Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Notebook Sister's Link-up Part 2


           And here's the writing half. It's not that impressive. I'm sorry.

1. How many books did you write this year? (Estimate your overall wordcount for us too!)

I didn't finish a single book.

2. Which was your favourite to write?

I wrote mostly Oddball. And I enjoyed it very much. Though I loved the snippets of the weird idea that I jotted down.

3. Which was the hardest to write?

Oddball. Grr to backstory.

4. Tell us about you favourite Male Character you wrote this year!

I'm rather biased toward Oddball. You're so melancholy, realistically pessimistic, sarcastic, and unwaveringly loyal. It's a fun combination, surprisingly.
           Rocky, you're always awesome. Don't bow and say it comes natural. But okay, maybe it does for you. 
5. And how about your favourite Female Character?

Hm, there's not many girls in Oddball.
           I'll have to say Peril. You'll always be my favorite even though you did give me a hard time to write. You out of all of them, were so hard to get on paper. But you're too you to dislike, and I mean that.
           And Mora, I hope every reader learns to love/hate you as much as I do. Just saying.

6. Can you introduce us to some awesome sidekick(s)?

I'm not sure if Rocky is Oddball's sidekick, or Oddball's Rocky's sidekick, or what. Rocky is awesome though. Oddball's opposite in a lot of ways. They interact like every good duo should. Tons of tension, teamwork when there has to be, and hilarity all around.

7. Any romances in your writing? Which couple didn't go together as expected?

Hm, Rocky and Skyler. They're currently separated by a mountain range though. There'll be more romance to come, but knowing me and the characters, it won't be much.

9. What challenges did you compete in this year? (NaNos? Personal goals? Challenges run by other blogs?) And how did you go?

I wanted to get Oddball and Rocky to Vorb before a specific time. I'm not sure if they made it before the end of summer, but they did make it. They've also met Peril (oh, lucky them*cough*), another plot destination made.

11. Epic quote(s) you wrote?

He had an expressive face for a dragon.

12. Last word from your manuscript(s)! Go!

The last sentence from the rough draft.

He should've stayed in the Border.

14. Show us your favourite funny scene!

Another knock at the door. Smelt's steady hammer beat jarred. He sighed and looked at Ember. "You see what they do?" He feigned anger. "They say, 'We want you to make more for us, Smelt. You are the best, Smelt. You must make us so many things.'" He spread his arms out wide. "And what do they do?" He put his hands on his hips and made a face at Ember.
             She laughed.
            "What do they do?" he said again. "They come pounding on my door when I work. When I work! When I do what they want, they come to bother me."
           The knock came again.
           "You hear this?" He swung his hammer to the door. "You think it is fair?"
           "It is never fair. Life cannot do it." Ember said.
           "Wait now," Smelt frowned at her. "You cannot use my quote against me. That is not fair!" He beat on his work and frowned when he found it too cold. She giggled. "You find it funny?"

15. Show us a snippet of dialogue you're proud of.

"Adventuring suits you."
           "It. . . it does?"
           Now she looked at him. With that grin. "Yes. You thrive on it."

17. What has writing taught you about yourself this year?

I have a long way to go, so I better keep going. And I saw myself in some of the ways my characters thought, spoke, and acted. In unexpected ways actually.

18. Best piece of writing advice you learnt this year?

Write, write, write, and never waver from that.

19. Anything big on the horizons for next year? Plans to query? Publish? Edit?

Finishing a first draft! Woohoo! Maybe even two.

20. Tell us a bit about a book you're super excited to write in 2014!

           Well, if I finish two first drafts, I plan to put more effort into the weird idea. The weird idea obviously lacks a good title, and it's a series that revolves around a trilogy (if that makes any sense). It's journals, the future, and superpowers. It's in first person. And I am ecstatic about it. :)


  1. I'm loving the sound of The Weird Idea (I think it needs a title, because I feel bad calling your writing "weird". I'm sure it's not that weird. Okay...maybe it could be. I'll shut up now.) Go Oddball! I really liked your epic quote. Made me smile! I think, though, that your choosing favourites between your kids, er...characters. ;) Oddball might come after you with a spork.

    1. Trust me, it is weird. But it does need a title. I've been tossing ideas around like New Normal or Here From the Future. :P Nothing sticks.
      Oddball isn't really the spork kind. He's more the kind to try to gross me out, or a spur-of-the-moment prank when he sees the opportunity to be mischievous. Now that I think of it. . . I'm not sure he knows what a spork is.

  2. I think I might have to do this after New Years, it looks fun.

    You''ve no idea how much I love your characters. Every time I read a snippet or hear about them I love them even more. I want to read their book very badly so you should publish someday soon. I shall be your first fan. "In what way do you resemble a means of keeping one cool?"

    You can finish the first draft this next year. I believe you can because you are cool like that.

    And lastly...Merry Late Christmas and a Happy Early New Years!!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I'll try my best to finish it. This link-up has made me more excited to do so. Happy New Year!


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