Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Snazzy Snippets: let me throw confusing scenes at you

So Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout and Emily @ Loony Literate are hosting this link-up called Snazzy Snippets where you share your writing. It's a lot of fun! (And you should totally do it.)

I decided to submit something for all the categories this time. Also, I'm not going to edit, because, well, I have a class soon. So hang on to your hats! (You are wearing a hat, right?)

1. a snippet with food

A flatbread of some sort and an opaque fish sat on Oddball’s wood plate.
The children chatted in dizzy circles and munched away at the. . .the colorless fish. The Arg laughed and talked with the children about their day, alternating from the Common Language to Vorban. They grabbed Rocky and him into the conversation when possible, but ‘the guests’ weren’t quite as hungry as had been expected.
Rocky gave Oddball a disgusted look. “What is this? Gelatin molded into a fish?”
“don’t be like that,” Oddball whispered back. “It’s their culture.”
“Some culture.” Rocky poked at it with a fork.
“They live in caverns. What kind of food do you expect them to eat? Besides, you haven’t even tried it yet.”
“Neither have you.”
Not much arguing with that.
He’d eaten plenty of worms in the Border. Certainly, this wasn’t any different. Except that worms didn’t have eyes staring back at you. Yeah. That, that wasn’t a problem.
No more stalling. Besides nothing could be worse than swamp spinach. A shiver went down his spine at the thought. If that wsn’t motivation enough, then nothing was.
Oddball cut off a biet and downed it. Not too bad really. Not as crunchy as a worm. Surprisingly more slimy too.
Rocky stared at him. The question in his eyes. Was it any good?
Oddball shrugged, finished it off, and forked another one from the large plate of them sitting in the middle of the floor. Still no tables or chairs.
He pretended to listen to the conversation, but kept an eye on Rocky. The guy took a bite and shivered.
“It’s slimy,” he whined to Oddball.
“Makes it go down better.”
“You’re not helping.”

2. a snippet your proud of

*skims through Word docs*


Not that one.

Definitely NOT that one.

Okay, here's one I probably shouldn't love so much. But I can't help it okay. It's not that great as poetry goes and it's a little confusing. . .

The Story of the Shrels

nightmares stop
in children’s sleep
under the metal watchmen’s keep

but dare he stop
his metalwork
and lay his hammer down to shirk

the air so still
calm and clearer
is only then when they draw nearer

from beyond the
waters green
is only then you hear their scream

for the Shrel
its hunt is best
in the silence of its prey’s rest

it waits intently
for the quiet
so in their nightmares it may slip

awake again
they never will
but only to the living chill

of the bloodless
empty shells
whose life has left with the Shrels

lonely, longing
and wandering
mad from too much pondering

Of the Shrels
so dark and shrieking
little children do not go seeking,

keep far from
thine enemies,
seek not monsters such as these

3. your first 500 words

You can find the first scene in Oddball here!

Otherwise, let me throw some weird idea at you. I've not read over this and since I haven't officially started writing the weird idea, this is subject to change (a billion times over). And again it's confusing. . .

Dear readers,
           The past is never something to get caught up in. Its dark memories whisper to you of secrets.
Secrets you long forgot. Secrets you meant to forget. Secrets you should perhaps remember once more. But giving in is dangerous. The past will suck you under and keep you there if you are not careful. At least for me.
           You see. . . What is that infernal noise?! It scrapes and drags outside the door every few minutes.
           I’m sorry. I’ve been distracted lately. Usually I can keep it together. But, I don’t know. Things have been more on edge. I can’t seem to straighten things out. It’s too busy in my head for that. Now I know how Keth feels-
           “There’s so many voices,” he’s saying. “They normally go mad.”
           I’m sighing. Is there such a thing as normal?
           His soft brown eyes are staring into me. “But I won’t give in, Rayne. I promise”-
           No. Stop it. My thoughts are hard to control right now, I apologize. You have always been my friend. I don’t trust many people. Practically nobody. Which is exactly why I trust you, dear people of the past. You have no one to tell. There is no way you could know. And if somehow, by some weird chance this did come into your hands, well, who would believe you? You probably would not even believe me. Take it as a work of fiction. Yes, please do. I only wish it is.

