Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life + Humans Should Be Nocturnal

           So I was gone all week. At the National Clogging Convention. I say "national" and I live in the US, but one of the Canadian provinces had the most people attend, also there were Aussies. An Aussie instructor too, he was really good.

        That's what I love about clogging. During the fun dances, someone cues routines that most people know. So you have people from all around the world, in the same room, all dancing in unison. It's pretty cool.

           I spent most of my time in advanced level workshops. I try to learn the first section of the dance. Then I'd crash in the back and watch, thinking, "That is so awesome, I wish I could do that."

           Also there was a meeting a work today. Which I was unfortunately late for, um, again. I hate being late. But I dislike being early too. Because then I'm like:

Sherlock Oh everyone say hello to everyone! how wonderful!

           "When can I home? Oh, look! A corner in which I can practice being invisible."

         But that's not why I was late. The meeting was 6:30 in the morning. Really, why are meetings always in the morning? I don't get it. The whole world starts in the morning and insists that everybody else comply with it. Work starts in the morning. School. Meetings.

        Why can't people be nocturnal? I think the night owls should unite and petition this to all of humankind.

           Also, I was kind of on pinterest when I was in class. . . Class hadn't officially started, you see. The instructor had announcements that I already knew about. So I was making the most of my time, uh. . . on pinterest. And this is what I came across:

So I'm in class right now...

           I got busted by pinerest. Rather by the Avengers through pinerest (those guys get around). It's rather pathetic. But I'm with Loki. I do what I want. Heh. But I do what to get good grades. So I got to studying. . .

            Most importantly and lastly (you know, to emphasize the procrastinating habits of writers), I have been figure the kinks in Oddball the Sequel. I'm almost done and ready to start the first draft.

         Again, every problem I seem to have all boils down to what some character or other wants. It seems if you can figure out what the characters want, you've got a story. It's all so simple. . . but not. No, not really.

Writer- except we figure out what, uh, fictional people want....

           So I've been spending my free time asking all the Oddball cast, "What do you want?"


  1. That Sherlock gif perfectly describes how I feel logging onto my online class. Most of the time before class is spent saying "hello" to people who have just logged in.
    Clogging sounds fun!

    1. I can see how greeting people in an online class can become rather redundant. Come now, people, can't we just get on with class already? Maybe writers aren't the only procrastinators in the world. . .

  2. Yes! I can barely get up in the mornings since all I've done all night is either study or read/fangirling over fictional characters. Yeah, I sometimes check pinterest and other things during class too.
    That's a great way to figure out plot lines and stuff. I hope that strategy works!

    Carly @ Books and Etc

    1. I know that's what I do all night too! Okay, sometimes I play guitar too. But, honestly, I just sent in two projects online five minutes before the due date. I almost didn't make it. But like any good writer, I was waiting until the last minute to squeeze in all the suspense I could. *cough* Yeah, that's what I was doing.

  3. Yes people should be nocturnal. Pintrest takes all my time away, but I love it. Sherlock and Loki <3
    Good luck on your book.

    1. Nocturnal people, it should be a thing. Or maybe I just need a night job?
      Sherlock and Loki. :) Yay! They are certainly not perfect characters, but they have depth. That's the important part.

  4. Wow..your blog is really cool and humorous....I liked that Why do you read :D
    Nocturnal people you say..I'm pretty sure we'll hate that the minute everyone goes nocturnal..
    PS - new follower

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I guess nocturnal people might be a little peculiar at first. But I could live with it.
      So glad to have you! :)


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