Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Liebester Award

Three thousand and fifty-seven years ago, Rachel @ Secret Scribblings tagged me for the Liebester Award. 
And since I'm still alive and have a working memory of it, I'm going to do the tag. 

1. What's the weirdest book you've ever read, and why was it so weird?

Let's just start off with a hard one, huh?

Um. . .probably a Frank Peritti. One of his Cooper Kids. There was one, I think, The Secret of the Desert Stone? This giant stone just shows up over night and nobody knows how or why. Or maybe the Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey? (I am sure to have spelt that wrong.)

I like weird books. :)

2. What are your favorite scents? You know: baking bread, that one candle you have, fresh laundry!


Old books.


Also autumn. 


3. Do you have a beloved stuffed animal/doll from your childhood, what's their name, how long have you had it, and may we see a picture?

I have a lot actually. (And I am too lazy for pictures. . .)

Super Bear. . . or her alias Cindy. I got her for my birthday ages ago. I was probably eight or something. My great grandma gave her to me in this bright blue gift bag. (My great grandma happened to be my most favorite person in all the world.) Since it was my birthday, I of course had to be awake before everyone else. Cindy was there with her head poking out of the blue bag. I knew better than to touch her because I hadn't officially opened my presents. But while I waited, we made conversation and became quite good friends. Eventually, I found a blue bandanna for her cape and I had this jointed plastic snake, Snake (I was very creative with names), who was her sidekick. Snake never said much, but uh, she was usually better at saving the world than Super Bear. . .

4. What's the last thing you read, and how was it?

The Shadow Throne-- Always epic! I really needed a fantasy and this is so perfect! I love Jaron.

I read a WIP (literally still in progress) for a blogging friend. Not sure if I'm allow to say anything, but I happened to love it. 

Also, Sherlock Holmes. Life is not complete without Sherlock Holmes. I love RDJ Sherlock. I really, really love BBC Sherlock. But you just can't beat book Sherlock. (Seriously, though, his character is different in just about everything movie/show. It's fascinating.)

5. What did you dream of being when you were a kid? Did you achieve it? Will you?

I wanted to be an artist. And an ice-skater. Actually I had my heart set on an ice-skater for ages. But I'd only been on ice once? Twice? We didn't have that kind of money and there's no rink in town (I'm an impractical idiot of a dreamer.) Also, an airplane pilot. A world adventurer. A dancer. A choreographer. A detective. A geologist.

And a writer.

I think I'll stick with writer. ;) 


6. Any phobias? Like trypophobia? Trypanophobia? Acrophobia?

Eh, I don't think so.

I mean, I hate spiders.

Always the spiders:

Is there such a thing as a fear of strangers?

Kidding. ;)

7. DIDNEY WORL!! (Disney World) Ever been?


8. Favorite memory from the past 365 days?

I don't really know.

For once in my life, I did well on juries for guitar. (Juries is like finals, but for private instruction on instrument.)

Or perhaps it was something someone commented on the blog about my writing (you guys are the bestest!).

Or it was a long car drive in the night with the music cranked loud and me singing at the top of my lungs.

Long drives- love them:

9. Something (or a few things!) you're reaaaally looking forward to in the next 365 days?

TRANSFERING! I really hope this happens. I am both excited and terrified all in one. I am a conflicted ball of nerves and feelings. Don't touch me. I might explode. (I don't even know where I'm going yet, so don't hold your breath.)

Ahem. Winter by Marissa Meyer is coming out next month! Hey, yeah!

Hopefully finishing Oddball the Sequel. . .


10.Did/do you keep a journal?

I have a ton of old unfinished journals from my younger years. It's really quite atrocious seeing how my handwriting has developed. I want to say it's better. . . but not by much. At least it's not cursive anymore. That's a headache.

I keep one now. But it's more like a prayer journal. I have a hard time focusing when I read my Bible and talk to God. So I've started journaling to God because it-- usually-- helps keep my mind on track.


11.Would you rather sail the seas for a month, or live in a mountaintop chalet for a month? Why?

Agh! You ask such hard questions.

This is related, I promise. I used to be super into the era of tall ships. Horatio Hornblower was awesome. I read anything I could on ships and pirates. I had an elaborate story idea with tall ships and swords, and it makes no sense to speak of. And then- then- 

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean. More pointedly, I watched the incredibly long special features with my dad. Did you know they used a real ship and they had to SAIL the ship to the location of the filming? Anyhow, it cataloged their sailing days and anything about the awesome ship. Ships rule. And I would adore getting to sail on a tall ship, and climb all over the masts, and furl and unfurl sails all day long. (I like heights. . . because I'm weird.) Way up in the sky with the sea rocking under you, I gather it'd be better than a roller coaster. And life would good.

BUT I love mountains. I love rocks. I'd love to live in solitude out in the beautiful nowhere. I'd love to explore mountain ranges and know how to map it out and study the wild life and do science ("do science" *rolls eyes* I'm clearly quite knowledgeable about science). Or just let me live there. And write. In the mountains. Alone. The only downside is no internet. But with a view like the mountains, who cares?


P.S.-- If you want to join the Starting Sparks link, there's still time! It's open until the end of the month.


  1. Sherlock is the best! Yes be a writer, be a writer. You are good at the writing thing.
    I didn't know that about Pirates of the Caribbean, that is so cool.
    I want to join the link up, I am just swamped with things, I will try though.

    1. Sherlock! I love Sherlock.

      Thank you! I think will stick with the writing thing. ;)


    I loved your answers, these are really interesting questions, they're really different :P


    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? Why must we do all this waiting for things?

      Thank you. They are very different questions. I rather liked them.

  3. "Snake never said much, but uh, she was usually better at saving the world than Super Bear." This made me laugh I don't even know why.

    I'd definitely go for the mountains. I LOVE mountains. I would write and not talk to anyone except my characters (and maybe you online pals), it would be marvellous.

    (Though if there was a chance of running into Jack Sparrow then I'd 100% be sailing the high seas ..... )

    1. Also I love your opening sentence, that is me with every tag ever. I have a draft post with a list of all my to-do tags. So that I don't forget. There's quite a few of them ... oops.

    2. Yeah. . . It was kind of one of those things where Super Bear just comes up with all these goofy plans to save the day, and in the end Snake just comes in and does something simple while Super Bear is more than likely hanging from a pretend ceiling in a pretend net and the day is saved. XD

      YES! Mountains are beautiful. I want to live among them.

      (I am with you there though.)

      Haha! I know, right? Every time someone tags me, I open a new post draft and leave a link to their post and title it something like, "That tag so and so tagged you for." I think I have four of those floating around. Heh.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS SOMEONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY READ THE COOPER KIDS BOOKS. You are literally the only one aside from my sister that I know about who has read any of those books. *dies of happiness* And yes, I totally get loving the ocean and ships and also loving the mountains and loving heights, and I'm glad that I don't have to choose because I don't know if I would ever be able to. Also, I agree, there isn't a whole lot better than driving at night with the music cranked up loud. I especially like being alone with the windows rolled down, and I like taking back roads and trying not to get lost. :P Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do much of that lately because my sister's car broke down so she's been using mine to get to her job every day. :( Oh well.

    1. The Cooper Kids rock. *nods* I think they were my next phase after I graduated from Nancy Drew.

      I know! Ships and oceans, but then mountains and trees? But I want both. . .

      Always say yes to driving alone with music up loud and the windows down. Sometimes I wish I had some place I need to go, just so I'd have an excuse to drive.


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