Friday, December 27, 2013

"Will they bring us luck?"

            Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?

            Yeah, I kind of, might have, disappeared again. For various reasons. Sorry about that.

           I saw The Desolation of Smaug. Even though he wasn't, um, desolated. . .  Okay, maybe that's not what the title referred to, but oh, well.

           My favorite scene was Thorin standing on Smaug's snout. I know, that's a weird favorite scene. Still, what would you do if you stood atop the snout of a dragon? What would you be thinking? Would you be able to think? Would your thoughts drop to mush as you looked down at the furnace rising in the dragon's throat? Or would that be the moment you could think the clearest (yeah, it's technically not a word)? When you could think and do exactly what you needed to escape in a way that could never be replicated. To stand on the snout of a dragon. . .

           Sounds exhilarating, hm?

           No? Oh. Well, okay.

           The part I didn't like, was, I don't know. How lightly the whole film took death and killing. I know that sounds weird too. It's fantasy. It has war. It has big swords. But I mean, they made it seem like death and war was. . . Cool. Glamorous. It had people in the theaters laughing. And sure, it was always the orcs, the representation of evil, who died for the sake of a laugh or a cool move from Legolas (not putting down Legolas, he's one of my favorites). But still.

           I'm not saying the war and death shouldn't be in the movie. It happens. It's real. But for real? For real, it's not cool. It's not funny. Or glamorous. War and death is always dirty, grim, and ugly. It's not something to be celebrated. I was disappointed that it was.

           All the same, it was an amazing movie. Once Smaug was on the scene, it was the best. The dragon movies I've seen have mindless, killing machine dragons. And the talking ones are just ridiculous. But Smaug was what a dragon should be. Powerful. Arrogant. Full of himself to the point that it's funny. And yet still too dangerous to laugh at.

           But I don't understand what the dwarves were trying to accomplish when they dumped the melted gold on Smaug. 

           So, yes, Smaug was my other favorite part. Terror all around. Actually, seeing his size in comparison to the Bilbo and the dwarves really cemented Bilbo and Co.'s, um. . . Courage? Stupidity? Determination? Bravery? Passion for their homeland in the dwarves case. Greed for power in Thorin's case.

          I really like Thorin. I liked him in the book too. Until his pride and greed destroyed him. It makes me so sad that he let it get to him. They portrayed his change very well in the movie though.
           I noticed something in the movies though. Whenever the dwarves are gathered at a table. Thorin is never sitting with them. He is always standing away from the madness, leaning against some post, looking thoughtful and important. Why is that you think?



  1. Eh...I don't really like Thorin so far! But I haven't watched Part #2 yet. I plan to! Buuuut...I think you need to be in the right frame of mind for a 3 hour Tolkien dump. I feel like watching Frozen. ;) Still! I go where the family goes! Hopefully next week for us. :)

    1. Oh, yes, the right frame of mood. They don't really ease into the sequel very well. They must think you already care about the characters and story or else you wouldn't be sitting there waiting to view them for another 3 hours. Who needs to be transitioned into the next segment of the movie? Just throw giant spiders in the audience's face; they'll love it. :P

      Frozen! I'd like to see that. But my family went without me. . .


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