Friday, February 20, 2015

Let me sulk for a while

So I heard that Spider-Man has switched hands from Sony to Marvel.

           Which is cool, I mean, Spider-Man kind of does belong with Marvel, and this also means we will be seeing more of Spidey. I heard he's supposed to be in the next Captain America movie. That sounds awesome.

          Except. . .

           Andrew Garfield will no longer be cast as Spider-Man.

The best part!

        I know some people had problems with Garfield's portrayal of Peter/Spider-Man. But I for one liked him. He was geeky in a more modern sense (aka: not all of his knowledge was from direct study so much as it was from researching his questions through the internet; he was resourceful). He wanted to keep his head down about things, but his sense to protect others overcame that. He's unorganized and messes up a lot. But he has the wit and the developed sense of responsibility with the desire to do good.

          To me, Garfield IS Spider-Man, like Hiddleston IS Loki.


          I kind of just don't want to watch any Marvel movies with Spider-Man in it now. It seems like treachery if I was to do so.

          Okay, I don't know if I can not not watch anymore Marvel. But it will be sad when I see Spider-Man up there on the screen and guess who he's not? It will be weird.  .  . 

           Excuse me while I go sulk.

This is perfect.


  1. That last picture made me laugh :')
    I haven't seen the Spiderman series, but I do know that if they replaced Loki I'd be very, very unahppy.

    1. Oh, yes if they recast Loki, that would be a tragedy of tragedies. I think the Marvel audience would truly revolt then.

  2. Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker period! >_<
    I don't know why some people think Tobey Maguire is better his movies were awful atleast TASM were funny...I hate the fact they're replacing Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in Marvel universe but atleast Spidey finally gets in the Marvel universe *YAYAYA*
    Civil War might go the way it does in comics now...and it was simply amazing in comics!!
    I hope they get someone who can atleast try be the Spidey Andrew Garfield was :D
    How cool would it be if Marvel surprised us y keeping Andrew Garfield :P

    1. I know I don't get why people say that either. And why are they replacing Garfield and Stone? Seriously, they just made to masterpiece movies and they want to throw it all away now? What are they thinking?
      I am glad that Spidey's back with Marvel though.
      I know nothing of the comics, but I want to read them, or research them. So whenever people talk about the comics and tell me "how it really happened," I just sit and listen in captured silence.
      If they did surprise us by keeping Garfield, I think I would love them forever.

  3. Whaaaat? I had no idea this was happening! My life is ruined! I was all excited for him being in Marvel and...... it's not Andrew Garfield? But AG IS Spiderman. How could they do this to me! A loyal fan?
    I too will sulk, perhaps if all the fans sulk and boycott the new Spiderman, Marvel will being back AG?
    Ps, the incredible sulk is Sherlock, isn't it?

    1. I know. It's just . . . life damaging. Why are they putting us through this? How do they suspect that we can believe that Spider-man is Spider-man without him being Andrew Garfield?

      Yes, the incredible sulk is Sherlock. ;)

  4. I haven't seen to latest Spiderman movies, but this post definitely inspired me to do so. And the Incredible Sulk? That is a fantastic and beautiful thing!
    Thank you for commenting on Inklined!
    ~Sarah Faulkner

    1. Yes! Go watch them! They are amazing.



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