Sunday, May 3, 2015

Snippets from Oddball the Sequel

Guess what guys?

I hit 30,000 words in the first draft of the Sequel! Most of it's probably drivel.

But it's words. And they're on paper. I mean,uh, virtual paper.

I've discovered something about sequels. The sequel of a trilogy is where you let the characters get a taste of near perfection. Just so they know what it looks like. Then you snatch it away and send them spiral down to the deepest darkness and leave them there at the end.

That sounds terrible morbid. But I'm a writer. . .

Anyhow. Onward to snippets!

I drew this earlier this year. It's not particularly accurate since this scene doesn't actually happen. Oddball and Rocky don't regularly carry swords. Do they pick some up later? I don't know. . . We'll see. Just don't look at it too closely. I mostly drew it out of my bewilderment for where to start the sequel at.

“Well, if you hadn’t have scared him,” Peril said with her hands on her hips, "he wouldn’t have set fire to the place.”
      “Ma’am, I assure you, the dragon was not the one who was scared." The man sounded out of breath, but still sufficiently patient especially for having to deal with Peril.

“Turkey bacon does exist,” Oddball said wildly. “Bacon is meat taken from a specific part of an animal. It doesn't have to be pork-“
“But it doesn't taste the same,” Peril said.
“Well, turkey and pork generally don’t.”
“Then why do they both bacon?” Peril crossed her arms.

“You don’t often hide under people’s tables, do you?”

“But we are all slaves to the system. The system of the world. People don’t change. And they just go about their lives hurting other people with everything they touch. How do you fight against yourself, and the whole world?”

Fantasy Forest practice by *Blinck on deviantART

He felt like he wanted to put his arm around her and hold her closer. He didn’t know why. But she made him feel brave. 

She felt out of place. The quiet was almost overwhelming. But it wasn’t a safe kind of quiet. It was like they all waited for what was next to happen.
Like they waited for something to go wrong.

Except Oddball. His face was- intense. He wasn’t just listening like the rest of them. He seemed to listen for something specific.
What had this place done to him?


The kid looked up. He was a half breed. Oddball only had to see his eyes. Don’t anybody ever tell him any different. This kid was a hundred percent halfbreed, as ironic as that sounded. Oddball swallowed. The little scrap of person couldn’t be eight.

Little hands dug into his hair. “You mean, the Oddball?” It was said with awe.
“I don’t know,” Oddball said. “There’s a lot of them in the world. I’m not sure I could take credit for the being the original.”

"Listen, buddy. We’re going to make it.”

Just- golly! Watching out for all your friends’ well beings was hard work. If it wasn’t Oddball, it was the girls, and if it wasn’t them, it was Bolt. . . . or whatever kid Oddball took a liking too.

“There is nothing wrong with you.”
Oddball squinted. “You really mean that?”
“Yes.” Rocky didn’t think he could ever mean anything so strongly. “It’s everybody else who’s messed up.”
Oddball looked away. “Yeah.” He smiled. It was a shy, curious, genuine kind of smile, not that amused thing that he usually wore. “Yeah. Okay.”

“Oh,” Rocky said. “Well that sounds- dangerous. But I guess, that’s something we ought to be mildly used to by now.”
Oddball smiled. Some days Rocky drove him crazy, and other days Oddball was certain that Rocky was the best person on the planet. Today was one of the latter. “Yes, mildly.”

“I thought you were dead.”
“Thank you for your unwavering faith in me.”
“But you’ve come back. Alive.”
“Well, it’d be difficult to come back if I was dead, wouldn’t it?” He sipped his coffee.

Hot Coffee. #Savannah

“You brought mud and water all into my house.” Shocky stepped into the living area.  His eyes landed on the sleeping boy, then Rocky.
Rocky, of course, waved like an idiot with his mouth full of food.
“And you brought people.” Shocky glared at him. “You know how I feel about-“
“And coffee,” Oddball held up the third mug. “I brought coffee too.”
Shocky snatched the coffee and handed Oddball the empty mug he’d been holding. He took a long swallow. “Okay, you’re forgiven. Why are you here? There isn’t going to be a lynch mob banging on my door, is there?” Shocky was always one to get to the point.
“No. We just needed a place to stay.”
“Good. Because I don’t think I can handle-“ he gave Rocky and the kid an apprehensive side look- “more.”

 “Have fun saving the world, kid.”

 I saw Age of Ultron the other day. It was the early viewing. . . at 7p. Our town is lame and small, so nobody shows up to midnight shows. Meh. Have any of you seen it? It was amazing!

I just opted out of going to see it a second time, in order to work on Oddball. I'm trying to be dedicated *whimpers*, and strong. But it's okay, because my other brother and I will probably go and see it again anyways. :) It was so good! Go and watch it!

But I do have to share a picture.

