ursala wants Ariel's voice.

Once Upon a Time | Rumplestiltskin:

4) When you think of a scene, but it does not chronologically fit into your book, JUST WRITE IT! For me, I would lose it by the time I get to write it. Open a new doc for those random scenes. It feels great to come up to that scene, copy paste it into the master manuscript, and think, "Yep, done and writ that." Accomplishments all around!

Wreck it Ralph :D

5) Believe you can do this! After all, if Rumpel wants your words, that means they're magic. Yes?

6) Did I say just write?

The Flaws

1) I am unorganized. I am easily distracted. I am scatter-brained and tunnel-visioned all in one.

2) You know all that "just write" advice? Heh, often I don't take my own advice.

3) I want to write everything and read everything and do everything and know everything and- and-

I get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed me looks a lot like a meaningless lump of life that is not producing anything due to doubt- and brain-overload.


4) Transitions. Or the lack of actually. Since my brain jumps from thought to thought, sometimes my writing does also. You may have noticed. . .

5) Internal monologue. My writing tends to get introspective. The characters delve into internal monologue way too often. But how much is too much? And what is not enough? Someone tell me!

Write-spiration: What always makes you productive?



I can't write for fifteen minutes. I can't even write for thirty minutes.

I will get sucked into "the zone" and I won't come out until at least an hour, more often two hours. And if I only have fifteen minutes of time, I will inevitably be late for something.

Write Peeve: What is one thing that writers do (or you do) that's annoying?

What Others Do

POV. I cannot stand some people's use of POV. There are a lot of different views on the usage of POV, so I try to shove my own pet peeve aside. If I beta-read, I'll not mention the author's use of POV if I dislike it because there are so many different approved ways of doing it. But I really can't stand it when I see published books, ACCLAIMED published books, with lazy POV. It irks me to no end.

True. Why don't people get it?:

What I Do

My general existence sometimes annoys me.


Um. . .  Probably how when I get overwhelmed, I am the most pathetic and useless being to ever be. Also, I like being an introvert, but sometimes (most times) I am very bad and let it hold me back from  meeting people and talking to people. HOW DO YOU TALK? What do you say? I'm confused.

for #writerslife tag post? in the vices section:

And, yes, all of that really does have everything to do with writing. I would justify that statement, but that would make this post heaps longer.

Write Words: Share one sentence from a project past or present.

You asked for it.

And they were going to do this thing! And succeed!
Life was awesome. That's all there was to it.

(That's Rocky, by of way. He's an optimistic lunatic.)

Rocky all but tackled the taller boy to the ground.
"Can't. Breathe. Rocky." Oddball wheezed.
Rocky released him. Then he punched Oddball's arm. "I should kill! Scaring us all like that! And taking Peril with you on this prank too."
Now Peril was found in a bone crushing embracing. She'd only thought Oddball had been kidding when he said he couldn't breathe. "Thanks, Rocky," she said when he relinquished her.
"Well, you and Skyler were doing the pretending-not-to-make-eyes-at-each-other thing," Oddball said. "Peril was the only accomplice left for the escapade."
"We were doing what?" Skyler said.
"Escapade?" Rocky said. "What does that even mean? Can't you bother to use real words?"
"What?" Oddball said.
Skyler laughed. "That is a real word, Rocky!"

Agh! So much editing to do.

"I'm sick of scientists," Rocky said. "They're all 'don't touch this' and 'don't touch that' that pebble or pinch of dirt could be very useful in our research.'"

I had to give a little Rocky highlight. He's been behaving himself much more than the others. *glares at others*

I shall tag:

Emily @ Emily Etc. 

P.S-- You should totally join in this awesome prompt link-up I'm co-hosting with Emily @ Emily Etc. It gets the creativity flowing! This month's prompt is about tragedy; that's bound to be buckets of fun, yes?


  1. OMG I LOVE YOUR SNIPPETS. XD Especially the scientist one!! BAH. I'm laughing. And omg, I completely relate to so. many. things in this post. I usually write for long periods of time. Like if I have a 20 minute gap where I could write something: I don't. I like to have a mostly clear schedule so I can write as long as I like and stop when I want. haha.
    But "don't edit/just write" advice is GOLDEN AND EXACTLY WHAT I THINK TOO. If one gets caught up in editing I think it stops the flow, sometimes?! I like having my book "skeleton" to work with before I'm editing. hehe.
    AGH, why do people try to see themselves into our stories!?!? My mum was CONVINCED she was a talking horse in one of my books. -_- She was not. But she kept saying she was. Ergo I don't let my family read my books a lot or they'll probably think I cast them as the villain. *sigh*

    1. Thank you so much! That makes my day. :)

      I know! 20 minutes is just not long enough. If I could clear a whole day to write, that would be great!

      It really does break the flow of writing if you stop to edit. I learned that lesson the hard way. I never ever finished anything until I stopped editing and just wrote.

