Monday, June 2, 2014

New Guidelines and Snippets

           So since my other guidelines have been accomplished (TRIUMPH!). Then I decided maybe, just maybe, there ought to be some new guidelines (because everybody knows 'goals' is a bigger word than 'guidelines').

           What are they?

           Well, I'm glad you asked. And I'm happy to say they might have something to do with Oddball. My most recent lunacy. Mwhahaha!


The New Official Off the Record Guidelines:  Finish the first draft of the first book of Oddball by the end of August.

           See. There. I wrote it. Now it must be so. And I must be going insane.

           Perhaps some snippets? I had a difficult time finding funny ones. Either Oddball or I have been in a mood, I guess. . .

           There was no place he would even want to belong to. Home was a thing that didn’t exist.

           The Arg laughed. Why did people laugh when they were in ill humor? Rocky never understood that.

           Why couldn’t he just win once at this thing called life?

          There it was again. Wasn’t it? The sound of breathing?
           His steps quickened. He wanted to dash back to Vorb. Even if it was nothing. He wanted to be there in the village breathing hard, laughing at himself for being so foolish.
          But he didn’t. He remained calm and walked- really, really fast.
           He was almost there anyhow. And it really was nothing.
          Rocky would never let him live it down if he ever found out. So he might as well just keep to walking really fast.
           No running. No-
           There it was again!
           How fast could someone walk before it was legitimately called running?

          “I would have to kill you if I told you.”
          Oddball shut up.
          Mica rolled his eyes. “A joke. It was a joke.”
          Mica and jokes weren’t a good mix.

           For on that night the unspeakable happened. And I would keep it at that. But this is a tale that must be told in its entirety so you may know, you may see the gravity of the situation. So that you will act upon it and not take me for just another madman running aimless in the dark of the Region. This is why Levandor is no more.

By of way, there's a new page on the top bar entitled "my Lunacies," as I've been calling my WIPs. In gives some information on a few WIPs swimming in my head with an attempted blurb of each.


  1. Very good guideline. I am going to be standing on the sidelines rooting you on.

    GREAT SNIPPETS AGAIN!!!! I love your snippets. I love Oddball and Rocky.


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