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Divergent: the characters

           I finished Divergent, and considered writing a review. But. . . I spend most of my time writing about the characters in the review, and with these faction highlight posts. . . Why don't we just skip to the characters?

           Caleb: He's Tris' brother. Honestly, I kind of like Caleb. And in the second book, he disappointed me. A lot (not sure if I believe it yet). I think I kind of feel like Tris with her sibling "I love you/I despise you" feel toward him. He's intelligent. And hilarious unaware and uncaring about his physical appearance.

          Christina: Tris' fellow initiate and best friend. Christina is awesome. She's strong and unafraid of what people think of her for the most part. She's not afraid to be a girl, or admit when she can't do something. She's loud and perky, Tris' opposite. And she's afraid of moths. . .

           Will: another initiate. He's from the Erudite faction, and I'm afraid he's still got a lot of it in him, except without the malice toward other factions. I like Will too. He's hilarious and always a smart mouth. Smart mouths always make dialogue more fun.

           Peter: another initiate. I really don't like Peter. Take hatred, revenge, intelligence, and add a lot of cowardice, and you get Peter. He speared someone's eye with a butter knife! In the middle of the night when the guy was asleep! He's despicable. Just saying.

           Eric: a Dauntless leader. He's a lot like Peter. Except worse. He's more of a weasel and I'd say he's more dangerous. He takes the honor out of the Dauntless and replaces it with unreasonable brutality. He's sadistic too. He's one of those people who makes you angry and scared at the same time. So you're unsure how you want to react to him. He grins sadistically at you and waits to see which wins out first, your anger or your fear?

           Tori: a Dauntless member. I really like Tori. She doesn't play a big part. But I think she's smart. And I would definitely fear her anger.

            Tris' mom: forgive me, I've forgotten her name. Tris' mom is amazing. Really. She's definitely a mom. She seems very gentle and domestic. And she is in ways. But she's Divergent too. And there's a whole other side to her. She's very strong. I love her self sacrifice and what that teaches Tris, that what Tobias said is true. Your bravest acts are normally your most selfless. She's very inspiring.

           Marcus: Tobias' father. My reaction to Marcus is pretty much the same as Tris'. He just disgusts me. His duplicity. His lying. How he's so counterfeit and yet weasels his way into getting people to so easily believe him. He really isn't strong, or selfless, or brave. He works on charm and manipulation and I can't stand people like that.

           Jeanine: the Erudite leader. With all the other antagonists, Jeanine is probably the main antagonist of the book, but she's very different. While Eric is sadistic, Marcus is deceptive, Peter is murderous; Jeanine doesn't seem to have a heart. And I don't say that with venom. She truly doesn't feel people's pain or care to. At a point in the book, Tris sees her as a machine doing anything it takes to accomplish her goal without partiality. She doesn't care if her enemy meets his end with great pain, as long as he reaches his end. And if she can learn something from him along the way, even better. She's unfeeling, and sometimes that's scarier than sadism. I'm not sure.
           Tobias: the love interest/ influential in the Dauntless world (technically he's not a leader, but people seem to follow him anyhow). He's Divergent also. Out of everyone, he's the first one to notice Tris for who she is. He looks beyond her smallness and gray clothes. He can be intimidating when he wants to be, and sometimes without meaning too. He's definitely not someone to mess with. But at the same he can be sensitive to others. Sometimes. . . He's intelligent and quick-thinking. I like what he believes about the factions system. He mentions that he wants to not only be brave, but to be brave, kind, intelligent, honest, and selfless. He's probably one of the only people in the whole book who has a clear idea of his identity. He's embraced being Divergent. In the extras in the back of the book Roth mentions that she thinks Tobias' has the right mixture of strength and vulnerability. I agree. That's another reason I like him. That balance is so hard to find. At times his angry does seem volatile, but that's not often. Sometimes I wonder if he's one of the most stable people in the book.

           Tris: the protagonist. Divergent is one of the few books where I favor the protagonist over any of the second characters. Tris is originally from the Abnegation faction, she transferred to the Dauntless faction. Which is very rare. The factions are very different. I relate to Tris in a lot of ways. People always seem to underestimate her. This leads her to underestimate herself at times. During the Dauntless initiation she begins to find out what she's capable of. She's looking for where she belongs and who she is, what does it mean to be Divergent. She has a love for heights, which I like. She's afraid to look vulnerable or weak, but she cares more than she lets on. Well, depending who you are. If your name is Peter or Eric, yeah, she doesn't care at all. If I had to go through the a Dauntless fear landscape, I know at least half my fears would match hers. Tris isn't always very likable. She's not particularly nice, but she can be more selfless when the situation calls for it. She's tough and does what needs to be done even when it's hard. She doesn't shirk away or make excuses; she just does it. And sometimes she isn't completely aware of her emotions because she tends to shove them down until they come screaming out.

           Okay. I'll be done now, because I could go on forever about the characters. Hopefully there'll be a Dauntless post up soon. And, well, what do you want to talk about?


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