Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vlog: more Liebester award questions

Thank you Eve @ Edge of Night for tagging me for this! It was a lot of fun, as videos usually are. :)

You should go check her blog out! She's taken a short break to work on her novel (the best reason ever!). But you should definitely read some of her older posts. She writes some awesome poetry!

Oh! Oh, there's this really cool series on youtube called Mind the Gap. It's hilarious and awesome! A good way to kick off the day (it rhymes, people!). Here's the intro video.

By the way, do you all have any topics you'd want to hear about via vlog?


  1. I love your blogs they always make me laugh, when whoever it was, asked if you were okay. I just lost it. I agree favorites are overrated and overused, don't make us choose. Loved the bit on writer's block, the first time I thought about it in a positive way. For other vlogs, maybe you could do some writing advice or something you seem really good at it, :D
    Oh, and you should totally learn violin.

    1. I'm glad! Yeah, that was my youngest brother. :P

      Writing advice, I might be able to do something like that.

  2. Hahaha I love your vlogs :') OK that one was long so I now have many things to say.

    1. I like your bandana/headscarf/whatever, it's cute.

    2. The lighting is cool! Atmospheric. (And I can totally relate to those blindingly white problems.)

    3. I WANT TO PLAY THE VIOLIN! (Mostly because of Sherlock, let's not lie to ourselves.) But, yeah, I agree: whatever instrument you mention, yeah, I want to play it.

    4. "It's just, it's not, it's just, it's just ... swoon, really? Come on." This made me laugh so much! I love how worked up you got :'D

    5. But what made me laugh the MOST was when your mum came in!! You couldn't write that! And then my sister yells up "what are you laughing at?!" Which was ironic ...

    6. The song stuck in my head is Divers and Submarines by Passenger (you should listen to Passenger, hint hint).

    7. The Cordelia comment made me smile ... I LOVE ANNE. (And you pronounced the name right ... unlike all the other names ... ;) )

    8. I feel your common name struggles. I don't like Emily because everyone's called Emily. Ugh.

    9. I saw you forget Peril's name there!!

    10. Good writing advice. I'm considering more than one POV for Book Two, so yesterday I wrote a little piece in one of my character's POVs (not my MC narrator) and when I've commented this I'm going to do another for a different character. It's a great way to get to know them better.

    Overall, a very enjoyable fifteen minutes ...

    1. Yep, it's a bandana. And it's one of my favorites. :)

      I'll see what I can do to keep the lighting. (the blinding problems are quite a nuisance :P)

      I always get worked up like that when talking about writing and words (most of my friends just kind of ignore me). I think that's why my videos are so long.

      Yeah. . . that was my little brother. But if my mom was home, she would've probably done the same thing. They're both nosy like that. Haha! Oh wow, that's so ironic. XD It doesn't get better than that.

      Passenger, huh? I will investigate. ;)

      YES on the names! My parents just had to go with a popular name for my generation, first and middle combination. Whenever I'm in the store and hear my name being called, I just assume it's someone else. Because, it always is. I might conspire against some book character one day and give them the same problem.

      My brain complete froze when I was talking about my own book! It was very. . . much like me.

      The POV trick helps me a lot. Even if it doesn't actually go into the finished draft (though I'm always tempted to stick it in). I'm glad it's working out for you. Explore\ing character is one of my favorite parts.

  3. Ahhh I love this! I think I almost threw my phone from laughing.

    By the way, I just found your blog, so hi!

    a little bit of sunshine

    (I hate swoon too, it's such a weird word ew)

    1. Hi!

      Thanks so much! I try to be funny just cause. . . funny makes everything better. ;) It's encouraging to know I actually succeeded.

      (Yes, that word. Ugh. I have the urge to be obstinate and insist that it's not worth the status of being a word. But I'll refrain and be rational.)

  4. Haha, I knew you were going to say "swoon"--I just knew it! *does exultant dance while laughing maniacally* I have to admit though, I actual came across that word in one of my drafts while I was editing, and I was like, "Brain, you have betrayed me--begone with your filth!" It was a rough day. (In my defense though, I was making fun of my character a little in that scene, because I'm mean like that, but I changed the word anyway because ew... Just, no. There are plenty of other words that aren't so ridiculous.)

    I like your methods of overcoming writer's block--I'll have to try them sometime. Usually I just try to think back and retrace my steps to where the problem began. At that point, I often find that I have the character's acting contrary to their natures and their motivations, so I have to remind myself of what drives them and what they, as characters, would do in order to achieve those goals. Other times I know I have writer's block because I'm just too tired to keep forcing my brain to think of more words. (Also, I thought your soil analogy made sense.)

    Anyway, great vlog (and I loved your vest and bandana)! And thanks for commenting on Out of Coffee, Out of Mind!

    1. I know what you mean. Every time I read over old writing I'm left wondering, "All these exclamation marks, and that word "suddenly"- They're everywhere!"

      YES! That's usually what happens when I have writer's block too. I can't write true to character and so I have delve back into who they are. Yes, and the tired thing. Though I will have to say, there are some levels of tiredness that actually help me write. (Thanks!)

  5. I like your face.
    And your voice.
    And your mannerisms.
    And your personality.

    Um, anyway, over here in not-creepy land: SHERLOCK HOLMESSSSSS!!! *fangirls hardcore, and not over the shows (though I like those too)* My friends roll their eyes at me, but I'm SUCH a fan of the original stories. X) <3

    I always laugh at the word "sniveling". Ahahaha!! XD I can't. I don't know why, I just love it. XD

    LOL " ok?" XD Your brother's like, "MY SISTER HAS LOST HER MIND" XD

    "If I don't know what to write, I just.....don't." XD Haha same. Whoops!

    HAVE FUN STORMING THE CASTLE! (think it'll work?) [it'd take a miracle.]

    1. Haha! Thanks. :)

      Yes! Everybody does that when I talk about the books. They just get this look like, "What is this weird alien talking about? Books? WHAT ARE THOSE?!" While I'm more like, "Seriously people. This is the original and you're missing out. I'm just trying to SPREAD THE BRILLIANCE and nobody and their weird looks shall deter me." So I keep sharing the brilliance and every now and then someone listens.

      Snivel. Now that I think of it, it is kind of funny. Like a sneeze-laugh. It's one of those things where I can see one guy sniveling and then some other character laughs and points, "He sniveled!"

      Oh, you caught that quote! *dances* (You just nodded your head! Doesn't that make you happy?) [*goes into elaborate detail for a back from mostly dead guy* You think a little head jiggle is going to make me happy, hm?] I've always wanted to sign off that way.


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