Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I am not thinking about at present

             Day 23: a song you want played at your wedding

             Um, I'm really not thinking about that right now. At all. I'm an artist. I don't have time to waste by daydreaming about something so trivia. Besides who needs a wedding? They're stressful and expensive. I'll just get married.

            When my best friend got married, they played Disney songs. It was really cute. So just for kicks, how about this?

I know not romantic or anything. :P

Day 24: a song you want played at your funeral

           Again, why should this be on my mind at present? Does it matter? I won't be there to hear it.

           Fine. Here's one.

             I already posted this for Oddball once. But it seemed right here too. I thought about Switchfoot's Souvenirs, but I think that may just be to sad for the people listening at that time. So I'll be nice.

             Hopefully soon, I will be done with this song thing. And we can get back to more writerly things.


  1. Gosh, this is simultaneously romantic and depressing. Weddings? Funerals?!! Noooo! (I'm with you and that I would just GET married...minus all that...stuff. But maybe I'll just stay single forever and write. Sounds nicer.) XD

    1. I thought they'd be a nice combination to lump together. ;) (Yeah, staying single sounds rather appealing too.)

  2. Ha! This post is hilarious. Also, Trashin' the Camp is the BEST. I love the whole Tarzan soundtrack.

    1. That was always my favorite part of the whole movie. :)

  3. =D haha! So funny! IKR, us artists don't have time for guys! Unless, of course, he's "the guy," in which he would understand our weird and we would be able to continue in our artistry. ;)


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