Friday, January 31, 2014


"Those who blamed selfishness made Abnegation." -Marcus from Divergent

I thought it would be fun to highlight each of the factions in the Divergent trilogy as I reread it. I decided to take pictures too of each of the factions' "uniform."

I don't own many gray clothes so this is the best I could do.

           I love how even though Tris wants to leave the Abnegation faction, she isn't resentful of it. Tris sees the Abnegation as her family. Not her faction. The only reason she has for staying is because she doesn't want to betray her family. She doesn't leave because she thinks selflessness is unimportant. Actually, she seems to admire selflessness. She admires how her mother can forget herself and think of only others. She even wishes to be like her family. Instead she leaves because she doesn't believe she is selfless enough to remain in Abnegation. She doesn't think she fits in. That it's not her identity.

My father says- used to say- that there is power in self-sacrifice. - Divergent

           The Abnegation are focused on being selfless. They believe that humanity's main evil lies in selfishness and that society would be better if everyone was more selfless. The Abnegation dress and act in ways to "forget themselves" in order to help them to think only of others. They make it a point to draw little attention to themselves, and to help others and be sacrificial of their own time and possessions.

           But is there such a thing as being too selfless?

           After the Choosing Ceremony, Tris realized that she never really had any friends. Since the Abnegation are supposed to always think about someone else, they aren't allowed to share their own personal problems with each other. That would be seeking one's own comfort. The Abnegation have to deal with their individual problems alone. They can't confide in anyone. Even though they can offer help to others, they can not ask for help or accept it. How can you help others if you, yourself, are in need of help?

          Would a world solely based on Abnegation beliefs be ineffective? With everybody would be trying to assist everyone who cannot accept each other's help? Each person would be alone, an individual kept to themselves.

Selflessness and bravery aren't that different. - Tobias from Divergent

          I like the Abnegation faction. Selflessness is important. And you don't see it often anymore. Sometimes even acts that seem selfless aren't selfless any deeper than the surface. It's really kind of sad how little people care to stop to help someone else out. Few people take time out to do things for others. Even if it's just little things. Holding a door open. Picking up someone's dropped keys. Doing the dishes. Really listening for a few extra minutes.

           I do find it kind of interesting that the Abnegation (Tris' parents did, I'm assuming this was something their whole faction believed) think that physical contact is powerful and something to be careful with. In someways, I think I agree with them. Maybe in all ways. Hitting someone is powerful. And hugging someone can be just as powerful. It just depends on your intent, I guess.

           What about you? Is there something you find fascinating about the Abnegation?


  1. have a .... face! YAY! (Okay, that sounded weirdly stalkerish, but seriously. It's nice to see a face to match the name. XD) I find a lot of Abnegation fascinating...although they were kind of the faction I didn't like the most at some points. It was just because, eh, I'm NOT selfless like that. I really feel for Tris when she wanted to be selfless and loved it...but just wasn't. I'm not proud that I'm not selfless. But I do find it annoying the lack of communication between the parents and the kids. How they WEREN'T allowed to talk?! Gaaah. I just found that frustrating to read about. Really cool post, Ashley! I can't wait to see you in Dauntless. ;)

    1. Yeah, I decided to put my face on today. . . ;) But really, I kind of figured I should post a picture so people actually know what I look like. What better way than with a book post?

      I know it was so frustrating that they couldn't talk to their parents. That they really couldn't even just talk. I mean they couldn't confide in each other; they didn't really have friends. The night before the Choosing Ceremony when Caleb stopped to talk with Tris, neither of them could really tell each other anything. And they seem like the kind of siblings, that if give the opportunity, they would be really close to each other. That's just so sad.

  2. I am almost tempted to read the books now. I like your thoughts on them, and it is really interesting. It sounds like the whole world was well thought out.

    1. Yes! You should so read it! It's not steampunk, not fantasy. There aren't swords and dragons and kings. But there's plenty of action, and the world of it is amazing. The characters are good too. Tris is very intricate.


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