Thursday, December 12, 2013

So this is what heaven looks like?

           I took my finals, died, and came back to life.

           Theoretically. Of course. Sort of. . .


           This post contains very little talk about writing. Just more general stuff. Like life stuff. Though. . . 'they' (whoever they are anyways) say that to write you have to live first, you have to experience life.
So in a weird way, can it also be said that everything is writing? Or at least research for writing?

I'm still alive. At least in cyberspace. Actually, I'm celebrating the end of fall semester with a blog post, a pair of chopsticks, a bowl that used to contain ramen soup, and some blue plaid shoes.

             I have now seen Catching Fire! (I was probably the last to see it.) It was great amazingness. I"ll have to do a whole post on it soon, because it won't fit into a meager paragraph. The only thing I will say here about it, is something more or less detached from the movie. Okay, it involves a moviegoer instead.

           The only other people in the theater with my mom and I was an elderly couple, and two elderly ladies who came together. One of the later of the two said to the other, "The book was really confusing. With all the action, I couldn't understand what was going on."

           She was lucky I'm a reserved, shy sort of person, or she would've had a rant to listen to. How in the world could you not know what was going on in Catching Fire?! I thought that surely Katniss was the only one who didn't know. The whole time they were in the arena, I mentally screamed at her, "How can you be so blind? Just look around you! Don't you see?" It was so obvious. How could a reader miss it?

           I feel better now that's out of my system. . .

           I'm halfway through The Book Thief. I love it. The style. The characters. The words themselves. The everything. I can't wait to review it. Even though most of you may have already read it. It's worded so beautifully. I'd say the author must be magic, but I know better than that. The five hundred and something pages is a out of my comfort zone. But I wouldn't trim a letter.

           Here's a sample of typical text conversation with my mom:

Mom: Are you home?

me: Nope. I'm headed to Canada. Hear they have a lot of cloggers. Ah?

Mom: Take me, but can we leave in the summer?

me: But I'm halfway there! You want me to postpone now?

Mom: Who's plane are you on?

me: I built a TARDIS. :) Not that you know what that is. . .

Mom: No- is it sci-fi?

me: Of course. *sigh* I'll turn around just for you. But I'll have you know that you've just ruined a trip that I've been planning for ages in a mere matter of ten minutes.

Mom: We need to head to Tyler. Will we fit in your tardis (I know, she didn't capitalize any letter, oh, mother dearest)

me: The TARDIS is not for a meager hour journey. This thing was made to travel! Time and space is where it belongs. Tyler, posh! What are you thinking? I'm afraid some of the kinks aren't worked out yet though. We've have to go in the summer. The heat just went out on me.

Mom: Why aren't you taking a final? (always so practical)

me: I needed to take the TARDIS for a test drive and Canada was a perfect choice. Who has time for finals when a spin in the TARDIS and Canada awaits?

Mom: Stop traveling the world and focus on school. (she's just know fun)

          Congrats to those who have finished the random post. :) Maybe next time we talk of something of great importance.


  1. Ah, The Book Thief. Fantastic.

  2. You're a Whovian TOO!!! I did not know this! I've been gone for 3 months and now I know nothing

  3. I'll go with you to Canada. Only if we can visit the Oods after. I've always wanted to visit them.

    Finals. I have mine tomorrow. It is scaring me. They're my first so I'm not sure what to expect. But after it I'm hiding in my room for the rest of the week, watching TV and waiting for Moffat to ruin Christmas. Dear Moffat, how we dislike you.


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