Spiderman.. age of ultron .. hawkeye to quicksilver and scarlet witch


  1. Color me impressed :D
    That sketch is so cool of all your characters looking into sunset/rise?
    There are so many things I'm curious about from all the extracts but don't want you to spoil much about your writings so only answer this : Does your book have dragon?And what was all that talk about food (meat-pork thingy)? :P
    It's a trilogy right?Oddball?Are you writing all three at the same time?Or are you working one at a time?Are you done with 1st?(I know too many questions..I'm a curious person :P you don't have to answer if you don't want to ^_^)
    And that avenger meme at the end with Spider-Man that is funny XD
    Can't wait to see Spider-Man in MCU :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, that would be the Oddball foursome. :)

      There is a dragon, yes. Skyler's dragon, Bolt, is a staticlight. It is a trilogy. The first one is sort of finished, as in it's all written, but it's out of order and some of it's on paper (I do things the hard way apparently :P). Right now, I'm working on the first draft of the sequel. As for the food conversation. . . it was breakfast time. Rocky and Skyler had walked in on Oddball and Peril arguing, and it happened to be about the turkey bacon they had eaten for breakfast. :P

      I know! I'm excited and nervous about Spider-Man back in MCU. But he's back in Marvel where he belongs, so they can't get him wrong. It'll be great. :)

  2. He felt like he wanted to put his arm around her and hold her closer. He didn’t know why. But she made him feel brave.

    She felt out of place. The quiet was almost overwhelming. But it wasn’t a safe kind of quiet. It was like they all waited for what was next to happen.
    Like they waited for something to go wrong.
    ^This is perfect. At mos phere

    “I thought you were dead.”
    “Thank you for your unwavering faith in me.”
    “But you’ve come back. Alive.”
    “Well, it’d be difficult to come back if I was dead, wouldn’t it?” He sipped his coffee.
    ^I love this. So much sass!

    I love all of those snippets. And the picture - you have a very strong, clear style. The picture caption -- I'm just going to take a leap in the dark here -- it's not a Radiohead reference, is it? It's a line from The Bends ... but I guess "where do we go from here" is pretty universal. If you don't listen to Radiohead and I'm making 0 sense, please ignore me!

    PS sorry for the stalkerish number of comments I've left over here in the past two days but that is life I'm afraid.

    1. Must I give away all my secrets?

      I kid. :) I'm so glad somebody's as excited about Oddball as I am! It's doesn't happen often.

      YES! It is totally Oddball/Peril. I wasn't sure if I wanted to amp up the romance between that early. But, yeah, the characters weren't going to wait around for me, and now it seems like it was the perfect timing. The characters know all. :O

      Oh, I'm glad you like that part! I really liked it, but I wasn't sure if it was just me.

      Yes. Oddball does take surprise people when suddenly quiet, melancholy him speaks up with a good side of sass. I think he surprises me the most. . .

      Thank you. Really, I have a style? Cool! I'm excited now! :D No, it's not a Radiohead reference. I don't think I've ever heard the song (it's amazing some of the things I've never heard. . .). But I think I should give it a listen. It sounds good.

      P.S. Hey, it's no problem. Like I said, I'm glad someone's interested in the Oddball trilogy! Besides your questions are helpful. I don't talk much about Oddball, so having someone to explain things to helps a lot. Especially when I realize there's a hole somewhere. Plotholes are writers' versions of blackholes. . .

    2. I actually really am! Far more so than most of the (many) WIPs I've read about through BP etc. You can take that as a compliment ... :D

      The characters actually do. For me, it's going the opposite way round; I thought (in my adorable 14-year-old brain, when I started the book) that my MC's romance would happen in the first book ... but no way. She doesn't even realise she likes him yet. She thinks they're just best pals. *cue evil author laughter*

      I totally get that: surprising dialogue. I'm always most surprised by the Queen character in mine, who's always talking in an extremely fancy and regal way and I have NO IDEA where it comes from!

      Yes, actually, you do! You should definitely listen. Radiohead are a top band.

      PS I'm glad they're helpful. Plot holes are a nightmare. But we'll fill them in in the rewrites ... right??

  3. These were wonderful, inspiring, and funny. The bacon one killed me, loved it. I like that their s some romance, I feel like Oddball needs that. All of these were just awesome :)
    I saw the Avenger's it was great, not as good as the first one but still really good. I don't like the Hulk/Widow :P they just don't work. I love the twins though.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I rather like the bacon one too. :)

      Yeah, I'm with you on the Hulk/Black Widow. It was just kind of strange. I like them each as characters, but not a couple. I think Black Widow's too manipulative for him. But what do I know? Yes! The twins were awesome! I love how they stick so close together.


    "He felt like he wanted to put his arm around her and hold her closer. He didn’t know why. But she made him feel brave." HOLD ON A SECOND WHILE I SHIP.


    Sorry for all the caps lock usage by the way. XD Oddball is soo interesting to me! Can't wait to see it on the shelves one day.

    I have been hearing so many good things about Age of Ultron. I need to see it... soon would be preferred, but who knows?

    1. Thanks so much! That's definitely encouraging. :)

      Sometimes I wish the characters would share some of their comeback secrets with me. Then I could be an ace at conversations. ;)

      Yes! See Age of Ultron! It's hilarious.


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