Monday, March 31, 2014

World Book Night

           I just heard of this amazing thing called World Book Night. It's a U.S. celebration, April 23, 2014, that coincides with the International Book Day where people give away books. (for free, yes.) It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard of.

            I'm plan to brainstorm some friends or family whom I'd like to give a book too. But perhaps we'll have so bookish fun here too, link-ups or something neat like that.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Candor pictures and random stuff

          I have very few white clothes. Most of my clothes are black, black and blue, or green. So the Candor outfit is actually what I clog in during performances. I read Veronica Roth's blog where she modeled outfits for each faction, and Candor dresses very formally. So this might not be formal enough.

The truth serum chair. 
(It's not called that in the book. But that's how I think of it.)

Brushing up on some logic and good reasoning skills with The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn.


          I was reading at Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard, and I found a very interesting post. It had to do with depressing and serious books and not chasing your readers away with the doom and gloom.

          In a workshop I attended once, Steven James said that when you have many action scenes strung together there needs to be a short time of reprieve. Basically to let the characters, and the readers, catch their breath and absorb what's just happened. Maybe there's a problem they need to solve (like Tris and Tobias talking about the Erudite's plans) or a time to mourn and heal (like Katniss arranging flowers around Rue and singing to her) or literally a time to catch their breath (because it's only realistic, characters have to breathe too ;) ).

           Just as you need a break from the chases and the duels, the swordfights and the sinking ships, you also need a break from the depressing and solemn moments in the book (though sometimes depressing and solemn moments happen during chases and swordfights). You need a psychological break. Some time to laugh, be lighthearted, etc. Or else the readers get worn to the ground.

          While reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I often had to take breaks from reading, because often times I felt like a was gasping for air. To me there was very few mental breaks to breath. It must've been true for Katniss too since she end up with PTSD.

          Sometimes these mental breaks are hard to fit in. In the weird idea book that I hope so start, it'll be more difficult to find these kind of breaks. Since the main character is lacking in the humor department. But maybe I can make up for it by giving her hilarious friends, maybe even a funny villain. Oddball's story though is fairly easy, since the characters are always wanting to pick on each other any chance they get. Usually it's harder to get them to be serious. I still don't understand why characters must always have it their way all the time. I'm the writer after all.

          On another note, there's this great post on YA Highway about what plot is and how plot and characters work together. Oddball and Rocky are giving me snarky looks that say, "And you thought we didn't have any plot, huh?"

Thursday, March 20, 2014


           I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I still haven't had time to get some photos together. So there'll be a catch up post with Candor photos in it. Hopefully in at least a week or two. And here is the Candor faction.

           The Candor are seekers of the truth. I really admire that about them actually. The truth is such a very important thing. The Candor shun anything that is deceptive. I don't know about you, but I hate to be deceived or used. Honesty is something I highly value. But do I always tell the truth?

It must require bravery to be honest all the time. I wouldn't know.

          Uh, no. I wish I was. In some ways, like Tris found out in Insurgent, being truthful from the start saves a lot of time, broken hearts, and stress. If the truth will hurt when you tell it, usually prolonging it will only make it hurt more when you do say it. Being honest sometimes is another kind of bravery.

I'm not brave, I shot Will and I can't admit it, I can't even admit it . . .

           The Candor see everything as right and wrong, black and white (as their faction colors suggest). There are no gray areas to the Candor. There is no lesser of two evils. There is no, " well, which ever decision you make it could still be the right decision depending on your intentions." I used to view the world this way when I was younger (because, you know, I'm 22 so I'm just sooo ancient :P). There was a good choice and a bad choice. No in between. No, "that choice could be good or bad depending on the way you look at it." All that? No more. There are too many gray choices in life. I don't know how the Candor do it. I only wish everything was always black and white. It'd make things so much easier.

. . .most people refer to it as the Merciless Mart, because the Candor are merciless, but honest.
           The Candor are very blunt. They will set you straight if you're wrong. If they don't like you, or if they do like you, they will speak their mind. They won't lie to save your feelings because that is deception. They will not keep their opinion to themselves because the world must know the truth of what they are .thinking. They must be transparent to everyone so each person knows where he stand with everyone else. Being an open book isn't naivety to them, it's honesty.

Candor is cruel for forcing them from him, for taking away his freedom.
           They even go so far as to have developed a truth serum. Before you can be accepted into the Candor faction you are to be injected with truth serum, and in front of the whole faction tell all you secrets. That's way over the top for me. For one, as Tris thought also, shouldn't I have a right to privacy? And secondly, does it matter than when I was ten I had an imaginary pet turtle (that was an illustration by of way)? Does anybody care? Will it make any difference, good or bad? Some things aren't that important.

It's not cruelty, maybe, but a desire to understand, that motivates them.
           If the world worked on Candor philosophy, it would be very honest. Very transparent. Very definite. Very impossible. I think, honesty would often be used as an excuse to be rude and humiliate others. The expert liers, the con men, the hypocrites, and manipulators would run rampant (if someone is taught to detect lies, they can also learn to tell lies without being detected), because human nature is flawed. If everyone had the desire to do good and could succeed at it than a Candor society might actually work. (actually anything could work if human nature wasn't flawed). Unfortunately that's not the case.

           All the same though, I do like the Candor. I envy them, really. Simply because they speak their mind. Sometimes I wish that I was brave enough to speak so freely. To them, communication is simple. All you have to do is say it. Nobody minds. Everybody does it. To them, the choice is easy. It's black and white. (*sighs* so unfair)

"Thank you for your honesty." - the Candor

          Also I'm going to see the Divergent movie tonight! I'll see if I can review that without too many spoilers. . .

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Post of Random

          I promise I have not forgotten the faction posts. They are in the works, promise. The biggest hold up is the photos. That should be the easier task, I know.

           Speaking about Divergent, I actually watched a trailer of it today. I've not seen any, at all. I like to be surprised. But this time I couldn't help it. It looks good so far. Though I'll admit, I'm still afraid they'll mess it up (aka: there'll be too much kissing). But whoever's filming The Hunger Games is doing excellently (I don't know if it's the same producers as those who are doing Divergent or not). Out of both Hunger Games movies, I only I have one complaint.

           Haymitch didn't fall of the stage at the beginning during the Choosing Ceremony! I was so disappointed. I was just waiting for it, and then, oh! here it comes- nope. It didn't happen. What? But one complaint, a meticulous complaint, out of two movies, that's pretty good.

           Okay, enough of that. Here's the Divergent trailer.

           Tell me that doesn't look amazing. :D I have never been to a midnight showing, but I'd love if this movie was my first one. Which may mean I need to get tickets waaaay early.

           Love Alone is Worth the Fight by Switchfoot (see? long titles are good).

           Worn by Tenth Avenue North

           I was going to show you Death is a Quiet Wave by Olan Rogers, but. . . It's a little long. So Waffles by Julian Smith TV.

        What do you think about the Divergent movie? Have any doubts? Hopes? What about the Hunger Games movies? Anything you wish they did differently? Anything you think they did splendidly (like the casting? that was awesome)?

          Maybe next time there'll be a faction post.