Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Poem

I wrote this ages ago. . . okay it was around 2012. But I've been wanting to share it with you guys and I have nothing to post. (Correction: when I said I have nothing to post, you may relate that to a girl who has nothing to wear though she has a closet full of clothes. . . I have a ton of half finished posts on back file.)


Frivolous mush
Coveted treasure
Too many meanings
For just one word

Fairytale defying
Time and space
Principle turning
Stiff and cold

A myth and lie
Grasping for mist
A desire and longing
Just to feel something

A wish for one day
It will happen
One day, it is real,
Real like a dream

A precious thing
Rarely noticed, ever true
Said in a deed or presence
A sacrifice of self

Chivalrous oddity
Beautiful choice
Too many meanings
For just one word


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