Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogger Buddy Tag

           I was tagged by Skye Hoffert @ Ink Castles and Carly @ Books and Etc.! Thanks; you two are awesome! How about a combination of questions?

Favorite T.V Show? 

The Mentalist. Always the Mentalist. My family has taken to collecting the series on DVD.

That's all folks

What is one of your New Years Resolutions?

Treasure these days.

What kind of mythical/paranormal creature would you like to be? (Mermaid, Fairy, etc)
 I would be a dragon (or, you know, Bat-Stitch ;).


Coffee or Tea?

Tea. But I only drink it when it's cold out. When it's warm out, I go with chocolate milk (what? I'm a kid at heart.).


What was the last song you listened too?

Boomerang by Anthem Lights

What is your favorite quote?

It really is hard not to just shut down and stop caring. But caring and feeling the hurt of every person you meet isn't weak, it's strong and it is so brave. It really is a sacrifice. The way love ought to be.

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs all the way! Here's why:

This is my dog Posy. She's a Great Dane and she's pretty awesome.

And of course there's this:

So funny

Something that makes you smile?

It does not matter where I am or who it is, but if someone twirls me, like under their arm as if we were dancing, I never fail grin like an idiot school girl. 

It is rather ridiculous. 

Which fictional pairing is your favorite?

These scene is hilarious!!! So I just found out they plan on making 2 more of the Amazing Spider-Man after the 2nd comes out. That's crazy!!

 A book or movie, you would recomend?

Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby (I never hear people talk about this book, but it is so amazing! Please somebody read it.)

The Princess Bride in any form

The Hobbit in all forms 

The Divergent trilogy (not the movie)

What gif describes you?

This is me world building.


 Me and characterization.


And when I have to face the Real World:


All pictures are from pinterest, excepting my dog.


  1. Hahahaha XD XD
    Bat-stitch makes me laugh every time :P
    Your dog is so cool B-)
    I can never decide between cats and dogs :P
    Uncle Ben and Peter Parker..oh that one hurts every single time..in movies in comics in tv shows..whenever Uncle Ben is mentioned so does Gwen Stacy D:

    1. Yes, I happen to like my dog, and Bat-Stitch. ;)
      Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy are always sad mentionings. :( Uncle Ben was one of the best mentors in all of superhero history.

  2. I love Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy together (why couldn't it last forever?!) You don't like cats? How? My cat has superpowers, be careful what you say about her kind.
    I do like The Mentalist; I adore tea and milk chocolate too!
    I've never heard of Icefall but I'll check it out!

    1. I know! I wish it had lasted forever too. :(
      I don't completely dislike cats. I've just met some rather persnickety ones. My little sister has a cat though, whom I do like because she makes my sister happy. When my sister's asleep, her cat sleeps with her and is kind of like a guard cat. (I think you might be right about cats and superpowers though; telepaths they are, all of them!)

      Yes! Another Mentalist enthusiast! And I hope you get to read Icefall and love it (it is impossible not to love, in my meager opinion, but you know).

  3. Cool! I love Princess Bride in the Hobbit. But I'm a little sad now because I would've tagged you... Oh well! You're still amazing and I loved watching you answer these!

    1. The Princess Bride and the Hobbit! Yay!

      You did the tag too? I will have to read your post. These tags are tons of fun, yes? ;)

  4. Bat-Stitch is really growing on me. I smile every time I see a mention. :)
    I love that Spider Man Picture you added. Spider Man was my favorite superhero and that scene was one of my favorites.
    Great answers!

    Carly @ Books and Etc

    1. That's one of my favorite scenes too. :)

  5. Thanks for doing the tag, I love the Mentalist just started it last week. Dogs, yes your dog is so cute. I love Gwen and Peter, it's unfortunate though... because well, Spoilers. I will read Icefall, I'm always looking for a new book to read. The Hobbit and Tim Hiddleston more proof that you are an awesome person.

    1. Yay! The Mentalist. :)

      Hm, yes. . . Spoilers. :( Whyyy?

      Yes, read it! You will love it!

    2. Regarding Gwen and Peter have you seen the second movie yet.

      I shall read it then.

    3. Yes. I've seen it. It was really good, but so sad. :( Why does everything bad happen to Peter Parker? They were so perfect!! *sniffs*


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