Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award: a tag writ by Oddball


Hi everyone. I'm Oddball. If you don't know who I am, then. . . you probably haven't been around here very long. 

I'm the main character of Ashley's book trilogy, though she always insists that it's my book. I argue; she's writing it, not me. 

So Ashley was supposed to do this tag that Emily @ Emily Etc. nominated her for (by of way, Emily, she "thanks you muchly," yeah, I know, muchly isn't a word). All she had to do was list seven facts about herself. But you see, I came along (and saved you all). Here's what happened:

me: "Really?! Those are the worst seven facts about you."

Ashley: "Shush! Nobody asked you."

me: *points* "I don't know what that means, but it's not even about you."

Ashley: "But it IS a fact."

me: "Doesn't it have to meet all the rule's criteria?"

Ashley: "I've been working on this for a month, okay? Think you could do better?"
me: *laughs* "I could come up with some pretty good facts about you."

Ashley: "Oh really? Then here's the deal. You write these seven facts about me. And later I'll do seven about you."

Ashley's been watching too much Once Upon a Time. Rumpelstiltskin and his deal making is going to her head. Yet, it's not good form that I've been watching it with her because, obviously, I took the deal. She's always talking about me on her blog, so what do I have to loose really? And how often do I get to spill my author's guts on her blog? I'm sure all the favor lies on my side of the deal.  

(And don't tell her I made a Hook reference. She'd never let me live it down.)

1. Ashley doesn't know her right from her left. Or as she would say, "It's not on immediate recall." Translation: she takes five minutes to think about it. I think Rocky rubbed off on her; they're both directionally challenged. 

2. She hates it when people try to test her simply for the purpose of seeing how she'll react. So she doesn't. React, that is.

I think a lot of people are convinced she's a stick in the mud. 

3. She's very lost around people. The wandering-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-Border kind of lost. Sometimes when she talks, her words don't come out in the right order. You see, she can make words into little black squiggles just fine, but can she make words into sounds?

Uh, no. Not so much.

4. Oh, and don't let her fool you with the stick in the mud act. She's weird. Trust me.

Not sure if that's any better though. . .

5. I think she's afraid people won't like her. Especially right off (because for Ashley to like someone, they usually have to "grow" on her). So if/when someone wants to befriend her from the start she suspects they're only pretending because they might have ulterior motives. 

What those would be, I have no idea. It's not like she has a lynch mob chasing after her.

6. Sometimes she takes weekends off to visit her friends. But she leaves me here to deal with Rocky, Peril, and the chaos in their wake. I find that inconsiderate. Maybe I want to take a weekend away. Did anybody think about that? 

7. Lastly, Ashley never leaves enough chocolate chip cookies out for her characters. Be warned, future characters. You may experience chocolate chip cookie deprivation. (That is a thing. I promise. I've suffered it most of my life.)

So I hope you all found this, uh, insightful? What was the purpose of this post again? I'm not sure I understand the concept of tagging. Whatever. I probably won't be around much again, as I'm not a writer (that's Ashley's thing). I prefer drawing.

Oh, and Ashley says that Thursday she has something "of grand and great greatness" planned for you. 
"Great greatness"? Does she always talk to you guys like that? Aw, well. She was speaking when she said it, instead of writing. That could be the problem.


  1. This is awesome!! Oh, the respect that our characters have for us...not. Ashley, you are a phenomenal writer!

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, they are definitely little stinkers. All of them.

  2. I love this oh my Rowling. I think this is a great idea, to have your characters do a post, I love it!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I make Oddball talk to you all every now and then. ;)

      (He does like it. The technology of our world fascinates him, and he really does like the attention. But admit to it, he won't.)

  3. :') oh my. This is a lovely surprise from the usual Q and A type format of tags. "But she leaves me here to deal with Rocky, Peril, and the chaos in their wake. I find that inconsiderate." Amazing. :') Also, I hope your characters don't starve from cookie deprivation.

    1. I love tags but sometimes they all just seem the same, you know? I like different, so I'm glad it worked!

      I might have to take that cookie comment of Oddball's to heart and fix it. He may be a little biased though. Oddball is under the belief that if heaven is real, it will have chocolate chip cookies.

  4. This was so cool, I loved it. Having your character do the blog post, cool.


    You know I love your blog but this post was an especial high point.

    I'm not sure whether I'm addressing Oddball or Ashley here?

    Oddball, it is lovely to meet you! If you ever want a weekend away to Scotland please come and stay--

    Ashley, I literally just invited your character to my house.

    We are taking this character POV thing too far.

    The real and unreal are getting mixed up in my mind.

    I no longer have any truth in my life.

    ~walks into the ocean~


    Well that got quite dramatic quite quickly.

    I'm going to start this comment again.

    Hi, Ashley and Oddball! Great post! I too am "directionally challenged". Reading that fact I was nodding along. It describes me perfectly.

    The cookie thing made me snort. Ashley, you should definitely leave out more cookies. It's not fair at all!

    What a brilliant post.

    I'm just saying.

    1. What are you thinking!? I have a trilogy to write; you can't just invite him over for tea! He--

      Oddball: But I want to go!


      Oddball: But this Scotland? Is it in your realm? She said I could come. Besides SHE might have chocolate chip cookies.

      *sighs* She restarted the comment, didn't you notice that bit.

      Oddball: Okay fine. But she didn't rewrite the part about more cookies *raises eyebrow*

      Yes. Yes. I promise, on my honor, I'll find some cookies for you tomorrow.


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