Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Post of Random

          I promise I have not forgotten the faction posts. They are in the works, promise. The biggest hold up is the photos. That should be the easier task, I know.

           Speaking about Divergent, I actually watched a trailer of it today. I've not seen any, at all. I like to be surprised. But this time I couldn't help it. It looks good so far. Though I'll admit, I'm still afraid they'll mess it up (aka: there'll be too much kissing). But whoever's filming The Hunger Games is doing excellently (I don't know if it's the same producers as those who are doing Divergent or not). Out of both Hunger Games movies, I only I have one complaint.

           Haymitch didn't fall of the stage at the beginning during the Choosing Ceremony! I was so disappointed. I was just waiting for it, and then, oh! here it comes- nope. It didn't happen. What? But one complaint, a meticulous complaint, out of two movies, that's pretty good.

           Okay, enough of that. Here's the Divergent trailer.

           Tell me that doesn't look amazing. :D I have never been to a midnight showing, but I'd love if this movie was my first one. Which may mean I need to get tickets waaaay early.

           Love Alone is Worth the Fight by Switchfoot (see? long titles are good).

           Worn by Tenth Avenue North

           I was going to show you Death is a Quiet Wave by Olan Rogers, but. . . It's a little long. So Waffles by Julian Smith TV.

        What do you think about the Divergent movie? Have any doubts? Hopes? What about the Hunger Games movies? Anything you wish they did differently? Anything you think they did splendidly (like the casting? that was awesome)?

          Maybe next time there'll be a faction post.

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