Monday, September 21, 2015

Vlog: book review Blood Red Road by Moira Young

It's another review! I really, really hope you read this book if you haven't because it is so fantabulous! During the video, the sun came up and tired to obliterate my face. . .Also, our army of cats surrounded me. 

I decided to use some of that blank space on the sidebars. So let me know if the extra text was a distracting nuisance.

I feel really bad because just as I was uploading the video I realized I spelled the author's name wrong. D:  It's Moira. Truly. Sorry.

There were too many dystopian desert photo options at my disposal.

So this one's irrelevant to the book. But I thought it was cool anyways.

What do you think about stand alones vs. series? Which do you prefer and why? Also, have you read Blood Red Road? 


  1. I actually heard about this book a few years ago, and it's been on my "buy this book eventually list", so I'm glad you liked it! It sounds super interesting, especially with the character dynamics. (And I totally get what you mean about it not seeming right when secondary characters are treated as less important than main characters, because it shouldn't be that way.) But gah, I feel your pain on finding out it was the first book in a series. I think I've had that happen to me before. Actually, yes, I remember with The Hunger Games, when I came to the end and it said End of Book One, I felt so bad for Katniss. Okay, so I like series, I do, and I own a few and have read a bunch. But I tend to prefer stand-alone books, or trilogies, vs. a seven book series or something. I tend to get tired of the characters and the world, and I like to move on to other things. When it comes to writing, I'm the same way. I have one stand-alone that I'm querying, and then I'm working on a trilogy (with the potential for turning into more, like, with a stand-alone companion, if that makes sense). But then I have several other stand-alone novels drafted, so you can see which one I prefer. :P Anyway, great review and thanks for sharing!

    1. You should read it! It's great. :)

      Yes, secondary characters are people too! *cough* You know what I mean. . .

      I know, Katniss has it hard. If it just ended with book 1, she'd be in bad shape, but not as bad as at the end of book 3! Life goes on, I guess.

      I love series, and I do usually write series or at least trilogies. But recently I've been wanting some good standalones. I'm already stuck in the middle of a ton of series and I don't feel like beginning another. It just so nice to have a good stand alone every now and then.

      YOU'RE QUERYING IN A BOOK!? That is so awesome! And I know what you mean about a trilogy with a stand-alone companion. I might end up doing that for the Oddball books. Because Skyler. -_- She had to be difficult.

  2. I read Blood Red Road years ago (fun fact, I just typed Blood Bread Road ... always thinking about food, me) and really enjoyed it, but the other books weren't out and by the time I actually realised it was a trilogy I'd forgotten most of the plot! I did like it, but I doubt I'll ever return to the series.

    PS I replied to your TRB email, sorry it took sooo long!

    1. (It's cool. I just made cookies at midnight. . .)

      Oh, I've done that before. Reading a book and loving it, but then where is the rest of the series?! Not published yet? What?! I think that's why I like reading series that are fully published or mostly published. I don't have extra time to wait/ forget/ get distracted by other books. The only downside is that everybody else has already read it and so there are a lot of spoilers you've got to dodge.

      P. S.-- Thank you! I did read it and I've been meaning to reply, but life. Yeah, life.


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