Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's on the schedule- between "Procrastinating" and "Procrastinating"

           You remember those new unofficial guidelines I made ages ago? About when I was going to finish writing the first draft of Oddball.

         I thought that I decided to finish it before August. So guess what I've been doing?
         Yep. Busting my brains out trying to finish the last bit of Oddball.
          Honestly, I don't have that much left. Just you know, this huge BATTLE scene. The Hobbit ends with a battle scene. And so does Oddball (not because The Hobbit does, but just because. . . it somehow crept in there at the end). But unfortunately I've not ever written an elaborate battle scene.

            I'm a little stumped. Because I can't envision it yet. Have you ever read a scene or description of a person or fantasy creature, but it was really vague and you couldn't really see it? And you know that it's probably so ambiguous because the author had no idea what to write or what was going on either.

           I'm afraid it's going to turn out like that.

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.  -Frank Tibolt

            But! I do have some good news. I just looked over my guidelines again and it turns out Oddball does not have to be finished until the end of August.
             Haha! I have a whole month to procrastinate. Yes!

           A part of me is telling myself to do what I planned and lock myself away until I do finish Oddball. And I might as well. Because I am so so close to finishing.

           Because I told myself not to share snippets until I finished. I told myself not to get on pinterest, practice guitar (this is painful), read a book (oh, so very painful), have a Sherlock marathon (the agony!) until I finish.

Talent is overrated. The ability to get tough, stick with it, and produce words beats lazy literary giftedness every time.     -James Scott Bell

            So it seems like there's nothing else that I'm "allowed" to do except finish.

           What do you do when you can't 'see' your scenes? Have you ever written battle scenes?


  1. Keep going - you're so close! I have never written a battle scene ... yet! ;)

    As for not 'seeing' a scene, I don't really get this; either I have the scene, or I have no idea what's going to happen next (like right now). My general tactic when writing is to let my characters take over and do the talking. Seriously, I amaze myself with the things they say. It's like there's another person - the character - in my head, talking, and I'm just writing down what they're saying.

    1. Thank you. :)
      That is a good idea. When I don't see envision a scene very well, letting the characters rave and rant does eventually it leads to something. Or they just go and do something erratic. :P A few of the characters are rather impulsive. . .
      I have actually sketched the layout of a scene before. So who knows I might revert to that also.

  2. I'm not a writer, but IF I was writing a battle scene what I would do is probably use some action figures / mini dolls and roleplay it according to what you think the characters would do; and then describe what happened. :)

    I bet it will be great Ashley! <3
    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf


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