      That is so frustrating! Why do people do that?! Especially if they don't want it. A talking horse? Okay. I understand why you wouldn't her reading much of what you write. I definitely relate. It does drive me crazy, because they are all, "When can I read it?" but then they see things that aren't there. :/

  2. Ehehehe, I still adore Oddball. I was also tagged for this! Love your answers -- earbuds are so important to writing, although I dislike writing in the dark because it's very hard to stare at the screen like that. Sometimes I like to look away rom the screen as I write to force the 'just writing' bit. I've improved my typing skills so this is possible.

    Dammit, Rumpelstiltskin lied to me? Good thing I have a plan to double-cross him anyways.

    1. That's so awesome! I can't wait to read your answers. :D

      Really? That's cool! I am not that good of a typist, so yeah. . . And I can't say that typing in the dark has helped my skills at all.

      Oo, I'd be careful with that. Best of luck to you! ;)

  3. Hatter hats, Rumpelstiltskin, snowcones, and Rocky are just some of the things that made this post awesome. Writing in the dark sounds lovely, I need to try it. Can't wait to do this tag, thanks for tagging me.

    1. Thanks!
      It is! You should try it. I wrote in the dark once just to break the routine because of, eh, writers block, and I liked it so much that I do it all the time now.

  4. I ADORE ANTHEM LIGHTS. Ahem. I also quite like Gracie Schram, and that song you included. And hats are awesome. As are books. I don't really like snow cones, but that doesn't mean you should eat them to celebrate-- it means less for me.

    What constitutes a lazy/annoying POV to you? Just wondering.

    And I think I've mentioned how much I love Rocky? I need more Rocky. He's just so adorable.

    This tag is lovely, and thank you so much for tagging me. :) I can't wait to do it!

    1. I DO TOO! I rarely hear people talk about them, but they are so amazing! All the popular songs they play on the radio, I've never heard of. Unless Anthem Lights has covered said song. ;) And if I do hear the original. . . Anthem Lights is better. Just saying!

      I've been thinking about doing a video or two on that actually. I'm just trying to figure out how to not be too rambling. POV is kind of a big deal to me.

      I'm glad you like Rocky! He's better awesome. As a character, he's probably the most cooperative character to write, more or less.

      Yes! I can't wait to read your answers. :D

  5. Your scientist snippet had me cracking up so much. Thanks for sharing about your writer life--I think it's really cool that you write in the dark because I love to do that too, although I do it mainly for fun and less for distraction-avoidance, but it definitely does cut down on the "ooh shiny" moments. Thanks for tagging me! I will definitely do this one, but it may take a few months before I can get to it.

    1. Thanks! Rocky is very much. . . like that.

      It is so much fun! I do it for the fun of it too. But I figured for those moments that call for logic (aka when people wonder if I'm insane) I ought to have some legitimate reasons, right? ;)


    That dog is me on a spiritual level.

    Also the getting overwhelmed thing? Heck yes, sister. So in my life: go to school, see friends, go to church, read the Bible daily, read a heck-ton of novels, read Christian books, write poetry, type novel first draft, keep your blog up, read other people's blogs, you should really reply to Ashley's trb novel from like a month ago, remember how your siblings all live on different continents you should skype them, also that uni application how's that going, you need to draw more, do all that homework you have, also don't forget to eat and wash and-- and -- WHEN DO I EVEN WRITE? WHEN BUT WHEN?

    "Excellent! Now go finish a draft then we'll make it happen." I WANT TO FINISH MY DRAFT BUT-- BUT ... ~runs and hides in a corner~

    I mean, of course I prioritise writing, above almost everything else on that list, but it's hard!

    I love that Avici cover. It really sounds like the novel sounds? Not that I've read the novel, but I have this idea of how it looks and sounds, and that's how it sounds.

    I love the snippets! I pictured Rocky as taller than Oddball though. Weird.

    Hahahaha but you should check your typos: "Now Peril was found in a bone crushing embracing" made me laugh XD

    Thank you for tagging me! You know I'll complete it eventually ;)

    1. That dog, right? I feel like I relate to the little pup so much.

      YES! When do we write? I don't think I've written all November (and this being Novel month. . . *hangs head*). OH WOW! WHAT? Your siblings each live all over the planet?! No wonder you don't have time.

      It's cool. I've been hiding from my WIP too.

      I wish I could say I prioritize writing but. . . essays have due dates, and I have to go to work at specific times. Technically, I'm supposed to apply to universities too, but at this point I'm just like, "I don't wanna. Can't I just write all my life?"

      Yeah, it really does sum it all up, that song. Or at least I think so. I'm glad your idea of it fits though. Because that's my idea of it too. ;)

      I know! I had noticed that typo right before publishing the post. I had a quick snicker over it, then looked at the time, realized I was late for class and should just let the whole world know that my first draft has typos. XD But really, it is hilarious.

      Yep. ;)


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