Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 18. . . is that all?

         Day 18: a song you wish you heard on the radio

         Hm, let me narrow it down. . . Something I have posted yet? Most of the songs I've posted I don't hear on the radio. I either have to purchase the songs from iTunes or make youtube work with me. (both tend to be equally frustrating at times). I'll try not to post a for King & Country one.

           I don't think I posted this. Maybe.

           Fight Forever by Anthem Lights

We'll fight for the King of Forever,

        I think that's my favorite part.

        Let's throw in Day 19 for good measure.

        Day 19: a song from your favorite album

        Which favorite album? Hmm. I'm sorry but I have to back to for King & Country. I've been listening on the way to school everyday. And they were playing in Texas last Saturday, and I didn't get to go to the concert. So I have to. :)

         Let's try People Change.

        I love the beginning.

I want to tell you I'm alright.
Want to say I'm not in pain
But I would just be telling lies
I'm not okay, not ok-ay. 

        This version is actually a little different from what's on the album. I didn't realize until just now that they changed it. I like it though. This song is not relevant to my own life at all (some of the lyrics outside of the song could be). But I could write a story out of the lyrics and the music is amazing. I love songs that make me think of stories. Sorry, I know. I've already said that. Here's the album version.

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