Have you done the Snazzy Snippets?


  1. I like Rocky. I think I might have fallen in character love. *swoons* And the poem is cool and your weird idea sounds delightfully creepy. Voices? Madness? Dude named Keth? Yes, please!!

    Gah, now I want to read all your books.

    1. Haha! Rocky is pretty awesome. I'm glad to hear you like them all!

      I never realized it would come off as creepy, but I think that could be advantageous. I'll definitely use that. :D

      Yes. Keth. He's a mess.

  2. Oddball and Rocky's relationship is so adorkable! I love how cuisine gives us a look into various cultures, fictional or otherwise. Your poem is so lovely -- AMAZING sense of rhythm. And the letter? JUST, too creepy.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Yeah, those two are the best of friends.
      Thank you! I wasn't sure about the rhythm. I think I might have read my own poem wrong. O_O


  3. "Makes it go down easier." I. Love. Those. Two. SO. MUCH!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I love them too. They definitely make writing easier sometimes. ;)

  4. All of them were great, but the second one was my favorite. I love your writing and characters.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the poem. I wasn't unsure about it. :)

    2. I mean *was*. I was unsure about it. . .

  5. *heavy breathing* THAT. POEM. IS. THE. BEST. THING. EVER.
    No, seriously, I'm in love with it. I love the creepiness factor and how it all flows and just ahhhh. *flails* You should be proud with it because it's AWESOME. xD

    So there. Fangirling over a poem by yours truly. *bows*

    Katie Grace | A Writer's Faith

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it. :) It's definitely supposed to be creepy. And I'm glad it flows.

      Thank you! This made my day. :)

  6. I love the fish bit, especially the line about worms not staring back at you. *shudders* I'm glad I don't have to eat the weird fish things. And I love the dynamic between your characters. Also, your poem was great--really intriguing and scary and sad. And the last snippet you shared--is there more? Because there had better be more. *sits and waits for more*

    1. Thank you so much! I like the fish one too.

      Yes there's more. It was probably about a thousand words, which was too much. So I just tried to stop at a good place. Hopefully I'll get to write the whole thing soon. I'm glad you liked it!

  7. The poem the poem...it's so frightening (gave me the chills) and lovely. It flows so perfectly. Also, THE LETTER. Is it a part of Oddball? Because including it would be genius. The world is real! I love that. It's like when J.K. Rowling made her spin-off books narrated by Albus Dumbledore. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love that poem. I'm glad everyone else is liking it too! :D

      The letter is for another book idea. The weird idea. Yeah, no title. It's kind of a futuristic, dystopian, superpowers kind of thing.

  8. Huh. The last one?! I have been very interested to hear about "the weird idea", so, yay! It does sound weird, but intriguing. Keth and Rayne are cool names.

    I like that poem ... what are Shrel? Scary monsters?

    Ha, I love Rocky :')

    PS I'm doing a Great Blog Read (although I have to go out in 52 minutes so it might not be that great-- aaand my grandma's just called me for food. And this is the very first post of the Great Blog Read. I'm not doing too well. ONE DAY I will catch up with the four weeks' worth of posts I've go to read. Anyway, the point is, don't be surprised to see me lurking here in posts from a month ago.)

    1. Thank you! I love the weird idea. It's one of my favorites. But technically I'm not supposed to be writing it because I'm writing Oddball. But every now and then I can't help but brainstorm.

      The Shrels are giant arachnids. Basically, enormous spiders who live in caves and glow green in the dark. So yes, scary (or to me at least; spiders are the worst thing ever). So since spiders suck their prey's insides out that's why the Shrels' victims are referred to as "bloodless empty shells."


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