Friday, March 27, 2015

A bit introverted today, are we?

I believe you to be rather smart people. So I'm sure you've picked up on the fact that I'm an introvert. And sometimes I get intense cases of introversion. For instance:

1. When my introversion is so extreme even my dog seems incredibly clingy.

I love my dog. But she follows me everywhere I go in the house. It's kind of cool. But after I've already had my fill of living beings for the day, I just need my space to myself.

And I feel terrible to say that.

as in literally Everything in the universe

2. When your boss finds out it's your birthday and offers to announce it over the loud speaker.


Small panic attack over.

Just no. Okay?

3. When people try to talk to me during the times I really need my space.

Some days I get so drained, that even just a "how was your day at school," sets me off. I don't like talking to people when I'm that grumpy. In part, yes, because needing time to myself is why I'm grumpy. But also because I can be just mean at those times, and it's not their fault. They didn't do anything wrong. It's not fair for me to be angry with them, and I don't want to get angry with them.

It's just best to keep your distance at those times. My apologies. 

 How to train your Dragon! I love love this movie

4."Why do you always hide?"



5. When my mom comes into my room.

I do like to spend time with mom, truly. But since she is a mom, she tends to attract a crowd (aka: the other five members of my family). So when she's in my room, eventually half the household ends up in my room. It gets very loud and crowded.

6. At work when half my co-workers congregate around my register for no other reason than to make mild conversation with each other.

I feel like I'm suffocating. Not that I don't like them. There's just so many of them all at once! The quantity overwhelms me, I know that sounds pathetic, but it's true. I have to find some lame excuse to go somewhere else. I usually end up cleaning an unused register that has probably already been cleaned at least twice that day.

If only there were no obligations

7. When people ask, "Why are you so quiet?"

Because the world needs quiet people too.


8. When people burst out with, "Don't judge me."

I guess my silence makes them self-conscious? Usually I'm not thinking about how they just used their debit card to pay for an 89 cent transaction. I do notice, but- pfft- that matters little peanuts to me. They can do whatever they want with their debit card.

9. When people think it's weird that I don't want to be complimented or noticed to a very large extent.

I don't mind a small compliment or a thank-you or something like that. But when they want to tell the whole world and then everyone sees me?

My invisibility field has been compromised.

 Violet Parr. She is called on to save her family, and proves heroic a number of times. The experience certainly helps her develop some surely needed confidence.

10. When I'm with a group of friends, and everyone is interrupting each other each other, but when I try to say something they all just stop and stare.

Seriously, this always happened to me growing up in kids church and youth. Every time I tried to say something they would all just stop and stare at me. It was kind of daunting. And then when I had said what I wanted to, they all just continued onward. They didn't really building on anything I said like they did with each other. It was kind of like what I said didn't even happen although they all had been staring at me. It would've been more comforting if they had ignored me, really.


  1. Ugh when the mother comes into your room. That is the worst. I literally get so mad. But outside, when everyone is being loud and interrupting each other, it's okay to join the conversation too...

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yes, when my mom, or anyone, comes in my room when I'm focused it throws me off track and that does annoy me.

      Now the talking thing. . . I don't know. Just talking with large groups of people doesn't come naturally to me. But I definitely admire people who can just jump in a talk freely and don't have to come up with something the day before to talk about. I love listening to them and learning from them. Everybody is so different and interesting.

  2. Every. Single. One. I relate so much. Except maybe not the mother-in-room thing, because my mother doesn't bring a crowd with her. Nice post :) that shell quote is great!

    1. Thanks!

      I love the shell quote. It's one of my favorites.

  3. But how will people see how funny and cool you are then? o.O
    Although I get needing your own personal space sometimes :)

    1. Thanks, Neal. :)

      Most people probably think of me as "the person who doesn't talk." XD It's always hilarious when my best friend hears someone talking about how nice and sweet I am and she's like, "You have no idea," because she knows I have a smart mouth.

  4. I'm not an introvert. at all. Which is why I find this post so interesting.

    My friends call me an attention seeker and I think this is due to a long time of neglect and childhood issues, blah blah blah. Anyway, I love being the center of attention, within reason, obviously. I find it really fun! I also like it when others are the center of attention and we can cheer for them.

    I do agree with the loudspeaker thing, though. In eighth grade, I didn't get an award that I was supposed to get and the principal got a bullhorn in the middle of grad announcing my award. I was so awkward about it too!

    1. Thanks!

      That's cool that you like other people receiving attention and cheering them on! I love hearing extroverts' side of things.

      A bullhorn? Wow. That does sound embarrassing.

  5. Oh my gosh. YES TO #10. Although, when I was 12 and trying to enter conversations (obviously like an inept piece of seaweed), my group of gangling pre-teens would also ignore me. 50/50 chance I would be pulled into the conversation. -_-
    Being an introvert is hard sometimes, just because people seem to have NO CONCEPT of what it is. Alone time is golden. And yes yes I completely relate to #5. What is it about mothers being rent-a-crowd?
    (I hide from my dog too sometimes...)

    1. I know, the making conversation thing. How do people just spontaneously come up with things to talk about on the spot? I might have more or less given up on trying.
      Society sometimes sees introverts and is like, "What is wrong with you? You should change. Be like us, outgoing people." But I'm like, "No, I am an introvert and I am a rebel. I refuse to change!" Being an introvert though, I don't actually say these things. . . I just think them. . .
      (Really? I thought I was the only one. I thought I was the worst person to exist. Can I thank you?)


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