Sunday, May 25, 2014

Amity (the pictures)

"Those who blamed aggression formed Amity."
The Amity exchange smiles. They are dressed comfortable, in red or yellow. Every time I see them, they seem kind, loving, free. 
- Divergent by Veronica Roth

           I know Amity has a few screws loose sometimes. . . Actually it has to do with whatever's in the bread. But I've always liked the Amity in ways. There's something beautiful in their simple, peaceful lifestyle.

          You know, as long as you're not into adventuring.

I always forget how considerate the Amity are until I see it for myself.- Insurgent by Veronica Roth

           And don't mind wearing yellow everyday. Ugh, yellow. . .

           The Amity's manifesto is made up of four conversations. These conversations are between family members confiding in each other about their problems and giving each other peaceful solutions. It's a very neat concept for a manifesto, I think. The four conversations are titled Trust, Self-Sufficiency, Forgiveness, and Kindness. There was once a fifth conversation that was later omitted; it was titled Involvement. Taking this out of their manifesto is where I think the Amity first went wrong.

. . .the Amity recognize no official leader- they vote on everything, and the result is usually close to unanimous. They are like many parts of a single mind, and Johanna is their mouthpiece.- Insurgent by Veronica Roth

          When I saw this pendant it made me think so much of the tree in the Amity compound. I'd love to see a tree like that.

          It sounds weird calling the Amity headquarters a compound though. Certainly that's not what they called in the book. . . still it sounds odd as 'headquarters' also.

           In the book, Amity is described as orchards, large greenhouses, and rough, unpainted living quarters with large windows that make it feel like you're still outdoors.

          But really, at the heart of it, when I think of what Amity looks like, I picture home. Maybe that's were I'm at peace or something like that.

"The Amity are meeting in a half hour," he says. He quirks his eyebrows and adds, with a touch of melodrama, "To decide our fate."- Insurgent by Veronica Roth


  1. You definitely look very peaceful and amity-ish. Joining that faction any time soon? ;) BEWARE THE BREAD. I love how you do these posts! I think it's really awesome!

    1. Ha! Oh, yes, the bread. You'd think it'd be in the water or something. But now if I ever travel far from home I'll always be weary of the bread. ;)

  2. All your pictures made me want to go there and relax.


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