Monday, October 28, 2013

What they don't expect

Maybe I talked about that last time. Few people would expect me to listen to Hey Hey Hello.

           Actually, about half of these songs are probably unexpected of me. I have no idea what people think I listen to. But most acquaintance probably wouldn't expect me to listen to any kind of rock.

           Now the people who really know me. They tend to know what I listen to, because whenever one of my favorite bands is playing in Texas. . . I freak out a little. Then I tend to mope a bit the evening of their concert because a band I like is actually playing two hours away from where I live (yes, I have to drive that far), and I can't be there to hear them. It's kind of depressing sometimes.

           But sometimes, I surprise even them.

           I like surprising people.

           I'm not entirely sure why I like this song. I like the music. It's different from what I normally listen to.

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