Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the gravity of it

       I was writing the other day.

            Oddball said something:

           "There are people dying down there."

           My inner critic/smart-mouth went off, "People are dying everywhere, all the time, Oddball."

           And I shut it up quick. Because I realized something. That is not something that you ought to ever tell Oddball. Or else he would be a very glum, gloomy person for a week, if not longer. It would just steal his light. To know that people everywhere are dying and nothing can keep that from happening.

          Of course, he knows about it, in his subconscious. But it's not something he likes to bring to the forefront of his mind. It's too much for him. He can't handle that much sadness at once.

          Pray tell, who can?

It really is hard not to just shut down and stop caring. But caring and feeling the hurt of every person you meet isn't weak, it's strong and it is so brave. It really is a sacrifice. The way love ought to be.


  1. That quote is beautifully written.

    Also, who is Oddball? I've only recently discovered your blog and I am not familiar with your characters. :)

    1. I'm sorry. Oddball is the main character of my book... Eh, which is also called Oddball. You can find out more about him in the tab titled My Lunacies, but it seems that a character post is overdue too.

  2. I remember the first post I read on your blog had oddball in it..I thought it was really cool..though I don't remember which post it was :P
    I like that quote in the image :)

    1. Ha! :) It's okay. I realize I haven't posted much about Oddball recently. I might have to fix that. I've really been waiting until I could post some snippets... We shall see.

    2. Snippets would be interesting to read! :D


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