Monday, November 11, 2013

Songs for Oddball

I've decided to answer these ones for Oddball. Although he does insist that I tell you he doesn't sing. Oh, my bad. That he has never sang in his life and never plans to (why don't you just write this yourself? Okay, fine. . .grumpy).

           But if he has to listen to a song when he's angry. It might go something like this.

           Where I Belong by Switchfoot.

Feels like we're just waiting, waiting
While our hearts are just breaking, breaking
Feels like we're fighting against the tide

I want to the earth shaking
I want to see a generation
Finally waking up inside

Until I die I'll sing these songs
On the shores of Babylon
Still looking for a home
In a world where I belong

When  the weak are finally strong
And the righteous right the wrongs
Still looking for a home
in a world where I belong

           Because it helps calm, so he says. And it gives him hope to carry on. Because what makes him angry are things that are usually sad and just shouldn't happen to people. So for some reason this makes him feel better? Don't ask. Sometimes I don't understand him either. (hey, I can say what I want. I told you that you could write this instead, but you refused).

           Oh. And he likes the part where they sing:

We were born into the fight

          Something about it makes him think of all the kids in the border. And it makes him sad.
If he had to listen to something when he's happy. This would be it:

Love Alone is Worth the Fight by Switchfoot.

He says he especially likes that first verse.

I'm trying to find where my place is
I'm looking for my own oasis
So close I can taste this
The fear that love alone erase

Are you seeing a trend yet? Yeah, and he likes the second one too.

Only here for a season
I'm looking for the rhyme and reason
Why your born, why you leaving in
What you fear and what you believe in
Why are you living and breathing
Why are you fighting and getting even

           For when he's sad, he would definitely choose The Blues by Switchfoot. No argument, there.


You're pushing until you're shoving
You bend until you break
Until you stand on the broken fields where your fathers lay

Is there nothing here worth saving?
Is there anyone at all?
Is there any net left that could catch our fall?

It'll be a day like this one
When the sky falls down
When the hungry and poor and deserted are found.

Is there nothing left now?
Nothing left to sing?
Are there any left who hasn't kissed the enemy?
Is this the New Year, or just another desperation?

Does justice ever find you?
Do the wicked never lose?
Is there any honest song left to sing besides these blues?

And nothing is okay,
Until the world caves in
Until the world caves in

           Puts you in a gray mood, no? He says he happens to like this song when he's happy too. And lonely. Or when he's okay with the world (what? you're never 'okay' with the world). Yeah, he's strange (you didn't hear that). I guess it's just how deep people are.


  1. He likes a lot of Switchfoot. Does this mean he likes This Is Home?

    1. Yes, he loves that song. He is threatening to sneak into a Switchfoot concert if I don't take him to one soon. I should've never let him listen to my music. . .


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