Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spiderman 2 not really a review

        This really wasn't my first intent when writing this post. But if you ramble long enough, you eventually strike on a subject you can actually use, right? ;)

          First off, they need to have Spiderman one of the Avengers movies. I've been informed that he's not really an Avenger, but still. . . I think he should be. It would be hilarious. :) As always.

           I could actually do a real review (phft, what is that?), but I would have a lot of spoilers. So. . .

           "It was an amazing movie. See? Amazing Spiderman, amazing- okay, never mind. I definitely recommend it. Spiderman is the BEST!" - Ahem. End of non-spoiler review.

           I thought about just talking about my favorite scenes (aka: spoilers galore). But then this would be a very long post.

           So I'll just give you some good reasons why you should go watch the Amazing Spiderman 2. Forigve me if most of these reasons are characters.
1. It is hilarious! Seriously. Peter Parker has the best sense of humor out of all the Marvel heroes.

2. Electro (the villain) had depth. Granted, he was a bit on the loony side, kind of obsessive. But there was more to him than the general Mwahaha! type villains.

3. Gwen. There are a lot of things you can do wrong with the hero's girlfriend. Especially when the hero all out adores her. The main question is: Is she worth adoring? And, yes, Gwen Stacy is. She's smart, strong, determined, and, what I really love, she insists on standing by him through everything (villains don't scare her) but she still follows his lead. And I love their banter together, it's hilarious:

"Aw. Gwen! This is a storage closet."
"So it's the most cliched hiding place ever-"
"Well, I'm sorry I didn't take us to the Bahamas of hiding places!"

4. Aunt May. Is. Amazing. Really, she is. All the Saturday morning cartoons have her as the sweet, nice old lady who tries to set Peter up on dates and who gets hospitalized from shock (not from the dates, thought I should clarify). Here, Aunt May is working in the emergency room trying her best to save other peoples lives! She's always there for Peter, and you kind of wondering if she knows. She has to at least suspect.

5. Peter Parker. He's my favorite superhero because no matter what happens, even if it's devastating, he always gets back up, and keeps going. No matter how bad his real life is, no matter how much people talk down about Spiderman, no matter how impossible the fight, he always does what's right. He's hilarious and full of energy (as Peter and Spiderman; he doesn't have this personality shift between his alter ego like Batman seems to, yeah, so maybe I just compared Marvel and DC. . .). He can't stand the thought of one person getting hurt when he could've been there to save them. He fights all these supervillains, and the mobsters and such, but he still takes time to save a kid from bullies (that was one of the best scenes ever!), and to stop petty store thieves when he's sick. Even in his normally life, he really cares about people, whether he's worrying about his Aunt May working too much, or going to comfort Harry, his long ago friend-but-might-as well-be-a-stranger. You know that saying about how hard times can either break you or make you? Some pretty tough stuff happens in Spiderman 2, and even though it may get him down for a while, Peter decides to let it make him a better person. He gets back up and when he does it makes him stronger. He still fights for what's right and finds something witty and cocky to say in the mix. And he always keeps his humor about him. :)

           I guess I'm really writing this because I'm trying not to be disappointed. I'm trying to convince my brother to have a Sherlock marathon with me. Because he has not seen any of season 2 or 3! It's just wrong, and shouldn't go on any longer. But for some reason, my brother cannot comprehend exactly what a movie marathon is. You're supposed to watch all the shows in succession, you're supposed to stay up all night, and you're supposed to eat ice-cream and skip going to the gym. (and I recently found out that the concept is foreign to my mom also.) If you don't do this, then you deprive yourself of having the full movie marathon experience. Still he refuses to understand, and so I write about Spiderman instead.

           I did finish reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Yay. . . I'll 'review' it. . . later.

           What is this thing with excellent, but sad story plots? And why is it that I have to like them so much? Maybe I'll just go into mourning for a couple of days .


  1. Okay, you've convinced me to do two things. 1) See the new Spidey movies, and 2) follow your blog. Cuz the thing I love best about comics Spidey is his snarkified sense of humor, and that was so lacking in the Tobey McG version that I was sad. And so I didn't see either of the new Spidey movies, and now... obviously, I should. I'll go about rectifying that as soon as possible.

    1. Yes! See the new Spiderman movies. They are so much better than the older ones, plot-wise and character-wise. And his sense of humor is definitely the best. :)


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