Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vlog- Liebester Award

Skye @ Ink Castles and Bailey @ The Curiosity Collections both tagged me for the Liebester Award. Thanks you two! Tags are always fun. I thought I'd pick some of their questions and do a vlog. It's a little different this time and longish.

So yeah, sorry about the bad guitar playing. :P 

What was the craziest thing you've ever done? Do you have any "secret" talents? 


  1. I totally loved your vlog! And your answers were just fabulous- YAY GUITAR! :) Also, Jared is one of my favorite characters too! And I've totally read Icefall. I loved the Norse mythology.

    1. You've read Icefall?! Yay! I always tell people about it they're like, "Never heard of it." I love it so much though. Solvieg is one of my favorite characters. . . Oh, wait, that was Jaron. Agh! There's too many.

  2. ASHLEY CAN I JUST COME OVER AND CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS?!?! You're hilarious, girl, seriously laughed aloud multiple times. ALSO...LOVE the For King and Country poster!!! I've seen them in concert multiple times, they're amazing, right!? And thank you for the book recommendations, I've been trying to read more fantasy lately, as that's what I write. Anyway, great job, and I hope you make more vlogs! ...maybe I should try to do one...that might be a really bad idea...=)

    1. Thanks. :) I try to be funny and then always wonder if I've succeeded at being funny or being ridiculous. XD

      Yes! FK&C always! They're one of my favorite bands. I actually went to one of their concerts, that was featured just them. It was amazing! They always do great. I'm glad they won some K-LOVE Award because they totally deserve it. :)

      Fantasy is always the best way to go. :)

      You should do a vlog! It would be so cool! The first one I did, I was so nervous and I will admit I'm still always nervous when I post one. I wasn't sure if people would like it. But you all did and asked for more. It's always a lot of fun to make. And I figure if you all like them, then I'll keep doing them. :) They're especially handy for doing book reviews. It mixes things up a bit. You should try it. :D

  3. Thanks for doing the tag! Loved all your answers, and your learning guitar awesome.
    You like Canada, yes. All the book recommendations look good. I want to read Blaggard's Moon

    1. Yeah, it was a ton of fun!

      Guitar is always great. :)

      Yes! Read Blaggard's Moon. It is beautiful and amazing.

  4. Amazing post dear!

  5. Aww I loved that :3 It was really cute. BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS PRONOUNCED LEEB-STER! That's how I've always read it! The plot thickens!!!

    I liked how you defended the other seasons .... "you can go to the beach in winter too!" #winterrights2k15

    Also the bit about your dad and the video games made me laugh out loud.

    I've not read any of the books you mentioned (aside from Divergent) but aaaahhh so much need for the Ascendance trilogy and also those other fantasies, I'd definitely pick them up if I found them! I LOVE Norse mythology!

    PS You're v pretty

    PPS What is the book on your necklace?? (It is a book, right?) And where did you get it??

    1. You're probably right. I never even thought about whether I was pronouncing it properly or not. But, yeah, I usually slaughter names and titles. You are more than likely right.

      I thought about telling more video game stories with me and my dad (all of my video game stories involve my dad, and strangely neither of really plays that often). But the video was already too long. . .

      Yes! Go read the False Prince. It is amazing! Also Icefall. I love that book so much. It needs a reread.

      PS Um, thank you. . .

      PPS It's Allegiant. And I love it so much! Cait @ Paper Fury has an Esty shop and she sells the most awesome mini book necklaces. She has so many different kinds too. Her shop is called Paper Fury Ink. You should check it out. :)


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