Thursday, August 6, 2015

a sisterhood blog tag

Bailey @ The Curiosity Collections tagged me for this! Thanks!

I'm still gone by the way. But you know, had to pop by and say 'hi.' 
*clears throat*

1. Are there any other writers in your family? 

Haha! No.

This is my life, people.

I'm the only odd fish here.


2. What are your other hobbies besides writing?

Talking to my imaginary friends.

Plotting their lives. . . sometimes their deaths.

Reading books like they're going extinct.

Pretending like I'm some expert in ALL THE THINGS, and therefore creating my own world.

Making up conversations in my head. Because it is very infuriating to think of the smart comebacks after a conversation is over!

Aka writing.

*whispers* Mental writing.

3. Waffles or pancakes?

Waffles. You can put them in the toaster!


4. Do you collect anything?

Uh, books?

I would say candy but then. . . I eats it. 

5. Who is your favorite Avenger?

What kind of a question is this? Who do you think you are? 


whoever did this, they are a genius! I'm right down to the "woohoo!" because that's exactly what Spidey would say

You are all very cruel. Reminding me that Spidey isn't an Avenger.


 I like Loki!

Oh, wait. . .

Okay, fine then. Thor is cool. As well as the Hulk. Captain America. Hawkeye.

But I like Spider-man.

6. Do you play any instruments?

Let me explain. No, I'll sum up. 

I attempt to make music on the guitar, and it comes out like noise.

 Also, I'm learning how to play bass. I'm so stoked about it! (Yay. . . more noise. Go Ashley.)

7. What is your favorite character you've ever written?

Wow, really? You're actually going to ask that. 


 Um, I don't know if I can answer this one. It really is like Evans says. How can you ask me to pick a favorite child?! You make things so difficult.

Haha Beauty and the Beast
 To appease you monsters, I'll say Peril.

8. What is your favorite character you've ever read?

Again with the favorite questions! Are you human, Tris?!

I'm just going to say Aragorn.

And I dislike you all and your favorite questions. 


gif, funny faces

9. Do you prefer to write short or long works?

Every time I try to write something short, it grows into a novel. 

I've stopped fighting it. 

10. What was the last absolutely stupendous book you read?

I read Pride and Prejudice.

Oh, and Sherlock Holmes. Alwayses Sherlock Holmes.

That's fun...but just sad too

You're turn!

The all important question here: Waffles or Pancakes? 

And always: the best book you've read recently. But that should go without saying, right?


    I don't think I could answer that Avengers question. I love them all. (Yes, I love Spidey too)
    Oh I love the GIFs in this. Great post!

    1. Toaster waffles always! I would probably opt out of popcorn with my movie to have toaster waffles with my movie. Especially if blueberry ones were available. :D

      I know, me too! But a lot of people seem to ask me this question. . .


  2. Spiderman, he is awesome. I'm the only writer in family too.

    1. Yes. Yes he is. :D

      Being the only writer, is like being the only oddity. Sometimes I feel like my parents look at me like I'm a museum display, or some circus person, or some weird metaphor that they just can't figure out. Or worse, they think they have figured me out. . . but, uh, no.

  3. Love your answers, Ashley! Sorry I'm so evil! (Actually- not too sorry. MWA HA HA HA HAAAAA!) :P Your hobbies are awesome, and good luck with bass! (Also, I'm uber impressed with that. Bass is the best.) Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! Haha! It's not big deal. It was fun. :D

  4. Cool tag! Out of waffles and pancakes though, I'd say pancakes. Although both are yummy, nothing can beat pancakes for me. I love the Sherlock kitty!

    1. Pancakes are pretty good too! I had a hard time choosing. Pancakes are easier to make and take less time after all. Also they go nicely with bacon. :) But then I remembered toaster waffles. I had to abandon the pancake party in favor of prepacked, unwholesome goodness. :P

      I like the Sherlock cat too! I found him on pinterest and had to use him for something. :)

  5. Uhhh... difficult question. I like pancakes if I cook them myself (I'm a crepe person), but waffles if we have them in a cafe.
    And OHMYGOD that Sherlock Cat is basically the best thing I've ever seen!
    Beth x

    1. Oo, crepes sound good too!

      I love the Sherlock Cat too. I have to resist the urge to use it in every post. :P

  6. No, sorry, pancakes all the way home.

    "Talking to my imaginary friends.

    Plotting their lives. . . sometimes their deaths.

    Reading books like they're going extinct."

    ^^ also my hobbies! :D

    The best book I've read recently was A Farewell to Arms (you read that review). Ugh. It was SUCH A GOOD BOOK.

    PS that last gif is A++.

    1. I think as a kid, I just had too much fun try to put drops of syrup into the individual squares of a waffle. . . More than likely I was pretending to be a mad scientist or something, which happened a lot while eating food. *cough*

      *high fives* Hobbies are awesome, aren't they? :)

  7. WAFFLES OR PANCAKES? CRUEL. CRUEL. I'm going to say pancakes because I have them every third day and they are life. But chocolate waffles are also things of glory.

    And I recently read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and it was GLORIOUS and totally creepy and I have no idea why I put it off for so long because it was just so spectacular.

    1. Oo, chocolate waffles! They are like cake for breakfast!

      That sounds like a really good book! I need to read a Neil Gaiman. I keep hearing great things about his books.


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