Friday, October 4, 2013

Turn up the music

              There's been a blogging slump creeping around here lately. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time hunting it down for the good of all blog lovers.

           Treskie at Occasional Randomness took this challenge to post a different song for 30 days.

So I thought I'd join in too. Of course it would've been way easier if I started on the 1st of the month. But easy's overrated, right? Heh, yeah. So just pretend today is October 1st. :)

Today I'm supposed to post my favorite song.

Ahem. Who has a favorite song? There's too many out there. So I'll compromise. I post the song that I love the most, at this moment.

This song is by Anthem Lights. I love the lyrics, and the music. It helps keep me focused on what really matters. On what my drive and goal in life is. What real success is. It's not having an amazing job, owning a huge house, becoming famous, etc. It's giving your life to God. It's following wherever He leads. Even it sounds insane.

In case you don't know who Anthem Lights is, they are awesome. This song is from their soon to be coming second album. They're a Christian band with some bold and realistic lyrics. They also sing covers of other songs. Mostly on youtube, but they also have an album of covers.

But if you ask me their best current album is the acoustic version of some of their songs. I love the acoustic guitar. It's the most natural sounding instrument, with an earthy tone. I love the way they've transposed the songs for the acoustic. It's beautiful.

I would go on and post more songs. But I'm afraid of boring you. Besides, I'll probably be posting more songs soon. :)

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