Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Shelf of Books

I got a bookshelf for Christmas!

I tried to set my books up with reason and order. But that plan fell apart, and I just put books wherever they would fit!

At the top corner is the beautiful Divergent trilogy. This is one of my favorites. I recently bought Four and I am so excited to read it!

Here, we have Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. I really want to finish this trilogy. Has anyone read all three of these books?

Also, the amazing The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If you have not read this, then promise me to read it. You will not regret it. 

The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I adore this book! It's calling me to reread it. 

Just David by Eleanor Porter, I believe. She also wrote Polyanna. The book itself is old and falling apart. It has that wonderful old book smell. I haven't read it yet. But I just love to look at it. Is that shallow?

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson. An adventurous MG. A little predictable at times, but very imaginative like an good MG fantasy ought to be. 

And then, then- we have the grand Jack Lewis Baillot's books. I regret that I don't have them all yet. But the Haphazardly series is the best! She has fantastic characters. A Stretch of Loyalty is awesome too! Elves, lost princes, what more can you ask for? My birthday's coming up so I'm hoping to get the sequel.

From the bottom is a Frank Peretti, The Hangman's Curse. Not too bad. It has a nice chill, but isn't extreme scary for those who read at night.

On top is the wonderful Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. You must read this book. Dragons (need I say more?), amazing characters, and the writing- wow! The writing itself seems to have musicality. 

If you can see that little sliver of green on top of Seraphina, that's the Lucky Rhyming Pocket Dictionary. It has served me well. 

Mostly Monsterly. This cute book came out of a cereal box. I adore the illustrations.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. May we just fangirl?

My little sister painted for me a green heart. I find it hilariously ironic since I've never had a boyfriend, and I'm born on Valentines Day.

This quote from Divergent.

Part of the Emily of New Moon trilogy by L. M. Montgomery. Can you believe the library was getting rid of it? I was appalled and swooped in to rescue it (okay, so it was on their "free give away" shelf). I like this trilogy better than Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. I relate better to Emily.

Then this miscellaneous stack of books and the plaque that I also received for Christmas. (Yes, I keep my toothbrush in my room. With four siblings who forget what their own toothbrushes look like, wouldn't you?)

What does your books shelf look like? Is it organized? Do you have extra stacks of books lying around? Which ones are your favorite?


  1. Nice shelf! It's always wonderful to get a new shelf. Right now my shelves are organized rainbow colored, but I'll probably change it back to organized by author/series in a few months.

    1. Rainbow colors! That's a cool way to organize your bookshelf. I like it.

  2. wow you've got so many books :D
    Nice shelf :D

    1. Thanks! I've been accumulating books since I was probably fourteen. So I've a nice collection.

  3. I love your bookshelf! I have three siblings and sometimes I forget who's toothbrush is who's too!

    1. I think they need to start making toothbrush with more variety. Rainbow colored. Blue with orange polka dots. Gray with lime green stripes. This way people with large families have no probably differentiating between toothbrushes.

  4. Omg I had to laugh about the toothbrush. XD I have a niece and nephew who don't live in my house, but do like to "borrow" things like toothbrushes. We hide them sometimes. -_-

    LET US JUST FANGIRL! Your shelf is gorgeous and you have sooo many nice collections. I LOVE FOUR. It was so awesome reading about him as a kid. Poor little wittle Toby. (I feel like saying "Toby" would result in being punched. BUT STILL.)

    I read the first Inkheart but never got around to the rest, and I even own them! Mime read them all, though. She says the last one is really dark.

    1. Yes, toothbrushes are a treasured and coveted commodity (my preciousss!).

      I cannot wait to read Four! ("Toby" I like it. :) But yeah, I wouldn't call him that to his face. I'd probably end up crippled on the ground.) I was flipping through Divergent looking for a quote today and realized that the whole series is calling my name for a reread.

      Inkheart seems like it could get very dark. I've noticed some of the covers. It's mostly the size that is the most daunting.


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