Friday, September 12, 2014

The Insanity of Life

           At first I considered posting something intelligible. But then I thought, "Who has time for that?"


           My brain is mush. College has started again and it has stolen my brain away. I think it is holding it up for ransom for the handsome price of a dozen chocolate chip cookies. . . What college will do with 12 cookies, I don't know, but like I said, my brain is mush. So I don't know what I'm talking about.


Here is what I am thinking about (you know, without the facility of a brain).

1. Government Class

             In which  I see words like "executive," "administrative," and "politically correct," and my eyes just glaze over.

2. Oddball the sequel
            In which. . . I haven't started. There's some plot issues: like the kingdoms. I need to know what they want. This leads to-

3. What Do They Want?

             In which it seems that I realize all stories are driven by what characters want, how they go about attaining what they want, and then the traffic jam that occurs when one character's plan clash with another. This leads to-

4. Real Life
             The role of goals and desires as the driving force in stories also seem to be a driving force in Real Life (we don't like to talk about Real Life; it has government assignments, and *shudders* people). So people's action can show you what it is they want (if your clever enough :P). Some people's seeming desires baffle me. Why would anybody want that?

5. Sequels and Books

            In which this is totally unrelated to #4. There are so many bad and lagging sequels out there (I'm talking books and movies). What makes the good ones good and the bad ones bad? And I really, really want to read the whole Hunger Games trilogy. Because do you know what is happening in November?


           But right now I have zero time for reading. I'm also stoked about Veronica Roth's Four. I haven't read it yet. But I am determined to acquire a copy soon.

            Okay, I need to go find my brain now.


  1. This made me laugh :') Can we take a moment for CALVIN AND HOBBES LOVE. Also Sherlock, I love that bit :')

    Good look with Real Life, also Oddball the sequel! Seriously I am excited for you to write it (and publish it, so I can read it and fangirl over Rocky/Skylar).

  2. Haha this is me literally all the time. I'm thinking about the Hunger Games and Four too ;) Otherwise Idek what's going on what? New follower coz you're just so relatable. xx

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yes, Divergent has a way of changing one's though process. ;)


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